Spiritual Meaning of Clouds (Meaning and Symbolism)

As a Christian and theologian for many years, I have always been intrigued by the many superstitions and beliefs surrounding different natural phenomena across religious denominations and communities worldwide. I was perplexed to learn that various communities have attached meaning to the appearance of clouds in different colors, shapes, sizes, and even the time of appearing.

Surprisingly, even some Christians have such beliefs, some alluding to the Bible and others aligning with those of their individual communities. Last month while i was on a mission to a remote village in West Africa, I walked into a group of people gazing at an isolated dense dark cloud that had appeared.

The dedicated stare was enough to imply that there was a meaning to it. This event sparked my curiosity. I went on to find out why they were so keen on that particular cloud.

I was introduced to diverse beliefs about the clouds and what they believed was their significance depending on their context of appearance. I even went ahead to check the scriptures to see the mentions of clouds and whether any significance was explained therein.

While teaching the theology class on Symbols of God’s Presence in the Old Testament, a student asked whether all clouds have a spiritual cornotation as is believed in their community.

Having interacted with various communities, engaged them on this subject, and even studied the Biblical perspective of it, I felt I could confidently share my insights on the matter. This inspired me to write this document on the spiritual meaning of Clouds.

Even though the Bible does not out rightly give a standard meaning of clouds, we can infer such from the different contexts in the Bible where clouds are mentioned. For example, the pillar of the cloud mentioned in Exodus 13:21 symolized God’s presence with the Israelites and His protection for them against the scorching desert sun. Different communities across the globe have also developed beliefs around clouds. Some communities, for instance, believe dark clouds are a sign of bad omen.

I invite you to continue reading the article as I explore some of the diverse beliefs and myths surrounding clouds. Find out the meanings attached to particular colors and shapes of clouds, the implications of seeing clouds in a dream, and the beliefs different communities like the Hindu, Chinese, and Native Americans have around clouds.

What Is The Symbolic Meaning Of Clouds?

Spiritual Meaning of Clouds 
What Is The Symbolic Meaning Of Clouds? Image source: Pixabay

Clouds are believed to symbolize different traits depending on their color, shape, and even the time of appearance. When the clouds are white, they are believed to be a sign of strength.

They hence depict the inner strength of people to achieve their goals and aspirations. It is also believed to be an affirmation that one is on the right path and should have the confidence to continue.

When the cloud is dark, it is often associated with difficulties, struggles, and hard times. They are believed to introduce an environment of depression and heaviness.

Its temporary nature, however, symbolizes the short-lived nature of difficult times. It emphasizes that nothing lasts forever.

Clouds are also thought to symbolize confidence. The way they move so freely and extensively is believed to demonstrate high confidence.

Clouds can also symbolize cleansing. Their association with the coming of rain has made them be thought of as a sign of cleansing and purification. This also relates to the dawning of a new season, a fresh start, and the washing away of old ways.

Clouds are also thought to be a symbol of secrets and mystery. When clouds appear, the eye can only see as far as the clouds and nothing beyond.

Biblical Meaning of Seeing Clouds

Clouds have appeared in the scriptures on many occasions. On each of these occasions, they represent a divine aspect. In Genesis 19:14-16, God places the rainbow in the clouds to seal His covenant of mercy to humanity.

In Exodus 13:21, it is said of how God used a cloud to lead the Israelites through the wilderness. Whenever the Israelites saw the pillar of the cloud during the day, it was a sign of God’s presence with them.

It was also seen as a symbol of God’s guidance and direction because they were to follow the cloud whenever it went and even stop to camp when the cloud stopped.

The psalmist also presents the cloud as a symbol of God’s presence in Psalms 104:3. The cloud being God’s chariot means it is where He rides.

In Exodus 24:15-16, a cloud covered the mountain on which Moses went to receive the commandments. It is recorded that God called out Moses from this cloud.

Also, in Exodus 33:9-10, a cloud covered the entrance to the Tabernacle where Moses went to pray. In both contexts, the cloud symbolizes the presence of God. When the Israelites saw the cloud, they knew God’s presence was with them.

