8 Prayers to St. Anthony (Lost Things and Miracle Prayers)

As a born-again Christian with 15 years in ministry, I have dedicated my life to studying various prayers. Some interesting prayers I have studied are prayers to St. Anthony on lost things and Miracle prayers. Such prayers are crucial in a believer’s life because they help one to communicate with God and receive their miracle. One of the questions I encounter frequently is which prayers to St. Anthony can we make because of lost things and miracles.

An example of one of the prayers to St. Anthony is, “Dear St. Anthony, of great miracles and immeasurable help, hear me today because my heart is troubled after I lost (state what you have lost). I implore you to help me find (state what you have lost). I trust in your great miraculous power in finding lost things. Amen.” This prayer was inspired by the Unfailing Prayer to St. Anthony.

In this article, we will find out whether people pray to St. Anthony to recover lost things, provide sample prayers to St. Anthony for lost items and miracles, and find out whether prayers to St. Anthony for lost items help you recover any lost property. Keep reading to learn this and more.

Do people pray for St. Anthony to recover lost things?

The Catholic Crusade organization suggests that people pray to St. Anthony to recover lost things. They have made prayers that people recite when they have lost things and suggest that when they recite such prayers, the things they lost are restored.

Philip Kosloski, a theologian, speculates that people pray to St. Anthony to recover their lost things. He says that through the years, countless people had prayed to St. Anthony when they needed help because of their lost items. He notes that although a prayer to St. Anthony does not always guarantee results through the recovery of lost things, whenever a person prays to St. Anthony sincerely, they always receive an answer to their petition.

The Lay Cisterns of South Florida suggests that although St. Anthony was exceptionally known for his excellent sermons, most people know him because they have turned to him in prayer when they have needs related to recovering their lost things. They say that many people know St. Anthony as the patron of lost people, lost spouses, lost souls, poor people, and miracles. The reason is that many people have prayed to him and have received an answer to their petition. They have recovered what they lost or have a favorable answer that comforts them through their loss.

Observing most of the comments from theologians and Christian organizations, many people pray to St. Anthony when they are in need, involving lost things. Also, most of the writings imply that when people pray to St. Anthony, they receive back their lost items or get an answer for their petition that helps them to continue even without whatever they lost.

8 Prayers to St. Anthony for lost items and miracles

Lost Things and Miracle Prayers
Prayers to St. Anthony for lost items. Image source: Freepik

There are many versions of St. Anthony prayers that you can make when you lose property. Let us look at some model prayers you can use or use as a reference to praying for the recovery of your lost property.

A Prayer to St. Anthony for Finding Lost Items.

Dear St. Anthony, of great miracles and immeasurable help, hear me today. I humbly implore you to listen to my petition this day because I have known the incredible power of God and his grace to use you as his faithful servant. My request today is that you help me find my lost item, as you have done for my brother and sister in the Lord.

I have lost (Mention what you have lost and wish to find) and will gladly find it. I know it is not your will or the will of God for me to lose my (Mention what you have lost) because it was granted to assist me and bring joy in my life. Because you are the finder of items, I implore you to restore them to me as soon as possible.

I ask you to intercede for me so that I will have patience, and endurance, between now and when I find it. My sincere faith is in your will to help those who are in distress of losing their items as I am now. Please open my eyes as you guide me into the most unexpected places where my precious item may be hidden.

St. Anthony, I trust in the mighty power you have demonstrated in the past and continue to demonstrate even now. Please make me a carrier of your testimony and hope to those in a similar situation. Thank you for your faithfulness and support. Amen. Inspired by Unfailing Prayer to St. Anthony

This prayer asks for St. Anthony’s intercession to find lost items. It is a prayer that you can make when you lose anything in your life.

Prayer to St. Anthony for lost peace

Dear faithful and perfect servant of God, hear me today. You were a source of comfort to those who sorted it. You restored hope to those who were in despair. Today, your servant has lost the noblest gift -peace. My heart is filled with worry and anxiety. Although I seem calm, my outward appearance disguises the turmoil in my soul.

I feel like Jesus just before his crucifixion. Like him, I cry that my soul has excellent sorrow because I have lost my inner peace. Worry chokes me at night, and I cannot close my eyes because darkness scares me. I humbly ask that you pray for me, that the lamp of peace may rekindle.

Let my worries scatter in seven ways and let them disappear into the far horizons and never come back again. Let them drown in the deepest of the oceans and never resurface. Pray that peace will take over and be like a hot desert shade.

I pray to you, dear and faithful servant, that the peace of God that surpasses every understanding may be restored and reign in my heart again. I thank you because I know you will restore my lost peace and cause me to rejoice again. Amen. Inspired by Prayer for Inner Peace by Companions of St. Anthony.

This is a prayer to restore lost peace. According to John 14:27, peace is a gift from God; therefore, we should jealously guard it.

A gratitude prayer for restored items

The most gracious St. Anthony, who never hid his face during my distress, I thank you today. I implored you when I lost (state what you had lost and found), and you heard my prayer. You began by reassuring my heart and restoring my inner peace so that the loss of material things did not take away my joy.

My heart is full of gratitude to you, gracious St. Anthony. I rejoice because you saw my tears and answered my call when needed. Holding (state what you had lost and found) in my hands is a testament to your faithfulness and great love.

Receive my gratitude. Accept my heart of thanksgiving. You have not considered my doubts or my bitter complaints. You looked beyond my faults and saw my pain. Thank you again. Inspired Luke 17:11-19

This is a prayer of gratitude after your petition has been answered.

A prayer to St. Anthony to find a missing person

Dear St. Anthony, patron of lost things, we humbly request your intercession because of our missing beloved one. We ask you to wipe our tears and let us know the greatness of your miracle in finding our beloved one. We are in desperate need, and we covet your miracle.

