Where to find Amish in Lancaster (10 Amish attractions in Lancaster)

As a theologian, I take much interest in various religious doctrines. As a result, I wanted to learn about the Amish people and their culture. I, therefore, choose to visit Lancaster County for one month because Lancaster County is known to have the largest population of Amish people. There I got the entire experience and way of life of the Amish. Last week during my college class, I lectured about various cultures and religions. I specifically touched on the Amish and encouraged them to take a weekend visit to Lancaster to understand first-hand the lifestyle of the Amish. Most students agreed to the idea and asked me where to find Amish in Lancaster.

You can find the Amish in Lancaster in various towns like Lancaster, Strasburg, Intercourse, Bird-In-Hand, Manheim, Lititz, and Ephrata. These towns are full of the Amish, and you can experience their traditions, culture, and lifestyles.

In this article, I invite you to join me as we delve into this topic of the Amish. We will look at the best time to visit Amish town, Amish towns to visit in Lancaster, among other topics. Keep reading to find answers to all these questions and more.

Is it worth visiting Amish town in Lancaster?

If you want to experience the Amish culture, lifestyle, and environment, it is worth visiting Amish town. The Amish town is a good way of escaping the hustle and bustle of the city and just enjoying a relaxing and peaceful vacation while visiting. Amish town is very hospitable and offers tourists a wholesome and unforgettable experience. It is the perfect getaway, even for a weekend.

You can visit Amish farms and houses and experience how they live a simple life that doesn’t rely on technology. You could take buggy rides on the back roads to experience that simple farm life and marvel at the luscious green environment.

There are many tourist attractions to see during any season, for instance, the Dutch Wonderland, kitchen kettle Village, museums, city parks, and theatres. Amish country has something for everyone. You cannot lack something to enjoy or do when visiting Amish towns.

What is the best time to visit Amish town in Lancaster?

10 Amish attractions in Lancaster
Best time to visit Amish town in Lancaster. Image source: Pinterest

The best time to visit Amish town in Lancaster is in spring. Spring is the second busiest season. Therefore, crowds are not as many, and there are still many activities. However, you can still visit during fall, summer, or winter, depending on your preferences, such as your budget, activities you want to do, and many more. The climate in Amish town is temperate, so be sure to carry layers of clothes as a precaution.


Spring is when winter has just ended, and flowers are blooming. It is less busy than fall, so if you are not a massive fan of crowds, this is the best time for you. You can do many indoor and outdoor activities. Locals begin auctions called mud sales, where you can get handmade goods. You can visit museums and Amish homes, events like the kilt show, and visit chocolate and pretzel factories.


Fall is the busiest season in the Amish town of Lancaster. It is during the harvest season, so you can attend the harvest festivals. If you enjoy farming and harvesting, you could harvest pumpkins and apples. Your kids could also ride the pumpkin patch train during Halloween. This time is very costly and crowded, but if neither is an issue, then this is the best time for you.


If you want to go and enjoy warm and sunny weather in Amish town, then the summer season is for you. It is equally expensive and crowded; however, the sunny weather allows you to enjoy every single activity and dress up in those beautiful summer clothes.


Winter is the coldest, snowy, and least busy season. So, if you do not like crowds and have a low budget, this is the time to go, especially in January when tickets and accommodation are cheap. You can do many indoor and outdoor activities like visiting museums, local Amish stores, and live theatres. You can also ride the Strasburg railroad to get a view of Amish town. Restaurants are not as crowded, so you can take your sweet time savoring each taste.

10 Amish towns to visit in Lancaster

Where to find Amish in Lancaster
Amish towns to visit in Lancaster. Image source: Pixabay

Lancaster has various Amish towns where you can visit and tour their attraction sites and experience the Amish way of life. Below is an outline of about 10 Amish towns to visit while in Lancaster.


Lancaster is the most famous and well-known town. It is widely known for the Amish community. In Lancaster, you can see the lifestyle of the Amish people by visiting the Amish houses and farms and understanding why farming is essential within the community. You can visit a schoolhouse called The Willow Lane one-room Schoolhouse. To finish your Amish experience, indulge in the traditional cuisine of Pennsylvania Dutch home cooking at Miller’s smorgasbord.


Strasburg is an Amish town known for its history. You can start by visiting its railroad Museum and then take a ride on the Strasburg railroad to see the town. You can also view the authentic life of the Amish people by visiting the Amish Barn Schoolhouse and viewing the Amish tools the Amish use. You can also visit the Smokehouse Market and get some jams, jellies, and other goodies.


Intercourse is known for its unique name and its handmade product. You can spend a relaxing day at intercourse and visit Kitchen Kettle Village. You can acquire a lot of handmade things like clothing, dolls, furniture, jewelry, quilt, and local art. You can also enjoy local cuisine and take a buggy ride through this town.


Bird-In-Hand has a little bit of everything in hand. You will find Amish farms side-by-side, restaurants, Amish shops, and bakeries. Many people enjoy taking buggy rides in Bird-In-Hand. It also offers a hot air balloon ride where you can get a bird’s-eye view of everything in the town.


Manheim is a town with rich Amish history, and it is found in the downtown area. You can visit the quaint shops and eat at its superb restaurants. It also has a view of hills and Amish farms. Manheim is known for the Pennsylvania Renaissance Fair, which takes place each weekend in the fall.


Lititz is known as the smallest, coolest town within the Amish town. It has tourist attraction sites, shops, and places to dine. Furthermore, it has the famous pretzel bakery (Julius Sturgis pretzel bakery), where you could tour and get a few pretzel-making lessons. Those with a bit of a sweet tooth can tour the Wilbur chocolate shop.


You can explore the history of the Amish and the countryside in Ephrata. It has an Amish market where you can get fresh produce and fresh-baked goods. You can also enjoy plays offered at its theatres.


Quarryville is known to have impressive attraction sites that offer a fantastic experience for anyone who visits. You can visit parks, the Maplehofe diary, see Robert Fulton’s birthplace, and tour a vineyard. You can also enjoy Amish Cuisine in the various restaurants within the town.


Elizabethtown is a very small town in Lancaster. However, it has a variety of things to enjoy. There are unique places to see, a lovely community, many outdoor activities and art to experience. You can hike and bike as well. Visit the Star Burn Village and Stone Gable Estate. Attend the Elizabethtown Fair held in August, the Christmas lights drive-through at Stone Gable from November to December, and enjoy some locally brewed ale in the town.

Willow Street

Willow Street is a small conservative town in Lancaster with a history of its own. You can visit the Museum, winery and enjoy local cuisine in their many restaurants. If you are one with nature, you can enjoy their peaceful and beautiful parks.

Pennsylvania Dutch dishes to try in Amish towns, Lancaster

When visiting the Amish towns, to get that whole Amish experience, you definitely need to try Pennsylvania Dutch meals, which are their traditional meals. Here are some of the foods and snacks to try when visiting the Amish towns;

  • Red beet eggs are considered snacks and can also be eaten during outings.
  • Schnitz un Knepp is a sweet and savory dish that has apples and dumplings in it.
  • Spaetzle is usually a side dish that accompanies foods such as sausages.
  • Ham balls are a trifecta (salty, savory, and sweet) all in one bite. They are made with ham and sometimes pork.
  • Shoofly pie is a dessert usually made with a traditional crust and is famous in Amish towns.
  • Apple dumplings are apples covered in butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon. It is then covered in pastry and baked.

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