During the transfiguration of Jesus in Luke 9:28-36, it is recorded that a cloud covered the mountain on which Jesus, Moses, and Elijah stood.

Out of this cloud came God’s voice approving Jesus as His beloved Son. The cloud here is still shown as a symbol of God’s presence.

The clouds are also a gateway to God’s dwelling place in heaven. In Acts 1:9, the scriptures record that the clouds received Christ out of the site of those on earth.

They symbolize access to the divine dwelling. The clouds also represent our hope for the return of Jesus. The scriptures say that he will be seen in the cloud just like he ascended and disappeared into them.

What Do Clouds Represent Spiritually?

Spiritual Meaning of Clouds 
What Do Clouds Represent Spiritually? Image source: Pixabay

Clouds have been purported to bear spiritual significance across different tribes, communities, cultures, and traditions worldwide. Spiritually, clouds are believed to symbolize transformation and inevitable change in life. Clouds are also widely symbolize God’s presence.

Many Christians extrapolate this significance from the numerous mentions of the cloud in the Bible where most showed the presence of God and His glory. They are also believed to guide and give direction.

One trait associated with clouds is their conspicuousness. Whenever clouds appear, it is almost impossible not to see them. They are therefore believed to be a reminder for people to vigilant, observant, and mindful of their surroundings.

Spiritually, white clouds are widely believed to be a point to cleansing, purification, and a fresh start. This perhaps has to do with its relation to rain.

Clouds alsorepresent protection, shelter, and cover against harsh conditions. When rainbow clouds appear, they could be a sign of hope, positivity, and assurance against destruction.

What Do White Clouds Mean Spiritually?

White can have been widely associated with purity and cleansing. Whenever one sees white clouds, they often should consider it as a reminder to rid themselves of any negative traits and embrace positive attributes.

They can be seen as an awakening and spiritual enlightenment of one’s soul. Many cultures consider white clouds as God’s presence that reminds them to be holy and clean.

White clouds are also seen as a means of disconnecting us from earthly concerns and allowing us to connect with a higher realm and the higher power beyond.

Some cultures still believe that white clouds symbolize good luck and affirmation. They are believed to be assuring one of being on the right path.

What Do Dark Clouds Mean Spiritually?

Dark clouds are widely associated with gloom and sadness. They are believed to present a stae of sadness, hard feelings, difficult times, and looming doom. Dark clouds are known to appear ahead of a heavy storm that does a lot of destruction.

Dark clouds are also thought to emphasize the reality of being stuck in a sad situation, being lost, or continued state of despair.

On a positive note, dark clouds are also sometimes seen as a symbol of transformation and forceful breakout from a troublesome situation.

They are seen as a reminder that one has to sometimes be aggressive in enforcing change. They can also defense and shield from the negative forces beyond and ultimate protection for those under it.

Cloud Symbolism and Meaning In Different Cultures

Chinese Culture

In ancient Chinese culture, the motion of clouds was associated with the movement of god figures beyond. These people believed that their deities resided in realms beyond the clouds where no one could see them.

Clouds were crucial components of most of their artwork and traditional drawings. They symbolize the existence of deities and their immortal masters.

Native Americans

The Native Americans were farmers and depended on rain to water their crops. Clouds to them were a symbol of rainfall and assured harvest.

They even went to the extent of branding the soft clouds that brought useful rain as “female clouds” while those that brought destructive storms were referred to as “male clouds”. This might have sprung from the natural association of women with tenderness and love, while men can be aggressive and violent.


The Hindus saw clouds as something that hinders clear vision and sound judgment. Whenever clouds appeared, they always obscured sunlight, covered the moon and the stars, and prevented people from seeing the clear sky.


Many Christians infer the meaning of clouds from the different mentions that appear in the Bible and their specific symbolism at the time of appearance.

In most of the mentions of the clouds in the Bible, they are used to represent the presence of God (Exodus 13:21 and Luke 9:28-36). In these contexts, God was mentioned as being found within the cloud and hence a symbol of His presence.

Christians also believe that clouds are a symbol of vanity and the temporary nature of humans, situations, and seasons. This can be seen in Hosea 13:3, where the morning cloud is presented as one that cannot last

Cloud Shape Spiritual Meanings

Heart-Shaped Cloud

Some people associate this shape of a cloud with the presence of true love. It is believed that when you see a heart-shaped cloud naturally appearing in the sky, it could be a sign that someone is thinking about you.

