Where Does Jesus Spawn On YBA (Spawn Time In Your Bizarre Adventure)?

When I was a theology student, I spent most of my free time playing Your Bizarre Adventure by
Jojo. I discovered that even though Jesus appears as a minor figure in Part 7 of the game, he still
plays a vital role in its many adventures. One of the roles played by Jesus on YBA includes
helping in the Tusk upgrades and removing Race’s and Spec’s Vampirism. That is why I felt the
need to share my insights with you regarding the question, “where does Jesus spawn on YBA?”

As an NPC, Jesus rarely spawns all around the map. Jesus often spawns at the front parking lot, at the end of the Arcade’s elevators, or outside the Pizzeria (Eli’s) at the top of the stairs. He also spawns at the fountain near Jonathan or the parking lot close to the first Giorno quest.

In this article, I invite you to join me as we delve into Jesus’ spawning on YBA. I will discuss the
servers Jesus spawns on, the spawning rate, and why He spawns. So, keep reading.

Does Jesus spawn in private servers in YBA?

Yes, Jesus spawns on the YBA private servers, but it’s important to note that it doesn’t happen randomly. All players should know the very low chance of Jesus spawning on private servers. Specifically, there is only a 1% chance that Jesus will spawn on the private servers. Also, this 1% chance of spawning takes place every 7.5 minutes, and it’s believed that this happens because Uzu decides to change ps’ spawn rates to a low rate of 1.5 rather than a 2X rate.

That said, players need to remember that the rate of Jesus’ spawning tends to be longer and much rarer, even in private servers. The only possibility of experiencing the spawning at a much faster rate would be by playing as a VIP.

Does Jesus still have the same spawn rate in a private server?

No, Jesus doesn’t spawn at the same rate in the private servers, and many expert players have noted that the spawn rate is up to two times slower or rarer in the private servers than in the public servers.

Many players note that while playing on the private servers, the rate at which Jesus spawns is not just two times rarer, but since the spawning rate or the in-between time is much longer, spawning speed is technically 4 times rarer. Also, Jesus takes much longer to de-spawn on private servers, unlike in public ones.

Spawn Time In Your Bizarre Adventure
How often does Jesus spawn in a private server? See below

How often does Jesus spawn in a private server?

While a specific spawn rate would help any player increase their chances of winning, the saddest thing about playing YBA on private servers and expecting Jesus to spawn is random and mostly unpredictable. He often spawns randomly, and with the 0.5X drop in the spawning rate, it’s possible to go hours without seeing a Jesus spawn while playing on the private servers.

When does Jesus spawn?

The bright screen, similar to the Heaven Ascension, symbolizes Jesus’ Spawning, and one doesn’t need to turn up their volume to know that Jesus spawned. Players can tell when Jesus spawns by looking for the yellowish flow on the screen. Besides the bright glow, the word JESUS is often faintly displayed on the screen. Players also notice Saint Corpse’s rib cage spawns simultaneously with Jesus.

However, it is worth noting that Jesus spawns at specific spots, with the most notable location where Jesus spawns being the Ghiaccio train station. He often spawns in the train station’s ticket booth and the tracks near the station. Additionally, Jesus has been seen spawning on the bench near the Bruno train. Also, Jesus spawns in the storage room at the back of the tea café or the pizzeria.

Overall, it’s worth noting that every player needs to keep their eyes peeled for Jesus spawning because this tends to be a very random and primarily unpredictable event. And because Jesus upgrades players from acts 3 to 4, finding when and where Jesus spawns is critical to winning or advancing to higher levels in the game.

How often does Jesus spawn YBA?

While Jesus spawns randomly on YBA, there is always a 1% chance of spawning occurring once every 5 minutes in the public servers.

In addition to spawning, the Tusk Act also allows Jesus to evolve into 2 and 3 in Tusk Act 3, especially when you are the first player that talks to Jesus alongside Worthiness V, albeit with a Spin specification.

When Jesus spawns, the player plays with Jesus on their back. And whenever this happens, the player’s aura changes to white. Their eyes also leave behind a white trail. And all these last a total of 90 seconds.

Also, remember that it is possible to set the game settings back to human during game play. Doing this means ditching vampirism, and it often happens after talking to Jesus. If this happens when one is in the vampire state, a player dies before re-spawning as a human being, albeit without a vampirism specification. So, if playing but haven’t spoken to Jesus or one joins the server after Jesus spawns, a player is notified by Jesus that they joined the server a tad too late.

Where Does Jesus Spawn On YB?
How many times does Jesus spawn? See below

How many times does Jesus spawn?

Though unpredictable, Jesus spawns randomly, every 5 minutes in the servers, but it’s almost impossible to determine exactly how often he spawns, especially with the 1% chance of spawning.

Whenever Jesus spawns, a rib cage from the YBA Saint’s corpse also spawns. And players can tell that they’ve interacted with Jesus when they see the bright light and also when Jesus responds with a ‘Hey’ when spoken to.

Why can’t Jesus spawn?

Even with a blue body and eyes covered in crowns of thorns, there is a relatively small chance of Jesus spawning, which is why players don’t always encounter a spawning Jesus. Also, the fact that Jesus spawns in Acts 3 and 4 only means that players at lower levels may not have a similar encounter.

Can Jesus glitch when spawning?

While some players think that Jesus’ failure to spawn means glitching, there is a very low possibility of Jesus glitching when spawning.

However, when there are bugs in the game, there is a possibility of some ‘glitch,’ which often means that after Jesus spawns, the spawn remains in the Jesus-like pose for over 90 seconds. But it’s an uncommon event.

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