Celebration prayer for the 4th of July (Say this Independence Day prayer to start your 4th of July right)

The 4th of July is one of the most celebrated events in America’s history. It reminds us of the long way our forefathers took to grant us freedom from oppression.

Take this time in your heart and talk to God thank Him for the far you have reached and to make your celebration a success.

Let us pray.

Dear Heavenly Father,

I come to You to thank You for giving us the freedom and favor to live in this grateful nation. It is because of Your blessings and mercy that this nation has managed to exist up to this far to celebrate the achievement of independence.

It is because of You that I am here today to celebrate this day. I pray that You be with those who protect our freedom such as our soldiers, police, and servicemen all around the country.

I ask You Lord to give them strength and the ability to make good decisions while protecting the freedom in this country. I beseech You to provide good guidance to our leaders so that they may make good policies to propel our country forward.

I call upon Your name to give safety to those who have gathered to celebrate this holiday and provide them with an opportunity to be happy.

Heal our land from all the difficulties it may be experiencing and provide solutions to our problems. Grant the planners who may be planning events on this day with wisdom and dedication so that their events can go on smoothly as planned.

It is because of Your mercy that our country has managed to live in unity and harmony despite our large diversity. Shine Your light on us dear Lord to submit to the rules of this country and be obedient as we continue to live as free people.

Dear Lord, remember those who are in disadvantaged circumstances during this day like those facing discrimination and injustice. Be their judge and heal them for what they have endured because they are Your children.

I pray that You continue blessing our forefathers who fought for our independence to give us the freedom that we are enjoying. Our citizenship is in heaven where we have subjected ourselves to You as our supreme leader.

Help us find the new freedom to forgiveness as a country and we will glorify Your name.

In Jesus’ name, I pray.


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