St. Anthony, we know that you are loving and compassionate, and trust in the power that has led many in the past, that it will also lead us. Light a lamp to our feet and open our ears so we can hear your gentle guidance in our search. Let not the clouds of worry and anxiety blind the light of our eyes and the hope we have in your mighty power.

Send us help because we need it, and fill us with the strength to navigate the unchartered waters of uncertainty and doubt. When our eyes become burly with tears, do not tire of holding our hands and ushering us forward. Remember our loved one and grant him peace as he awaits to unite with us. Let patience and endurance be his companion until you unite us through your miraculous power.

We trust that you will hear our prayers and grant us our request during this time of need and great difficulty. We thank you for your faithful intercession. Amen. The prayer was inspired by Psalm 34:18.

The ordeal of a missing person brings great worry, anxiety, and emotional suffering. You can make this prayer to find the missing person and to remain calm during the waiting process.

A Prayer to St. Anthony for lost Money

Dear St Anthony, the gracious and chosen one of God, listen to my petition today. I come before you with a heavy heart because I have lost money. I ask you to intercede for me so that I can find it. Help me not lose my inner peace, and never doubt God’s protection over my property. Your miraculous power to find things is known from ancient to the present. Let it be my time to experience it. Thank you, St. Anthony, because I know you are already interceding for me. Amen. Inspired by Unfailing Prayer to St. Anthony

Money is among the items most people lose. This prayer is specifically for when you have lost money in whatever circumstances.

A prayer to St. Anthony for lost Jewelry

Dear St Anthony, the gracious gift to humanity from God. I trust in your miraculous power of finding lost items, which is why I seek your intercession. I have lost a precious jewel, and it makes my heart heavy. I believe in God’s mighty protection over our properties. The one who knows the count of my hair. The one who watches over birds so that none of them falls from the sky without his knowledge. I know he watches over me and knows where my precious (mention your jewel) is hidden. Pray that it may be kept hidden from the evil hands of those who do not revere God. And that it will safely return to me. This is my sincere petition to you. Thank you, St. Anthony. Amen. Inspired by Matthew 10:29.

Jewelry is precious in our lives. This prayer is specifically for lost jewelry.

A prayer of hope to St. Anthony

Dear St Anthony, I come before you with a heavy heart to ask that you intercede for me to have my hope restored. I lost (mention the item), and after a long search, my hope is dwindling. I am almost giving up and losing faith in the miraculous power of finding it. I pray that you intercede for me, that I will hold fast to the hope, and that I may continue in prayer and searching (mention the item). Pray that my focus will be on the unfailing God, who never disappoints his children. I do not want to lose hope even if I do not find my (mention the item); I pray that I will get a favorable answer and that my heart will be content and maintain my trust and hope in God. Thank you because I know you are interceding for me. Amen. Inspired by Psalms 27:14.

Hope is a crucial aspect of seeking lost items. If we lose hope, it is unlikely that we will actively look for the lost item. The prayer restores your hope and the will to keep searching.

A prayer of miracle to St. Anthony

My loving and Gracious St. Anthony, the perfect imitator of Christ, performer of miracles, and restorer of lost things, I seek your miracle. I pray for a miracle in my life right now. I pray you remove every doubt in my heart and replace it with great hope and faith in the miraculous God. I know everything is possible with God, and I do not want my doubts to limit his power. I thank you for the miracle you will cause in my life. I will testify to your miracles, and my generation will know and revere you. Amen. Inspired by Editor in chief Connectus Fund Organization.

Finding lost items is a miracle. The prayer is also inspired by Mark 9:23.

How many prayers can you say to St. Anthony for lost items?

Prayers to St. Anthony 
How many prayers can you say to St. Anthony? Image source: Pixabay

There is no restriction to the number of times one should pray to St. Anthony for the lost item. Faith Equip organization suggests that when people make the prayer truthfully, sincerely, and in faith, they will receive their petition. The most important requirement when making the prayers is to be sincere and have faith in God that he is willing and can do as you have requested.

Praying for one or many times is an individual’s choice. You can pray many times if that contributes to an increase in your faith. Since prayer talks to God, his children are not restricted in how often they should do it. Recite the prayer as many times as possible if you so wish. However, it is essential to note that repeating the prayer does not make it effective or does not make God answer your petition more than if you prayed one time. But it helps you to build your faith and to continue your focus on God, who answers your prayer.

Do Prayers to St. Anthony for lost items help you recover any lost property?

Theologians and some Christian organizations suggest that prayer to St. Anthony for lost items helps you recover any lost property. Most theologians and Catholic Christian writings suggest that people have recovered items they lost after praying to St. Anthony.

There are many testimonies of people who claim to have found items that they lost after they prayed to St. Anthony, for example:

Renren Wang asserts that prayers to St. Anthony help people recover their lost property. She says that she has lost her precious diamond ring twice. Every time she lost the ring, she prayed to St. Anthony and recovered the ring in the most unusual places. At one time, she found the ring under a carpet and, the second time, found it in a university toilet. Although the ring was precious and worth much, the prayer helped her recover it before it fell into the wrong hands.

Finally, Patty Amato says that while caring for people with cognitive challenges, some people did not want him to continue working in the organization because of his strict adherence to regulations. They hid a prescription for one of the patients to ensure that he lost his job. Losing a patient’s prescriptions was a severe violation of rules in the organization that would have cost him his job. He, however, prayed to St. Anthony for three days, and on the third day, he found the medicine bottle hidden in the lower drawer of the filing cabinet behind the files.

Testimonies from people who prayed the St. Anthony prayer after losing their properties suggest that people recover their lost property after the prayer.

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