Spiritual Meanings of Seeing a Bluebird (Meaning And Symbolism)

As a Christian and a theologian, I have often found myself intrigued by the level of importance people attach to certain animals and birds. Toward the end of winter last year, my friends and I strolled by a forest in Southern America while on a theological tour.

One lady noticed a beautiful bluebird joyfully flipping her wings on a small tree by the roadside. Her first remark was that a season of joy is here for us and the community.

As fascinating as this sounded, it became a topic of discussion for the rest of that evening. It was fun learning from the people in this community about the beliefs surrounding this uniquely beautiful bird.

While discussing The Basis of Spiritual Symbolism with the theology class last month, one of the students asked whether anyone knew the symbolism of the bluebird as implied in a storybook she had read.

With the experience over winter, I was well-positioned to share my thoughts and findings on the subject. So then, what is the Spiritual Meanings of Seeing a bluebird?

The sky and the sea are among the most common features associated with the blue color, which has widely been thought to represent positive virtues like joy, happiness, hope, fulfillment, contentment, and new beginnings. Even though the Bible does not definitively give the spiritual meaning of a bluebird, many of them across communities have been developed about these attributes associated with the blue color.

In this article, I expose some of the myths about the bluebird. I invite you to continue reading and discover the various contexts in which different communities attach meaning to the bluebird.

You may get surprised at the diversity of the beliefs depending on whether you dream about a bluebird, see it on your window, and the isolated myths among different communities.

What Do Bluebirds Symbolize?

Bluebirds have been known to symbolize so many things, most of which are positive attributes. I will capture some of the universal symbolisms of the bluebird as believed in many communities worldwide.

Bluebirds are believed to symbolize consistency and devotion in love. These birds have been known to maintain breeding with one partner over a season.

This persistent monogamous habit has made many people associate the bird with faithfulness and devotion to a relationship. For someone who has doubts about their relationship, the appearance of a bluebird is perhaps a sign to restore their confidence.

Bluebirds may also symbolize happiness. Their appearance is believed to emphasize the need for happiness amidst the prevailing circumstances.

These birds, according to some people, symbolize good news in the offing. One can rightly believe that some good news is on the way when they happen to see a bluebird.

Bluebirds are also thought to remind one to use what they have to get things done. This may be drawn from their opportunistic nature, where they use pre-existing holes to make a home.

According to some communities, bluebirds remind one to engage all the necessary helpers in what they are doing. It is in their nature to stick around and help in building nests and even taking care of their young ones.

Some cultures think that a bluebird implies a call for territory defense. They are known to fearlessly defend their nests from intruders and competitors. When one sees them amidst threats of invasion into their territory, it is thought to be a call for them to stand and defend their space.

The social nature of bluebirds has also made many believe that it appears as a reminder for one to be social with others. They often move in large flocks of thirty or more.

It is rare to find them in isolation. They may appear to tell one to get out there and make friends and socialize.

Bluebirds are also thought to symbolize confidence in asking for what you need. Female bluebirds stay to guard the nests while male ones go hunting. When the males return with food, the females confidently make signs to beg for the food.

Another common symbolism of the bluebird among some cultures is renewal and resilience. Bluebirds often appear at the end of winter to welcome the new season after surviving the storms of it.

They are believed to remind us to withstand storms, endure hardships and come out of them stronger and better.

Bluebirds are also believed to be a call to one to be patient. For a hasty and anxious person, the bluebird may appear to tell them to slow down and be a bit more patient in their dealings.

Yet still, some believe bluebirds to be carriers of messages from loved ones. When a bluebird appears, it could be conveying a message from a loved one, or perhaps revisiting previous memories.

They are believed to be a hello from heaven when you are thinking about them.

What Does A Bluebird Mean Biblically?

Spiritual Meanings of Seeing a Bluebird 
What Does A Bluebird Mean Biblically? Image source: Pixabay

The Bible does not specifically mention bluebirds. However, the mention of birds in the scriptures can give their implication.

For instance, the dove sent out to check whether the floods had resided in the story of Noah symbolize hope and a new dawn.

The dove returned with a report to show that a new beginning was due after the destructive storm. In this account, the bird symbolizes faithfulness and commitment to the course.

