A Deep Prayer for Faith (Pray this touching prayer to restore your faith in God)

As believers, one of the most powerful attributes we can hope to have an abundance of is faith in God. Faith keeps us grounded so that, no matter what life throws at us, we know to look to God for help and consolation and to thank Him in all circumstances.

As we begin this prayer, let us reflect on this profound gift and ask God to restore it where it is lost.

Now, let us pray.

Heavenly Father,

I thank you today for my life and for all the blessings I receive from you, even those that remain unseen. I thank you, especially for the gift of faith, which keeps us firmly rooted in you in all seasons of life.

Thank you for the Holy Spirit, who keeps our souls nourished and faith strong.

Father, I recognize that it is easy to lose my faith, especially when things do not go as I anticipated. I thank you for my many trials and temptations which test my faith and build my perseverance.

While this truth is not lost on me, dear God, I admit that my faith is shaken, and I feel weak and drained. I am unable to see and appreciate your plans for me in this challenging season.

Your word teaches us that, without faith, our actions are dead and that it is impossible to please you when we have no faith.

Heavenly Master, I implore you to rekindle my faith in You and to revive my hope for a better tomorrow. Keep my heart grateful, and teach me to look to you in complete trust, abandoning myself to your will.

When storms come, and winds blow hard in the depths of my soul, keep my faith strong.

Allow me to recognize your voice in the noise that plagues my heart and to remain steadfast in the knowledge that you are always with me.

Expand the reach of my trust and deepen my poor faith so that I know to follow you even when I’m walking in complete darkness.

And, Lord, in those moments of triumph when I am inclined to lean on my own strength, remind me that I have none; that all I have, all I am, and all I hope to be is given through your divine providence.

Remind me of my littleness so that my faith in you remains child-like. In Jesus’ name, I pray.


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