God Is Greater Than the Highs and Lows (Origin and Meaning)

My journey as a born-again Christian has been defined by both high and low points. Through this, I’ve learned that God is more sovereign than my triumphs in my peak times, and he is greater than my hurdles in my low moments. Even when I’m not sure, I remind myself that God Is Greater Than The Highs And Lows.

According to Psalms 24:1, God owns the entire earth, and everything on it belongs to him as well. As mentioned in the passage, the term God is bigger than the highs and lows signifies that God owns everything and is above everyone. God’s greatness cannot be quantified, and I can make no comparisons. This is thought to have been coined by Hillsong, Young and Free, a well-known Christian band. The phrase is not found in the Bible, yet it contains fundamental facts about God’s character that are supported by several verses.

Continue reading this article to learn about the origins of this popular Christian saying, as well as the symbol for “God Is Greater Than The Highs And Lows” and Bible verses that illustrate God is greater than the highs and lows.

The Origin of ‘God Is Greater Than the Highs and Lows’?

The Bible could be the origin of God being greater than the highs and lows, although this is not recorded anywhere in the holy scriptures. Many verses point to this phrase as being true. This sentence contains permanent truth that may be traced back to the beginning of the universe, as documented in scripture. Many scriptures speak to God as being bigger than anything else, and he is frequently referred to as the Most High God.

God is recognized as being greater than throughout scripture, from the Old Testament to the New Testament. God is not afraid to show off his prowess and might on several occasions and during various events in the Bible. The Christian band Hillsong Young and Free are believed to have coined the phrase, come up with the symbol, and even wrote and sang a song known as Highs and lows, but it is not known for sure what could be the exact origin.

What Is The Symbol For “God Is Greater Than The Highs And Lows”

God Is Greater Than the Highs and Lows
God is greater than the highs and lows symbol. Image source: Pinterest

‘G>^v’ is the sign meaning “God Is Greater Than The Highs and Lows.” You may have noticed this symbol on numerous items, particularly from Christian-owned firms. It may be found on hoodies, wristbands, t-shirts, caps, notebooks, cups, tote bags, and just about anything else that can be printed with a symbol. In the symbol, ‘G>^v,’ G stands for God, while > is a mathematical sign that normally means more than. This symbol, which looks like the letter V turned upside down, represents the highs, and the letter V itself represents the lows.

The Meaning Behind The Symbol “God Is Greater Than The Highs And Lows”

The meaning behind the symbol “God Is Greater Than The Highs And Lows” is very simple and is found in the breakdown of the initials to the symbol. In the symbol ‘G>^v,’ G stands for God, and > is a mathematical sign that usually denotes greater than ^ this symbol that looks like the letter V facing upside down stands for the highs, and the letter V itself is a representation of the lows.

Furthermore, many people feel that this well-known phrase denotes God’s superiority and sovereignty. He is above everything, and nothing can surprise him. It implies that God is the single creator and proprietor of everything in the universe, both in heaven and on earth. God’s strength is beyond our comprehension, and we can only rely on Him with confidence that nothing is impossible with Him.

How Is the Symbol For God Is Greater Than The Highs And Lows Used?

As previously stated, the symbol is utilized by both Christians and non-Christians to express their sense of God’s greatness in diverse ways.

Body Art

Many people tattoo the sign on different regions of their bodies. They do this as a sign that they believe God is above everything, and they engrave it on themselves as a reminder.

Christian merchandise

Christian businesses use it to brand their stuff, which can range from cups and mugs to notebooks and pens, t-shirts, backpacks, sweatshirts, and umbrellas. You name it, and they will brand everything for you using the sign.

Social Media Platform

The symbol is also frequently used by social media users to communicate that they identify with a God who is capable of doing anything, as the word “impossible” is not in God’s vocabulary. They frequently use the symbol to share their story, post it on their social media platforms, and share it with others on the platform.


Because it is short, accurate, and brief, the symbol is also widely used as an abbreviation for the bigger statement “God Is Greater Than The Highs And Lows.” It is easier to utilize it instead of writing the entire thing. It can be used on lengthy social media posts when texting someone on their direct messaging in various social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook if one is in a hurry and does not have time to fill in the entire word.