Birds in the scriptures have often been used to show God’s love for His creation. The exemplary beauty of the bluebird seems a perfect emphasis of this attribute.

The dove was also portrayed as a symbol of peace and calmness.

What Does It Mean When You See A Bluebird?

When one sees a bluebird, it is believed that a profound message is being communicated. The prevailing circumstances can help in deducing the accurate interpretation of what is being passed.

Most of the superstitions about this bird involve positive attributes.

Some communities think that seeing a bluebird is a call for people to be consistent and devoted to their relationship as well as remind them to be confident and stop doubting. This applies to people who have found it difficult to settle into a love relationship.

Some people believe that seeing a bluebird is a sign that a new season of joy and happiness is just about to come. It is believed to be likely to appear to people who have been going through a tough season.

They, therefore, should stop despairing and take heart. The bluebird is considered here as a sign that struggles are coming to an end, and a solution to the problem is just ahead.

The appearance of a bluebird is seen to be a sign that good news is on the way in some cultures. If one has been waiting for something, for instance, the results of a job interview, they are to see a bluebird as a positive cue.

Some communities believe that seeing a bluebird is a sign that tells them to use the available resources to get things going. This may include the need to embrace teamwork and engage every person available in getting things done.

In other communities, the appearance of a bluebird is believed to be reminding them to step out of seclusion and freely socialize with others. This applies to those who have been in seclusion for a long time and stayed away from people.

Some people say that when you see a bluebird, then the angels are with you. Since bluebirds are believed to be messengers from angels, their sight means that an angel is sending a message.

A bluebird is also believed to be likely to appear to a person trading their happiness in pursuit of their goals and dreams. In such a case, it may be reminding the person to consider their happiness above anything else that seems to take it away.

Some people think that the bluebird can be sent to remind one to be alert and aware of what is happening around them so that they can get hold of an opportunity or avert a problem in time.

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of A Bluebird?

Spiritual Meanings of Seeing a Bluebird 
What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of A Bluebird? Image source: Pixabay

Some of the most common spiritual meanings of bluebirds include:

Joy and happiness

They are believed to be a sign of new beginnings or good news that brings happiness and joy to those who receive them.

Peace and tranquility

Bluebirds are known to be calm, gentle, and peaceful. They, therefore, are thought to remind people of the need to strike a rational balance between peace, harmony, and calmness within themselves by deliberately cultivating peace even with others.

Loyalty and love

Bluebirds are also characterized by the monogamous trait that pushes them to be consistent with one breeding partner over a season. They, therefore, are believed to symbolize the spiritual need for people to be loyal and consistent in their relationships.

Transition, change, and transformation

Their association with new seasons and new beginnings has made the bluebird a spiritual connotation of the change and the transformation that comes with it.

The transformation and transition are often associated with growth and new levels in the spiritual sense. The blue color of the sky associated with the bluebird symbolizes the enormous potential for change.

New hope and renewal

The consistent appearance of bluebirds on the verge of spring has been attached to the transition from a difficult season to a new season of hope and new beginnings.

Spring is a season of brightness, life, and vibrancy that are often buried during the gloomy and stormy winter.

As people look forward to spring, one of the earliest visitors to show up is the bluebird, which makes it associated with good things.

Communication and free expression

Another unique trait of bluebirds is their melodic songs and consistent gestures and signals with which they communicate a message to each other. A bluebird is, therefore, said to spiritually represent the need for consistency in communication and expression.

Messenger of the divine

In many spiritual cultures, the bluebird is perceived to be the carrier of important messages from the spiritual realm into the physical world. The messages may bring wisdom or even offer guidance to the physical realm.

Unity and working together

Bluebirds excel in working together. They are widely seen as a symbol of unity and working as a team and not in isolation.

Spiritual awakening

Bluebirds are often associated with growth and are believed to remind people to increase their divine connection by growing spiritually.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About A Bluebird?

Spiritual Meanings of Seeing a Bluebird 
What Does It Mean When You Dream About A Bluebird? Image source: Pixabay

Regardless of what one dreams, bluebird dreams are often purported to have positive implications. The specific interpretation of the dream depends on the beliefs of the individual community to which the dreamer belongs.