It could also be communicating that you are part of something you love dearly. This shape is therefore considered a positive message and a good sign for anyone who sees it.

Person-Shaped Cloud

A person-shaped cloud is believed to be a manifestation of God’s presence in someone. It is believed to emphasize the closeness of God to the humanity He loves and appears in the form of this cloud for a more visible manifestation.

To many, it is seen as a confirmation of an answered prayer or divine intervention in a situation.

Circle-Shaped Cloud

This is perhaps among the most frequent of the natural shapes with which clouds appear in the sky. The circle-shaped cloud is believed to be a sign of the perfection and orderliness of nature. It can be used to represent aspects such as absolute power, true love, and even life.

Animal-Shaped Cloud

In most cases, a cloud appearing in the shape of an animal may seem common, but it holds spiritual significance in many cultures across the world.

For instance, it is considered a sign of good luck among the Chinese while among some Christians, it is seen as a sign that the Holy Ghost is pleased as well as God’s divine guidance.

Buddhists see this as a symbol of wisdom while to the Hindus, it is a remarkable symbol of great wealth and the realization of one’s desires. It is also seen as God’s dwelling place in Judaism.

In the Native American culture, the animal-shaped cloud was seen as the point of union for four crucial aspects namely the earth, fire, wind, and water.

It was also believed to be a representation of the four seasons namely winter (represented by a wolf), spring (represented by the bear), summer (represented by a turtle), and autumn (represented by the eagle).

X-Shaped Cloud

The x-shaped cloud is believed to be a sign of divine protection and guidance. It could also be an indication of one finding their way out of a difficult, complex, or chaotic situation.

Meaning Of Clouds in a Dream

Spiritual Meaning of Clouds 
Meaning Of Clouds in a Dream. Image source: Pixabay

Seeing Black Clouds in a Dream

Seeing black clouds in a dream is believed to be a sign of doom or looming darkness in one’s path. It could be communicating the possibility of a conflict with people or a sign of worsening relationships with others.

It could also be an indicator to one of the presence of dense emotions which may lead to conflict or war unless they tone down and recheck them.

Seeing White Clouds in a Dream

A white cloud is believed to be a symbol of peace and clarity. When one sees it in a dream, one should take it as a call to be calm and at peace with the prevailing circumstances.

White clouds are also believed to be a sign of hope, enlightenment, and optimism amidst a chaotic situation. If one dreams of flying over white clouds, it could be a revelation of their desire to enter a romantic relationship or travel to beautiful destinations.

Seeing Grey Clouds in a Dream

Grey clouds are believed to represent uncertainty, anxiety, and lack of confidence in one’s plans for the future. They can serve as a call for one to rethink their plans and perhaps re-strategize.

Seeing Rolling Clouds in a Dream

Rolling clouds are believed to be a sign of instability and uncertainty. When one sees them in a dream, they can interpret it to mean they could be lost in their many plans and ideas or are down a path whose direction is not so clear.

Very fast-rolling clouds could also be an indicator of the possibility of fast-moving events coming their way.

Superstitions about Clouds

Many superstitions have been wrapped around clouds depending on the traditions and culture of a people. Some cultures believe that seeing white clouds is a sign of good luck and indicates that things are going to go well.

It is also believed to be a sign that blessings are on one’s way.

Some believe that seeing many clouds is an affirmation of their faith in them and a time to take bigger moves.

Others also believe that clouds are a sign of great wealth and money on one’s path. They hence take it as a way of nature confirming that they will be very prosperous and have good fortune.

Many societies associate clouds with the abundance of money, wealthiness, high spirit levels, God’s blessings, and even good health.


As much as most of these superstitions are positive, Christians need to understand their true object of faith, who is God, and draw direction from the scriptures instead of holding onto these myths and superstitions.

For instance, if one desires to be wealthy, one can see that God gives men the power to make wealth as recorded in Deuteronomy 8:18. Believing in the signs of nature does not guarantee one’s future.

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