Spiritual Meaning of Blood or Red Moon (Biblical and Symbolic Meaning)

Back in Theology College, I was fascinated and intrigued by natural occurrences, like the lunar eclipse (blood/red moon). That is because I once witnessed a blood moon, and it was a marvelous sight.

To satisfy my curiosity, I conducted thorough research about the blood moon and the beliefs surrounding its occurrences. For my research, I began with the college professors and local clergy to get their biblical opinion.

Next, I read many mythological books and texts (both physical and from the internet) about the blood moon, which were available in the college library. The research helped me form informed conclusions and educated opinions about the red or blood moon.

Recently, while teaching a class about religion and superstition in the community college where I am a theology lecturer, some students started arguing about the blood moon. That is because some students insisted it was natural while others said it was supernatural.

As the lecturer, the students turned to me to settle the debate. Armed with the findings and conclusions from my earlier research on the subject while at college, I knew I was the best person to settle the argument. So, what is the spiritual meaning of blood or red moon?

The Bible mentions the blood moon as among the signs of the end of times to signal the day Christians believe to be the day of judgment (Joel 2:31). According to Christians, on this day, the Lord will return to judge the living and the dead. Some people also believe that the blood moon is a sign of bad luck.

I invite you to join me in this article as I discuss the symbolism, superstitions surrounding blood or red moon, and more. Keep reading for more information.

What is the symbolic meaning of a red or blood moon?

The red or blood moon symbolizes different things for people from different backgrounds. For Christians, it is believed to represent the second coming of Christ.

It is the day many Christians believe Jesus will come for His chosen people. However, red or blood moon is not the only phenomenon that will signal the Second Coming of Christ.

As described in Joel 2:28-32 and repeated in Acts 2:17-21, the blood moon will not be the only sign. Many other occurrences, phenomena, and disasters will precede and follow it.

For those who believe everyone has a dark side, the blood or red moon symbolizes the time to explore their dark sides. It is the time to deal with the rarely expressed emotions, like grief, hate, shame, jealousy.

Some still believe the blood or red moon symbolizes the time to look at their inner selves and deal with the challenges and difficulties they have faced. In other words, it is a time that we should come face to face with our inner demons.

What is the biblical meaning of a red or blood moon?

Spiritual Meaning of Blood or Red Moon 
What is the biblical meaning of a red or blood moon? Image source: Pixabay

The Bible mentions the blood or red moon three times directly. That is Joel 2:31, Acts 2:20, and Revelation 6:12. All three mentions have something in common, they describe what will happen on the day of the Lord, also known as the judgment day or the day of the apocalypse.

The blood moon will appear preceded by and alongside other natural phenomena, disasters, and calamities. Christians believe this day to be when Jesus Christ will come back (second coming) and judge the people. According to Christian, this will be the end of Earth as we know it.

Superstitions about the red moon in different cultures

Different cultures have different beliefs and superstitions regarding the red moon. Here are examples:

Native American

Some Native American tribes believed the blood moon was a sign that the moon had fallen sick. Tribal rituals, including cultural dances, chants, and incantations, would soon start to try and heal the moon. They would know the moon has been healed when it returns to normal (the end of the eclipse).


Some ancient people (Inca) believed that a blood moon meant the moon was under attack by some animals, like the jaguar. They would then start making noises to scare the Jaguar away so it could not attack them on Earth.

Others (old Mesopotamia) believed a red moon signified their sovereign (king) was under attack. They would install a pseudo-king to replace the real king until the moon returned to normal to ensure the king was not harmed.

The Hindus believed that a demon, Rahu, was the cause of the blood moon. This was after it consumed elixirs and became immortal. The demon would then attack and swallow the moon hence the red moon.

The Indians believed that a blood moon would lead to a disaster. They would perform cleansing rituals as a way to escape from the soon-to-happen disasters.

