Spiritual meaning of limbal ring around the eye (are they connected to the soul)

As a theologian, I take an interest in the spiritual beliefs that different cultures have concerning various things, like the eye. I was especially intrigued by the limbal ring surrounding the iris after hearing some people imply that it has spiritual meanings.

I read a book called Beauty Is in the Eye of the Beholder: Influence of Limbal Rings on Facial Attractiveness in Darker Irises by Anastasiya Malamud and learned a lot about how people perceive limbal rings.

Last week, in an online forum that I am part of, we were discussing the limbal ring when someone asked whether it has any spiritual meaning. Another member was curious to find out whether the limbal ring is connected to the soul.

Since I had done a lot of research on this topic, I had all the right answers at my fingertips. So, what is the spiritual meaning of the limbal ring around the eye?

Though the Bible does not mention the spiritual meaning of the limbal ring, some cultures speculate that it symbolizes clarity, inner beauty, strength, wisdom, intelligence, infinity, and determination.

In this article, I invite you to join me as we delve into the spiritual meaning of the limbal ring around the eye. Keep reading to find out the cultural beliefs of the limbal ring, whether everyone has a limbal ring, if it can affect the eyes and much more!

10 Spiritual meanings of the Limbal Ring around the eye

Spiritual meaning of limbal ring around the eye
Spiritual meanings of the Limbal Ring around the eye. Image source: Pixabay

A limbal ring is the circular area of pigment around the colored part of the eye referred to as the iris. Most cultures believe that limbal rings have a deeper meaning than meets the eye. They suggest that having a limbal ring is a sign of spirituality. The following are believed to be the spiritual meanings of the limbal ring around the eye.

Attractiveness and youthfulness

People with limbal rings are perceived to be more attractive and youthful. This is because the limbal ring is believed to provide continuity between the facial features and the iris.

The limbal ring is believed to make the eye look brighter and larger. When a person ages but still has a defined limbal ring, they are considered more youthful looking and attractive than a person with a less defined limbal ring.


Intelligence is not only based on what a person knows but also on their ability to see the world around them. Some people argue that one can tell if an individual is intelligent by looking at their eyes.

An old superstition denotes that people with visible limbal rings process thoughts quickly and take actions that lead them to success. Such people are believed to be fast thinkers and implementers.


If one has brown eyes and black limbal rings, they are believed to possess wisdom and may be an old soul. According to a certain theory, a person with limbal rings around their eyes has probably lived many lifetimes and exists to teach other useful lessons.

Such a person is believed to see things that others can’t and to be wise beyond their years. Their high level of maturity is probably what makes them get more responsibilities than their peers.


According to some superstitious people, this ring could denote that one’s inner self is strong. It is believed that problem-solving is one of their strong suits.

They also argue that the universe could be communicating to a person to take advantage of their inner power and face life head-on. According to these beliefs, one is meant to use that inner strength to help other people, especially during tough times.


Some speculate that the limbal ring symbolizes infinity since it is never-ending. They argue that if you have this ring around the eyes, you are connected to your inner child and are full of life.

Rather than focusing on the future or getting attached to the past, the limbal ring could mean allowing yourself to live in the present.

Determination and focus

According to some cultures, if you have a thin limbal ring around your iris, it could indicate your determination in life. They believe that the universe could be encouraging you to remain focused as you pursue your dreams and avoid getting distracted.

Once you show enough determination, the universe is likely to work in your favor. They also speculate that the rings could indicate that you need to find a balance between fantasy and reality. Therefore, you should not let your imagination take priority.

Compassion and kindness

Some people also believe that if you have a limbal ring, it denotes that you show kindness or compassion to others. You are probably a generous person that understands the interconnection of people in life. People with prominent limbal rings are believed to be open-minded.

You are unique

According to health experts, not every adult has a limbal ring since it tends to fade with age. Therefore spiritual people believe that if you have a limbal ring and are an adult, you are unique. They argue that you should therefore celebrate your oddness and be more confident in life since you are one of a kind.

Shadow self

The limbal ring is also believed to symbolize the shadow self, which is the unconscious aspect of your personality. They argue that if one has visible limbal rings, it could mean that they are in tune with their shadow self, such that it comes to the surface of the eyes. It could indicate that they are very self-reflective. Integrating with the shadow self is believed to bring personal growth.


Another theory speculates that limbal rings symbolize clarity. People argue that limbal rings are seen by individuals who have great vision.

According to some cultures, when a person has a limbal ring, it could indicate that they notice the fine details in life that other people do not.

Is the Limbal Ring Connected to Our Soul?

Since most people claim that the human eye is the window to the soul, some cultures believe that the limbal ring is connected to the soul.

People suggest that a visible limbal ring indicates the divine connection between the universe and you. It is believed that when you have a limbal ring, the universe is protecting you from evil.

Some religious people believe the limbal ring is where your soul resides. The black color of the limbal ring denotes resistance against evil forces, and the iris is speculated to be an advocate for human souls.

Since the medical community argues that the limbal ring prevents excess light from penetrating the eye and damaging the retina, people believe that having black limbal rings protect you from any negative energy.

They further argue that when a person with limbal rings faces an extreme situation, these rings may become darker to release more protective energy.

The limbal ring is also believed to be a reflection of a person’s emotions and inner thoughts. While people with prominent limbal rings are believed to be more connected to their inner selves, those with less-defined limbal rings are believed to be less in touch with their spiritual side and more guarded.

Does everyone have a Limbal Ring?

are they connected to the soul
Does everyone have a Limbal Ring? Image source: Pixabay

According to Healthline experts, most people are born with a limbal ring. This ring is located around the edge of the iris.

Limbal rings are believed to be caused by the dense pigmentation of the white part and the colored part of the eye. This pigmentation is believed to create a halo effect and make the iris look more defined.

If you look at a toddler’s eye, you are likely to notice a limbal ring. Most people suggest that the reason young children have a big-eyed gaze could be due to the prominent limbal ring.

By the time most people turn 20, the pigmentation of the limbal ring breaks down, and the production of the melanin pigment decreases around this area.

But as we grow older, the ring fades in most people. A small percentage of people have limbal rings that remain prominent as they age.

It is believed that a limbal ring may also disappear in certain medical cases. Others suggest that some people develop the limbal ring later in life.

Does a Limbal Ring Affect the Eye?

There is no scientific evidence that proves that a limbal ring may affect eye health or vision. Healthline experts imply that having visible limbal rings does not mean you can see better than someone with less visible limbal rings. Many people consider a limbal ring a cosmetic feature, and some wear contact lenses to enhance their appearance.

With that said some people believe that if you have a gray or light blue ring around the iris, you should have it checked out. This ring is believed to be a corneal arcus which indicates high cholesterol deposit in the eye.

Some suggest that such a ring could indicate that one is at risk of getting a stroke. This could be a concern, especially if you are below 40 years. If you notice this, tell your doctor about any vision changes.

Though different cultures have come up with myths and theories regarding the spiritual meaning of limbal rings, the Bible warns us against believing in mysticism. Colossians 2:8 tells us that we should not be taken captive by empty deceit and philosophy, according to the spirits of the world.

Deuteronomy 4:19 also reminds us not to bow down or serve anything else apart from God. Therefore as Christians, we should not focus so much on the spiritual meaning of limbal rings suggested by mythologists.

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