Will we be kings and queens in Heaven? (What does the Bible say about kings and queens?)

Being a long-time believer intrigued by the rewards in eternal life, I always yearn to know so much about being royalty in Heaven. I have always been especially engrossed in knowing what the Bible says about kings and queens. During an interfaith seminar at theology school, various reputable Biblical scholars were invited to have scriptural discussions with students. I took on this window of opportunity to establish meaningful interactions with them, and I acquired a comprehensive understanding of kings and queens in the scriptures. A couple of weeks ago, a member of our virtual Christian platform raised an inquiry seeking to know whether we will be kings and queens in Heaven. Due to my experience networking with several intellectuals with a substantial amount of knowledge on this subject matter, I was centerstage to provide the answer from a theological standpoint. So, will we be kings and queens in Heaven?

According to Revelation 22:5, we will be kings and queens in Heaven. All believers in Christ will live and reign as royalty by virtue of either receiving a crown as an eternal reward for their good service or through the inheritance of being God’s children.

I pleasantly welcome you to take a back seat and relax as you read this article, and let us explore this fascinating subject matter together as we unravel the intricacies of what the Bible says about kings and queens, priests, the crowns in Heaven, and much more.

What does the Bible say about kings and queens?

According to Romans 8:17, the Bible says that kings are queens are royal co-heirs with Jesus Christ who will be crowned due to their service for the Kingdom of God. As people are sons and daughters of God, it renders them reigning royalty to emulate King Jesus. It does not mean that kings and queens will be on the same level with Christ but that they will serve the Lord to reign with Him. This equally entails having a relationship with God and honoring Him.

What does it mean that everyone in Heaven will be kings and priests?

What does the Bible say about kings and queens?
Everyone in Heaven will be kings and priests. Image source: Pixabay

Everyone in Heaven will be kings and priests means that people will both be royal and have a priesthood. According to Revelation 5:10, people will reign as kings to help serve Christ in administering the government of the Kingdom of God on Earth in the millennium. This will be a royal leadership calling for all Christ’s servants who will equally share His throne when He returns to Earth, as illustrated in Revelation 20:4-6. Furthermore, King Jesus will use His royalty to establish a righteous rule over the cities and nations in the world, and this will continue for all eternity in Heaven. People will be priests to illustrate that they will be responsible for guiding other people to Christ, to preach the Word of God, and to intercede for others.

If everyone will be royalty, who would they rule over?

As everyone will be royalty, they will live a royal life like the children of the King of the universe, who is Almighty God, without necessarily having to rule over anyone. According to Revelation 22:5, God’s people in the New Heaven and the New Earth will reign as kings or queens for all eternity due to being accorded royal status from God. The saints who will be crowned by Christ at the onset of the millennium are the ones who will rule over the remnants of the tribulation and their descendants. This illustrates that God will treat all His children as royalty because they will be heirs of the Kingdom of Heaven.

How many crowns will we receive in Heaven?

Will we be kings and queens in Heaven?
How many crowns will we receive in Heaven? Image source: Pixabay

There will be five crowns to be received in Heaven. According to 1 Corinthians 9:24-25, Christian believers are encouraged to run a race of strict discipline to receive the heavenly reward of an imperishable crown that will be for the incorruptible and never decay or perish. Similarly, according to 1 Thessalonians 2:19, believers in Christ are encouraged to strive for the crown of rejoicing for all the bountiful blessings of God by being instrumental in helping other people to get saved and become members of the Kingdom of Heaven.

According to 2 Timothy 4:8, the crown of righteousness will be given to all believers who hope for the appearance and the return of Jesus Christ. Additionally, 1 Peter 5:4 states that the crown of glory will be awarded to the elders who carry out the great commission of caring for Christ’s flock, such as the pastors, evangelists, ministers, etcetera. Lastly, according to Revelation 2:10 and James 1:12, believers in Christ who will endure persecution and tribulations and be martyred because of their faith will be given the crown of life.

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