What does the ‘H’ stand for ‘Jesus H Christ’? (Does Jesus Christ have a middle name?)

Angel Gabriel gave Mary the name of her baby boy, just JESUS. Other names result from prophecies made in the past by the prophets in the Old Testament. However, there is an erroneous name that is said to be Jesus’s middle name, often presented as an initial of ‘H’ because it is not backed up in the Bible. So it brings us to ask ourselves if Jesus had a middle name and what does the ‘H’ stand for in ‘Jesus H Christ’?

Most people imply that ‘H’ stands for Harold, Heckings, and Hopping. However, there is no evidence in the Bible of Jesus having a middle name. Therefore, the H initial in Jesus’ name is blasphemous because it mocks Jesus and is often used by nonbelievers because they do not want to recognize the power of His name. The middle name dates back to the beginning of the 19th century and has been backed up by the most ambiguous theories.

So Did Jesus have a middle name? Is the H in Jesus’ name blasphemous? Why do people say H. in Jesus’ name? Is the H. in Jesus’ name used as humor? Read on to find out.

Did Jesus have a middle name?

Although there is no Biblical evidence for this middle name, research from the 19th century suggests that Jesus had a middle name. Let’s go back to when Jesus was conceived and born; Angel Gabriel visited Mary and told her that her baby would be named Jesus.

The Bible implies that Jesus was the only name that God gave out to Mary for her baby. Christ came about because of his ministry, and the people named him that. It is, however, erroneously suggested that Jesus had an H initial as his middle name. During the nineteenth century, some people translated His name into Latin, pronouncing it like ‘JHC.’

The JC is justified because J refers to Jesus, and C refers to Christ. However, the H has no backing in the Bible, and the translators only develop theories to support their ideas. Since the H was in the middle, it was concluded that it stood for Jesus’s middle name. Some people posited that the H meant Herald; others came up with Hecking. Others imply that it stands for Hopping. However, the only name with Biblical backing is Jesus, a Greek name that translates to ‘savior’ Matthew 1:21.

Is the H in Jesus’ name blasphemous?

It is believed that the H in Jesus’ name is Blasphemous because it is used to mock and demean the ministry of Jesus by implying that He was a human being like any other with a middle name. The name of Jesus, as assigned by God, is not a name like any other; it is a mighty name as depicted in Philippians 2:9-10, which means associating it with less powerful names brought forth by unproven theories becomes blasphemous.

The H. can be linked to the prosecution and undermining that Jesus underwent at the hands of nonbelievers. At that time, they shamed Jesus because of his financial and social background. They said Jesus could not be the Messiah and that His name was not as powerful because of His background and disregarded all the prophetic names of the Messiah. It prompted them to call Jesus by name to substantiate their claims. They would attach any name that started with H and use it to mock Jesus.

In the 19th Century, Jesus H Christ was used to mock Jesus by nonbelievers. One of the meanings of the H is Harold, which is outright blasphemy because it mocks the Lord’s Prayer. One time, a boy was narrating the Lord’s Prayer, and his tongue slipped by mistake, and he said, “Our Father who art in heaven, Harold be thy name.” From this moment, people laughed at the name; some picked it up and said the erroneous H in the middle means Harold. People who do not believe in the power of Jesus use Harold out of anger and rage.

Although some people believe that the H stands for Holy because they do not want to ridicule Jesus, it is still incorrect because it is not in the Bible. It might sound good and better than ‘Harold.’ Still, God does not want anything added or subtracted from the name of Jesus because it is the powerful name that devils and Satan tremble at the mention, as described in Mark 3:11; moreover, it has a lot of healing and restoring power, as mentioned in Mark 16:18. God wants believers to call Jesus by names like Messiah, Prince of peace, and other names brought forth by prophecy in Isaiah 9:6.

Drawing back to the Bible, Jesus himself asks the disciples what people call him a; after a few responses, he asked the disciples what they, as his disciples call him in Matthew 16:15, “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.” Jesus replied, “Blessed are you, Simon, son of Jonah.” It implies that calling Jesus by the names revealed in the Bible makes a person blessed.

Does Jesus Christ have a middle name?
Why do people say H. in Jesus’ name? See below

Why do people say H. in Jesus’ name?

People say the H. in Jesus’ name out of confusion, rage, and stress. Most people are ignorant and do not read the Bible and end up using the H. Others are fully aware that it is not anything close to holy to refer to Jesus using the H and still use it.

In most cases, they use it to mock the power associated with Jesus’ name and reduce him to any common human being. These people are often nonbelievers. They use the H when they want to become blasphemous. To be blasphemous means to speak, think, and behave in such a manner that disrespects and mocks God and his name.

However, some people use the H name and coin it to mean Holy. This is equally unacceptable because it is not backed up in the Bible, and it supports the blasphemous idea of making the H more popular.

Is the H. in Jesus’ name used as humor?

From the history of this name, it started as a joke but turned blasphemous with time. It began as humor when a boy mispronounced some phrases in the Lord’s Prayer, saying Harold instead of Hallowed. People laughed and made fun of the Harold mispronunciation until it turned into an ambiguous theory of it being Jesus’s middle name. Later, as the humor faded, nonbelievers used the name to mock Jesus and ridicule the power of his name.


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