Here are some of the interpretations of different bluebird dreams:

Bluebird visiting your home in a dream

When you dream about a bluebird visiting your home, it is believed to indicate that a positive change is on its way for you. It communicates the possibility of a transformation and a new awakening.

Apparently, you should take it as a call to prepare to take up new opportunities and embrace the change.

Bluebird feeding on a worm in a dream

A dream about a bluebird eating a worm is thought to indicate that one is going to be successful. Birds are associated with the ancient proverb, which states that the early bird catches the worm, which translates to having success in one’s mission.

A person dreaming about a bluebird eating a worm is therefore thought to be a candidate for the worm.

Dream about a bluebird flying in the sky

When you see a bluebird flying in the sky in your dream, it can imply that you are going to enjoy life. An occasion is likely to come up that will make you enjoy.

Dream about a dead bluebird

A dead bluebird in a dream is perceived to be a bad sign. It is believed to warn someone of the possibility of them doing something that is not right and risk tainting their reputation in the process and remind them to be extremely careful about their next steps and actions.

Dream about a flock of bluebirds

When you see a flock of bluebirds in a dream, it is believed to be a sign that you will get to meet all, if not a majority, of your family members in one place shortly.

Apparently, there is then a possibility of an event or occasion that will necessitate the coming together of the family. This may be a wedding, a party, or just a family get-together.

Dream about a sleeping bluebird

A dream about a sleeping bluebird is believed to be likely to happen to a person who doesn’t have much confidence in themselves.

Perhaps, such a person is fond of comparing himself to someone else in a way that undermines them. According to this belief, the dream may be a sign to remind them not to be so hard on themselves.

Dream about a bluebird feather

Seeing a bluebird’s feather in a dream is seen as a sign that the solution is right before your eyes. It, therefore, is thought to remind one to take a step back and rethink what they have around them and devise new strategies for what they are about to do.

Perhaps, the person is not well aware of what is readily available to them.

If you dream of seeing a bluebird’s feather, but the bird it belongs to cannot be spotted, it is believed to be a warning that you may be at risk of losing something that belongs to you.

Dream about a bluebird talking to you

When one dreams about a bluebird talking to them, some cultures believe this to indicate that one is lonely. For one who is stressed over something they are uncertain about or heavily disturbed by a strange thought, the bluebird is believed to appear to remind them to seek companionship from friends and share their feelings.

Dream catching a bluebird

A bluebird in the hand in a dream is believed to be an affirmation that one is on the correct path spiritually. One is expected to have a more open heart, be more enthusiastic and embrace the season with a positive heart.

Bluebird Meaning and Symbolism In Different Cultures

Spiritual Meanings of Seeing a Bluebird 
Bluebird Meaning and Symbolism In Different Cultures. Image source: Pixabay

Native Americans

Many Native American tribes perceived the bluebird as a messenger from the spirit world to humans. They were thought to bring joy, good news, and happiness from God.

Some other tribes associated it with positive attributes like healing, love, and protection, while others also so it as a sign of hope and renewal. Most of these tribes also knew the bluebird to welcome spring after a long winter.

Its appearance was then a reminder to them to start preparing for the planting season.

Some tribes, such as the Navajo and the Iroquois, believed the bluebird was responsible for fertility, good fortune, and prosperity.

Among the Ojibwa culture, the bluebird appears in their myth about the origin of the rainbow. In the Pima tribe, the bird represented tradition and growth and appears in a famous folklore about an ugly bird that was transformed into a beautiful bluebird after bathing in the river.

They also believe that the waters of the mountain lake turned blue because a bluebird bathed in it.

The mythology of the Cherokee tribe claims that the bluebird is associated with controlling the direction of the wind as well as predicting its pattern.

Bluebird Celtic

The Celtic people considered the bluebird as a symbol of hope and good luck. It was believed to spread love, joy, and laughter whenever it went.

Some Celtic mythologies also associated the bluebird with a goddess called Brigid, who was believed to be responsible for fertility, poetry, and healing.

Her portraits and statutes were always shown with a bluebird by her side. This bluebird was believed to be responsible for her power to heal and give new life to the world.


In western China, the bluebird is associated with the queen goddess called Xi Wangmu. She is believed to be the protector of nuns, single women, and priestesses.

To them, any girl who consistently sees a bluebird or is followed by one is considered to be under the protection of this goddess.

