Do Mennonites Drink (Can Mennonites drink alcoholic drinks)?

Do Mennonites Drink

In theology school, there were controversies about alcohol consumption in various religions. I was particularly interested in Mennonite’s view on drinking. For this reason, I decided to visit the Mennonite community for a better understanding. During my visit, I made friends with one of the Mennonites, who educated me about the community’s traditions and practices. … Read more

Can Mennonites date non-Mennonites? (Can an outsider perform a courtship with a Mennonite person?)

Can Mennonites date non-Mennonites?

As a theologian and longtime Christian, I have always been interested in learning about different religions’ dating beliefs and practices. Among the various religions, the Mennonite’s beliefs in dating intrigued me and prompted me to conduct research. I visited a Mennonite community in Pennsylvania, where I interacted with some members who gave me first-hand information. … Read more