What does Jesus want us to do (what does the Bible say)?

When Jesus had finished his job here on earth, he gathered his disciples, gave them instructions and blessings then ascended to heaven. He left behind instructions on what he expected the disciples and Christians to do. Some Christians need to learn all the instructions and expectations that Jesus had for us Christians. They have asked, “What does Jesus want us to do?”

Jesus Christ wants us Christians to obey God’s word, found in the Bible. The Bible is full of instructions from Jesus Christ and God the father that, if followed well, give one a better chance to make it to God’s kingdom. Christians only have to do this simple task of following the instructions.

Christians are asking many questions about the instructions Jesus left behind and why they are important to Christians. Questions like, “what does Jesus want us to do as Christians” are being asked daily. Christians would like to know what God wants them to do to qualify for heaven. This and other questions have been answered in this article; read on.

What does the Bible say Jesus wants us to do?

Matthew 19:16-28 gives the instance of a man who asked Jesus what good deed he was supposed to do to enter heaven. Jesus answered that a good person follows all the commandments of God. The 10 commandments are quoted in Exodus 20:2-14 and Deuteronomy 5:6-21 and are ten key instructions God gave to humankind. Jesus and God, the father, expect their followers to be keen and follow all the commandments to the letter to get a chance to go to heaven.

Matthew 22:32-38 is another important deed Jesus Christ wants us to do: love God unconditionally. As our creator, God loves us and created each one of us with a purpose. He then blessed us with the gift of life and His son Jesus Christ to die for our sins, as recorded in John 3:16. The only expectation that God has from us is that the love He has shown to us should be reciprocated. The only way to reciprocate this is by following his commandments and doing well to each other.

Matthew 22:29 instructs Christians to love their neighbors as they love themselves. Jesus Christ understood how much humans loved themselves and how much they wanted better for themselves than others. He decided to give this instruction to remind people that if they did to others the good they love doing to themselves, the earth would be full of love and fewer vices. He further explained that a neighbor is not just the person living near you but anyone in need. With this, Jesus asked Christians to love every other person the same way they loved themselves.

In Matthew 6:19-21 Jesus Christ gives yet another important instruction to Christians, to invest their treasures in heaven where they can never be destroyed and not on earth. By this, Jesus was reminding us that there is eternity and everlasting treasures in heaven, but worldly treasures will always perish. Therefore, Jesus wants a Christian to invest more spiritually and make it to heaven than concentrate on worldly pleasures which are in vain.

Jesus also wants Christians always to be humble and promises in Matthew 6:6 that the humble will inherit the earth. Humility is also important as it endears a Christian more to God. With humility comes blessings. Moreover, Matthew 6:14-15 reminds Christians of the importance of forgiveness. In verse, Jesus reminds Christians that God can only forgive them through forgiving others. Anyone who fails to forgive a person who wrongs them will also face the same treatment from God when they sin against Him and seek forgiveness.

Matthew 20:25-28 is a reminder from Jesus that service to others is one of the requirements a Christian has to do to make it to heaven. He taught Christians that he came to serve the same way He expects Christians to serve others without exercising authority over others.

Jesus would also like us to be kind and generous enough to share with everyone in need, as quoted in Luke 6:30. In the same verse, Jesus wants Christians to always exercise the virtue of self-control by not being reactive when anybody takes anything from them that rightfully belongs to them. The ability to control oneself in such situations will always help a Christian to avoid sinning.

These are not the only deeds Jesus expects from us; he expects us always to be obedient and win souls for him, as he mentioned in the Great Commission.

What does Jesus want us to do?
What does Jesus want us to do for him? See below

What does Jesus want us to do for him?

Jesus wants us to obey his teachings and believe in him as the true son of God who came to save the world. By believing in him, we are setting ourselves up for the blessing of eternal life that has been promised in John 3:16. Believing in Christ warrants the Christians a chance of getting to heaven and enjoying life that will be everlasting.

Jesus wants us to stop sinning since he sacrificed by dying for our sins. Anytime he forgave somebody for sinning, he used to tell them to sin no more. Sinning is equated to crucifying Jesus again, yet he has already paid the painful debt for the world’s sins.

Most importantly, Jesus wants us Christians to win him more disciples. Bringing more disciples to Christ breeds a celebration from the heavens, which means that it is one of the best things a Christian can do to impress God. Therefore, a Christian must portray himself in a Christ-like manner to win more disciples.

What does Jesus want us to do every day?

Jesus wants us to pray and fellowship with Him daily. In Matthew 6:9-13, Jesus taught Christians how to pray, meaning that he expects us to do this daily. By praying, we communicate to God our problems while also reminding Him to lead us not into temptations that might prevent us from going to heaven. Prayer and fellowship are also important in keeping Christians away from the Devil.

Jesus also wants us to help anyone in need every day without fail. Since people are always in need, a Christian should be ready to help at all times, every day.

Jesus wants us to bring people to him every day. Winning souls for him is one of the deeds he considers noble for a Christian. The best way to do this is by showing Christ-like behavior that always attracts people toward him. If a Christian gets a chance to bring someone to Christ, the heavens will rejoice.

Jesus also wants us always to express love since that is the greatest commandment. He has instructed us to love him and also our neighbors unconditionally. Jesus loves a loving heart and encourages Christians always to love others daily.

What does Jesus want us to do?
What was Jesus’ commission to his disciples? See below

What was Jesus’ commission to his disciples?

The Jesus commission is also regarded as the great commission and is found in Matthew 28:19-20. Jesus commissioned his disciples to go out and win him, disciples, baptizing them in the name of the father, son, and Holy Spirit and teaching them to obey everything he had commanded. By this, Jesus asked his disciples to bring more people to him, baptize them, and ensure they were well taught his instructions.

What did Jesus promise his disciples before he ascended to heaven?

Before he ascended to heaven, Jesus promised to send the disciples a helper, the Holy Spirit, to help them run his ministry efficiently. He also promised them in the Great Commission that he would always be with them to the end of times.


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