Did Jesus heal everyone (what the Bible says)?

Being the son of God and sharing the divine identity with the Father. Jesus performed healing miracles. Jesus healed many people. Including those who asked for His healing and those who never asked for His healing. The compassionate nature of Jesus allowed Him to heal people so that God’s supreme power could be felt among people. However, the majority of Bible readers and scholars are always guessing, “Did Jesus heal everyone?”

Jesus Christ did not heal everyone. According to Luke 4:38-44, the gospel speculates that during one particular Sabbath, Jesus was in the synagogue teaching. After his teachings, sick people were brought to Him so that He could heal them. Being a compassionate person, Jesus healed all the sick people who went to Him in Capernaum. The next day, as he was leaving for a secluded place, many people in Capernaum requested him to stay since there were more people to cure. Nonetheless, Jesus proceeded with His mission.

Well, Does Jesus heal everyone who asks Him? Why didn’t Jesus heal everyone? What made Jesus healing significant? Did Jesus ever refuse to help anyone who truly needed it? How many times did Jesus perform healing miracles? To get the answers to the above questions, continue reading to learn more.

Does Jesus heal everyone who asks Him?

According to Biblical evidence, Jesus heals everyone who asks Him for healing, including those who don’t ask. There are a lot of examples in the New Testament where Jesus performed healing. According to Matthew 8:8-13, the scripture suggests that the Centurion asked Jesus to heal his servant. The Centurion had great faith in Jesus and acknowledged that Jesus was mighty. Jesus was surprised to see such a man with great faith. Jesus then told the Centurion to go as he had believed, and at the same hour, the servant got healed.

Moreover, in the gospel of Luke 17:12-18, the Bible speculated that as Jesus entered a certain village, he met ten lepers who asked Him to have mercy on them and heal them. After Jesus saw and listened to them, He told the ten lepers to go and show themselves to the priest, and after doing so, they got cleansed. However, after all, ten leapers received their healing, and only one went back to Jesus to say thank you.

Jesus heals everyone who asks for His healing. According to Mark 10:46-52, the scripture implies that there was a blind man named Bartimaeus, who called on Jesus to restore his sight. Jesus quickly healed him by telling Bartimaeus that his faith had made him well.

Why Didn’t Jesus Heal Everyone?

Jesus did not heal everyone since healing was a short-term fix, which was not the only point of His mission. Jesus acknowledged that the healing people is well and good. Over and above that, Jesus, in His humanity, wanted to do all he could to help those around Him, but that is not all that he came for.

According to Luke 4:38-44, the Bible implies Jesus only healed the people brought to him after His teachings in Capernaum. The next day as He was, the people wanted Him to stay longer since more people required healing. But again, Jesus understood that even the people that He cured could get sick again. For instance, Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, but he again died.

Jesus did not want to spend all His time healing people since He knows we are called to a great place. He, however, was keen to preach about the good news of God’s Kingdom. In Luke 11:20, the Bible suggests that Jesus didn’t heal everyone because He was giving people a taste of God’s Kingdom.

What made Jesus healing significant?

Did Jesus heal everyone?
Jesus healing the blind. Source: Pinterest

Jesus’ healing was very significant in His ministry on earth. Even people who disagreed with Jesus did not dispute His ability to heal. Several things made Jesus’s healing so important.

Jesus’ healing was a way to show the works of God. As per John 9:3, Jesus’s healing of the blind man was for God’s work to be fulfilled through him. The scriptures imply that neither the parents nor the blind man had sinned. It further says that the infirmity of the man had a distinct purpose. Again, the healing of Lazarus was in line to publicly display God’s work.

The gospel of Mark 2:10-12 implies that the healing of the people by Jesus was a way to let people know that their sins had been forgiven. The people that Jesus Christ healed were forgiven of their sins. This signifies how healing was something people were looking up to so that they could have their sins forgiven.

Did Jesus ever refuse to help anyone who truly needed it?

We cannot entirely say that Jesus refused to help anyone who needed His help since Jesus performed miracles. However, there are some instances where Jesus did not meet the needs of the people who wanted His help. As per Mark 1:37-38, the verse suggests that Jesus left behind a big crowd of people who were sick, and they had come from all over Galilee. He did this so that he could preach the good news.

During the ministry of Jesus, He only raised Lazarus and Jairus’ daughter from the dead. Additionally, He only fed a multitude of people twice throughout His ministry. In Luke 4:38-44, the verse implies that even after people begged Jesus to stay behind in Capernaum so that He could heal more people, Jesus left for a secluded place He had planned to visit.

Jesus was rejecting the urgent physical needs of the people around Him. This was because he wanted the ultimate goal of people receiving salvation gets achieved.

How many times did Jesus perform healing miracles?

While it is not very open to the number of times Jesus performed healing miracles, the Bible gives instances where Jesus performed healing. For example, the blind man John 9:1-7, the paralytic person John 5:1-15, Peter’s mother-in-law, Matthew 8:14-15, the Centurion’s servant, Matthew 9:1-8, among others.

Some biblical scholars argue that Jesus performed a healing miracle more than 20 times, while others believe that Jesus performed healing miracles only seven times. Despite all the contestation about how times Jesus performed healing miracles. Jesus healed the people and also forgave them of their sins per God’s divine purpose.


Does Jesus heal everyone who asks Him?

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