Was Jesus a demigod (what does the Bible say)?

Several conversations have arisen in recent times about the status of Jesus Christ because he is regarded as the son of God and has once taken the human body. Some Christians have argued that Jesus is a lesser God in the holy Trinity and does not hold the same power as God the father. They have been referring to Jesus as a demigod, thus raising the curiosity of other Christians. They ended up asking the question, was Jesus a demigod?

Jesus is not a demigod, as written and suggested in the Bible. Most references have pointed out that Jesus was indeed God and not a demigod, as some Christians have been misled to believe. Several verses have given Jesus Christ the status he deserves in the Holy Trinity, thus proving that he is regarded as God.

Who is a demigod? Was Jesus a God or a demigod? If Jesus is God, why does he have some characteristics of a demigod? What features does Jesus share with demigods? These and more questions have been lingering in the minds of curious Christians. This article will discuss these questions and more about Jesus and the demigod argument.

What is a demigod?

A demigod has been given several descriptions but not limited to the following. Some scholars have described a demigod as a god with partial or lesser power than that a god. Some have described a demigod as a mortal man gifted with divinity, thus having more ability than an average human. Other scholars have described a demigod as a minor deity, while others have described the demigod as an offspring sired by a god and a mortal man, thus part god and part human. Unlike gods, demigods are described as being mortal. Despite a demigod having different meanings, most descriptions seem to agree that a demigod has lesser power than a god and therefore does not bear equal power with a god.

Was Jesus a demigod?
How is God different from a demigod? See below

How is God different from a demigod?

God is described as the owner of all power, while a demigod is a deity with lesser power. A demigod cannot do most of the tasks that God can perform. God is the giver of life, while a demigod cannot give life.

God does not have a creator and has existed since the beginning of times, while a demigod is created, probably an offspring of a god and a mortal man.

God is immortal and cannot die, but a demigod is mortal and, at one point in their life, experiences death. God does not possess a solid body like a demigod who has a human body.

How was Jesus different from the demigods of other ancient views such as Nordic, Greek, or Roman?

Despite having a few similarities, Jesus differed from other demigods like Hercules and Thor due to his unique abilities. While demigods are given lesser powers to perform specific duties, Jesus had all the power to perform any task he could.

While demigods are the offspring of a god and human, Jesus is God in the Trinity. He came into existence like God the father and the Holy Spirit and did not have a history of being created.

Demigods possessed magical powers and could perform magic in some instances. Most of them used magic to protect or hurt themselves from their enemies. Jesus had godly powers to perform miracles like healing the sick and raising the dead. His miracles were always helpful to the people he lived with, and never once did he use that to hurt the people.

When Jesus died, he resurrected and defeated death in the process. On the other hand, Demigods don’t have a history of resurrection; once they die, it is over for them.

Due to his Godly nature, Jesus never committed sins like telling lies, murder, and fornication. Some demigods were known to be fond of using treachery in their battles, killing people, and some even sinned by fornicating.

Jesus never had children due to the high level of divinity he possessed. He never had a relationship with a woman during his time on earth, so he never sired children. He came to earth a pure soul and left a pure soul. Demigods have been recorded to have had multiple relationships with women and fathered many kids.

Jesus was known to be humble and always performed his duties in humility despite possessing lots of powers. Demigods were known to be aggressive in their dealings, especially with the power that they had.

What characteristics did Jesus have that showed he was God?

Jesus had the power to raise the dead back to life. Through his massive miracles, he raised the daughter of Jairus from the dead and Lazarus, among his other great works. Since it is only God who can give and take back life, Jesus proved that, indeed, he is God.

Jesus possessed immense knowledge that mere mortals could not understand. At only Twelve years of age, while at the Passover feast in Jerusalem, Jesus was found at the temple schooling the scribes and teachers of the law. It was unheard of for a child to sit down with church elders in a temple in a big city like Jerusalem to teach them the word of God accurately. This was divine knowledge that proved Jesus was God.

Jesus defeated death by dying and resurrecting. During his death as a human being, the Bible says that he descended into hell and ascended into heaven, showing that he was not dead when crucified and buried. By being immortal, Jesus proved that he was God.

His blood was pure, and he did not sin at all. The Bible records that his blood was shed to cleanse the sins of the world. Had his blood been impure, the world’s sins would not have been forgiven, and the world would have perished. The fact that his blood was pure and worthy of cleansing the sins of the world proves that Jesus was God.

Was Jesus a demigod?
Why do some people argue that Jesus was a demigod? See below

Why do some people argue that Jesus was a demigod?

Jesus possessed the body of a human being. He was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit and born of a human being. Some people argue that since a demigod is taken from a god and a human, he is one of them. The fact that Jesus had a human body qualifies him as a demigod, according to the people’s argument.

Since he experienced death, some people have argued that Jesus is a demigod. One characteristic of a demigod is mortality, and Jesus, at one point, died and was buried. Some people argued that if he were indeed God, he would have prevented himself from dying but allowing that to qualifies him as a demigod.

Jesus lived the average life of a human being until he ascended to heaven. He had a family and went through the human rites of passage. This is another reason that some people argue that Jesus was a demigod.

If Jesus was a demigod, how did he become the Messiah?

Being mentioned as the Messiah means that Jesus was the world’s savior. For him to be a savior, Jesus needed to have godly characteristics, power, and purity to fulfill the will of God. After his ministry, he was crucified, and the blood that flowed on the cross played a crucial role in saving the world.

This is enough proof that Jesus was God, not a demigod, as some argue. The fact that he was indeed God allowed him to play his role of cleansing the blood of sinners in the world. A demigod would not have played this role due to their strong links with humans and lack of purity. We can therefore conclude that being the Messiah was the ultimate proof that God was indeed God and not a demigod.


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