In West Africa (Togo and Benin), the blood moon was believed to signify war between the sun and the moon. During this time, the people would try and settle their disputes as a way of helping the warring sun and moon settle theirs.


In Islamic traditions, no deep superstitions are attached to the blood moon. To Muslims, a blood or red moon signifies how Allah (their God) is full of greatness. Special prayers accompany a blood moon sighting.

What does a red or blood moon mean in astrology?

Astrologers believe the blood or red moon causes significant changes in the normal order of things. They believe a blood moon will negatively influence our lives, which will, in turn, lead to disorder and disharmony.

It is also believed that people born under the zodiac sign when the blood moon appears will be the worst affected by the negative events it causes.

Some people believe that the negative influence of blood moons on the natural order of things may lead to; riots and violence, bad intentions towards others, bad performance in schools, price increases in the stock exchange, general irritation, and suicidal thoughts.

What does it mean when you see a blood moon in your dreams?

Dreaming about a blood moon is usually believed to symbolize that bad things will happen in your life. The following are some common dreams about blood moons and their meanings:

  • Seeing several blood moons. If, in your dream, you see several blood moons, then it may be interpreted to mean that you have difficult choices and decisions to make ahead. It can also mean that you will be betrayed by people close to you. This dream can also mean that you will need to make some significant adjustments in your life.
  • Seeing a single big blood moon. If you see a big blood moon in your dream, then it may be telling you that big changes will happen in your life. It may also be a way to tell you that you need to control your emotions when making decisions that will affect your life. Your decisions will affect your well-being in the future, and if you expect a good future, then you should make the right choices.
  • Seeing a normal full blood moon. A normal full blood moon in your dream may indicate that you will soon be heartbroken by a close person like a lover, coworker, friend, or relative. They will reveal their real personality to you, hurting your feelings. It may also mean that better opportunities or people are coming your way after letting go of the old ones.
  • Seeing a blood moon hidden in the clouds. If the blood moon is hidden by clouds in your dream and you can hardly see it, it can be taken to mean that you will soon have a chance to correct past mistakes. A chance will come to you, enabling you to redeem yourself from the guilt and burden of the bad things you did in the past. For religious people, this dream may mean that the holy days or months you can get to repent for your sins and wrongdoings are soon coming.
  • Seeing the blood moon close to the sun. Should you see the blood moon close to the sun in your dream, it may indicate that some financial misfortunes may be coming to your life. You may lose your job hence your source of income, you may lose your financial investments, or you may even lose your savings. The dream can also mean that you will rebuild and gain better financial growth after a financial misfortune.
  • Seeing a blood moon in the shadow of the Earth. If, in your dream, the blood moon appears to be in the Earth’s shadow, then the dream may be interpreted to mean that you will soon get an opportunity to separate those who add value to your life and those who do not. It can also indicate that you will soon cut off the people who bring bad influence into your life. The dream can also mean that you should let go of all the bad habits in your life.

Bad omens surrounding a red or blood moon

Spiritual Meaning of Blood or Red Moon 
Bad omens surrounding a red or blood moon. Image source: Pixabay

The blood moon is considered a bad omen in most cultures and by most people. For Christians, it is a sign of doom. It signifies the day Jesus Christ will destroy the world.

Ancient Babylonians believed that the blood moon would determine the fate of a king. They believed that the blood moon would cause the death of the king.

In other cultures, like the Chinese, Hindu, or even the Vikings, the blood moon was believed to be an omen of an impending catastrophe on Earth.

That it was because these cultures believed that the moon was fighting a creature that would soon turn its attention to Earth after destroying the moon.

Should I be worried spiritually about a red or blood moon?

As a Christian, you should not be worried about the blood moon. That is because, although it may be a sign of doom, it can also be a sign that the day of the Lord is not far off.

As for the beliefs, superstitions, and bad omens surrounding the blood moon, you should keep your faith in God and trust that God does everything for a reason. As Psalm 62:5 says, all your trust and faith should be in God alone.

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