Calming prayer for worry (Calm your worrying mind with this serene prayer)

Before we pray, reflect on how many times you were worried about something, and God fixed it. Remember how many times God assures you that He is with you and you should not worry.

Open your heart and mind to Him now and cast all your worries to Him.

Let us pray.

Heavenly Father,

I come to you at this moment to praise and worship you for your faithfulness in my life. Father, I repent for my sinful ways and ask that you forgive me for all the times I doubted your power.

Frail is my human nature; that makes me forget about your power over all things. Forgive me for the times my worry took over and led me astray.

Dear Lord, teach me stillness and calmness.

Father Lord, during my moments of worry, remind me that I should put my trust in you because you are the fortress that protects me from danger. Lead me into a state of calmness, Father.

Take me step by step to a level where I am not bothered because you have everything in control. Lord, I pray that I always remember that I should rely on you because when I rely on my own understanding, it leads me to anxiety.

Oh, Sweet Jesus, your word assures me that you are always with me; stay with me; show me the way to calmness. For my sake, dear Lord, teach me to live every moment for that moment and not worry about tomorrow or yesterday.

Loving Father, grant me clarity of mind whenever my heart is troubled so that I may be able to remain productive and do what I have to do every day.

My savior, free my heart and mind from the chains of fear. Create stillness in my mind, take away all the tensions in my nerve. Take away all my unnecessary speed and pressure to get to places you have not planned for me.

Save me from all the fear of the unknown and anxiety that crowds my mind. Whisper to me, your sweet words to soothe me.

Grant me sweet sleep amidst all troubles because you are in control of all that happens. Grant me, oh Lord, the strength and power to overcome all forms of worry in my daily routine.

In you, I seek refuge. In Jesus’ name, I pray.


Sources of Inspiration for this Prayer

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