The second bluebird symbol was associated with the renowned Shang Dynasty, which existed between 1766 and 1122 BC. In this dynasty, the bluebird stood as a symbol of great wisdom and enlightenment of the heart and soul.


The Koreans perceive bluebirds as divine messengers. They not only carry messages from God and deliver them to people but also carry messages from the spirits of the deceased loved ones to those that are still alive.

They are also believed to deliver messages about the happenings of the world to God. Since they think God is too busy to come and inspect the physical realm, he sends the bluebirds to check and take the report back to him.


In Russia, the bluebird is widely believed to be a symbol of hope. Even though bluebirds are not physically present in this community, they have been featured in their folklore and mythologies.

Their symbolism is attached to the beliefs around the blue color and the attributes associated with it. These include joy, clarity, and new seasons.

Amid war, confusion, and spiritual slavery, the Russians would claim to be looking for a bluebird. During the wars in the 1600s and 1800s, many tales were told about people going to search for blue-feathered birds as a symbol of hope.

Since bluebirds were not present in this setting, the interpretation of the phrase was that it was symbolic of peace and calmness.


In France, the bluebird is thought to represent happiness. The bluebird is also physically unavailable here but appears in their folklore.

Famous folklore is told about a group of children who were asked to go and look for the bluebird of happiness. The bluebird was regarded as a sign of peace, joy, love, and happiness.

Bluebirds as a Spirit and Totem Animal

Spiritual Meanings of Seeing a Bluebird 
Bluebirds as a Spirit and Totem Animal. Image source: Pixabay

The bluebird totem animal is found in many folklores as the blue color is widely associated with deep blue waters of the sea, the clear sky, and positive vibes.

The bluebird is also widely perceived as a symbol of monogamy in romance and love relationships due to its habit of sticking to one partner.

As a totem animal, the bluebird is believed to stand as a symbol of change and positive transformation after a season of difficulties. It is also associated with home and family.

It is thought that the bluebird emphasizes the fact that a nest is a place that should be protected by all means. The nest of a bluebird totem animal is also a place of warmth, welcome, and love.

The bluebird totem animal also translates to a person who is very monogamous and romantic, always dedicating themselves to a single partner and building a family with them.

Spiritually, the many attributes of blue color are also associated with the bluebird. These include virtues such as loyalty, trust, wisdom, sincerity, confidence, love, peacefulness, and faith.

People with the bluebird as their spirit animal are, therefore, also associated with the above traits.

The bluebirds spiritually denote joy and happiness. For people with it as a spirit animal, their sole call is to bring joy and happiness to the lives of those around them.

Most comedians and artists are believed to have the bluebird as their spirit animal since they were born to make people happy.

It is believed that the bluebird also spiritually denotes transformation and growth. People with it as a spirit animal are hence believed to enforce change and positive transformation and are often responsible for new seasons that bring joy and happiness to people.

The bluebird totem is also believed to transform one into an important bearer of divine service to others in society in a way, they become spiritual guides to many in a way.

In the Bible, the bluebird is mentioned about positive attributes such as hope and joy. As a spirit animal, it is believed to call for one to be deliberate in propagating these attributes in society.

Bluebird-spirited people are thought to be very romantic, high-spirited, and attention-loving. They are also believed to be highly generous and would go a long way to bring happiness to people.

They are also thought to be very faithful and to stick for a long time. Betrayal is never a worry with such people.

Bluebird Tattoo Meaning

The tattoo of a bluebird is seen as a symbol of good luck as well as innocence. This tattoo is thought to carry the virtues traditionally attributed to the bluebird, such as happiness, good luck, peace, transformation, and the arrival of new seasons.

The dominant blue color is believed to remind the person of their limitless freedom and eternal happiness.

Should I Be Concerned If I Suddenly Stop Seeing Bluebirds?

No, no one should be alarmed just because they stopped seeing bluebirds. As much as some of these myths build around this bird are positive and consequently help to build a positive aura around people, we need to understand that they are not the very foundation of our lives.

This is even more important for believers to understand that the basis of our existence is God and not nature.

When we keep seeing bluebirds, we can build the meanings around the positive attributes purported by society, which will help us increase positivity.

However, when we stop seeing them, our focus and confidence should not in any way be affected.

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