Can demons cause seizures (are seizures mentioned in the Bible)?

There was a kid from my neighbourhood who suffered from terrible seizures. My mum told me that the problem began when he was just 7 years old. As I write this, the young man is 16 years old and still struggling to live a normal life due to the sickness. I overheard my mother and her friends saying that his parents tried everything, including seeing a neurologist. Still, the child kept getting worse, which suggests there may be a deeper cause for the ailment. As a Christian, this got me wondering; can demons cause seizures?

Yes, certain scriptures in the Bible imply that demons or evil spirits could be responsible for seizures. During Jesus’ ministry, the Bible recounts several instances where Jesus healed people who had awful seizures. In the gospel of Mark 9: 14-21, a man brings his mute son to Jesus for healing. According to the man’s description, the boy has episodes where something takes hold of his body so vigorously that he falls to the ground. The man tells Jesus that the ‘thing’ has tried to toss the child into a fire and water. Whenever it strikes, the child foams at the time and grinds his teeth in pain. This description fits a certain type of seizure known as the Tonic-Clonic Seizure. The scripture states Jesus proceeds to exorcise the unclean spirit from the boy, who instantly receives healing.

In this article, I urge you to join me as we study the relationship between seizures and demonic influence. We will find out if demons have the jurisdiction to cause illness in human beings. Read on to learn these and many more facts on this topic!

Are seizures mentioned in the Bible?

Yes, there is mention of seizures in several scriptures. As mentioned before, the New Testament contains some notable stories where seizures were heavily featured. The gospel of Matthew 17:15 tells the story of a man whose child was born with epilepsy that resulted in dreadful seizures. The child’s father describes the illness to Jesus and the disciples. It is worth noting that the gospel of Matthew is the only one that describes the boy’s sickness as epilepsy. In the other gospels, Jesus and His disciples describe the boy’s condition as demon possession.

Do Demons have the authority to cause disease?

Can demons cause seizures?
Do Demons have the authority to cause disease? Image source: Pixabay

Yes, demons do have the power to infiltrate the human body and cause harm. One of the main symptoms of a demon-possessed person is mental instability. In the book of Mark 5:4, a demon-possessed man is brought to Jesus. The Bible tells us that the man was so afflicted that his family had to put him in chains. Failure to do so would enable him to hurt himself and others. Demons have also been faulted in the Bible for causing physical disabilities. A great example is in Mathew 12; 22. In this scripture, Jesus heals yet another demon-afflicted man who was blind and mute. When Jesus removed the evil spirit, man began to talk and see.

Are there demons that cause epileptic seizures?

It is not clear if there are specific demons that cause epileptic seizures. According to modern science, a seizure is a condition caused by the misfiring of neurons in the human brain. It is a symptom of an underlying condition in the central nervous system. Professionals in the field of neuroscience have come up with treatments for this condition. Still, the treatments do not work for everyone. For Christians, this could be evidence of a spiritual problem that is beyond the scope of modern science. In light of this, it is safe to presume that not all epileptic seizures are caused by biological irregularities.

Are seizures a result of demon possession?

are seizures mentioned in the Bible?
Are seizures a result of demon possession? Image source: Pixabay

Epilepsy is one of the main diseases that cause seizures in people. However, Christianity maintains that some seizures could manifest in people afflicted by evil spirits or demons. The book of Mathew 4; 24 mentions several human afflictions including epilepsy, paralysis and demon possession. Here, the Bible suggests that demon possession and symptoms of epilepsy like seizures are independent of each other. That being said, there are certain cases like the child in Mark 9:33. The Bible suggests that Jesus cast the demons out of a boy who suffered seizures since he was a child. Jesus healed the boy by casting out the demons.

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