The Meaning Of God Is Greater Than The Highs And Lows

God Is Greater Than the Highs and Lows
Meaning Of God Is Greater Than The Highs And Lows. Image source: Pixabay

The expression God is larger than the highs and lows is profound and has multiple meanings. The implications vary depending on whether a person is in a good or bad season of life, but ultimately, this expression highlights God’s greatness. It is believed that the saying signifies that no matter what challenges we face in this life, God promises not to abandon or forsake us. He pledges to help us overcome and to walk alongside us in both good and difficult times, as recorded in Deuteronomy 31:8 The phrase also means;

This statement suggests that in times of adversity, we can turn to God for consolation and certainty. God’s mercy is new every morning, and his love and grace can carry us through any battle’s life throws at us, as in Lamentations 3:22-23.

God’s ways are higher than ours, and His ideas are higher than ours, Isaiah 55:8, to the point where our limited thinking limits His greatness and renders us unable to fathom His ways since He is constantly one step ahead of us.

According to scripture in the book of  2 Corinthians 4:8-9.When everything around us is falling and crashing, God is our anchor and source of strength. He can keep us steady and stable.

When we are equipped with the knowledge that God is greater than the highs and lows of this life, we are in a better position to face difficulties with much more optimism and confidence, Proverbs 3:5-6, and even when we are on the verge of giving up hope, we keep surging forward knowing the great I AM has our back.

This expression also implies that God is beyond our emotions, physical difficulties such as sickness, and mental and even spiritual difficulties. Nothing is concealed from God because He sees everything and is everywhere at the same time. It signifies that God can help us face our troubles by strengthening us and bringing along others to stand with us during these times. Therefore the phrase reminds us to be grateful and to constantly rely on God’s strength and wisdom. This can be found in the book of Isaiah 41:10.

‘God Is Greater Than The Highs And Lows’ Proof In The Bible

The Bible is replete with examples of God demonstrating his omnipotence. God came strong to demonstrate that no one is greater than him. In Daniel 3:8–25, we see God displaying his magnificence above the idols that Nebuchadnezzar the King had people worship and bow down to during his reign. God astounded everyone, including the King, to the point where the King issued an edict for everyone to worship the God of Daniel, Meshack, and Abednego.

When he placed the three gentlemen in a furnace and requested that it be heated considerably higher than normal, God protected them, and they were never burned. To further demonstrate his superiority, the troops on the outside were burned and died, while those inside the blazing furnace escaped unscathed by the hand of God.

Furthermore, 1 Kings 18:20-40 provides evidence that God is the greatest. The prophets of Baal, who outnumbered the prophet, Elijah, demanded a match to see whether God was greater. Each faction was allowed to demonstrate its sovereignty with earthly signs and physical marvels. The prophets of Baal prayed to their gods in vain, prompting the prophet Elijah to insult them.

The Baal gods did not appear to demonstrate their might, but God outdid himself on Mount Carmel that day. He demonstrated to everyone that He alone was greater than anything or anyone in heaven or on earth. He answered Elijah’s plea and went above and beyond what Elijah had asked of Him. The Baal prophets were defeated, and 450 of them died as a result of their inability to fight against the God of one prophet Elijah.

Bible Verse “God Is Greater Than The Highs And Lows”

God Is Greater Than the Highs and Lows
Bible verses on God Is Greater Than The Highs And Lows. Image source: Pixabay

Matthew 19:26

The situation was tough at the time, and it appeared that human force and power could do nothing. But Jesus comforted people at the time by saying that God was capable, that nothing was too difficult for him, and that no difficulty or hardship was too great for him. As the expression implies, God was above it all.

Isaiah 55:8-9

The Bible tells us in this text that God’s plans and thoughts are bigger than ours. When we consider impossibilities and problems, he is already thinking about ways and answers. We also question events such as death, conflict, and sorrow that we believe are needless, but God reminds us through this saying that he knows everything, knows what is best, and allows everything to work together for the benefit of those who love him.

Psalm 147:5

God is greater than the highs and lows in this verse, as revealed by the acknowledgement that God is great and that His power is abundant. Nobody can understand or measure God’s comprehension.

Psalm 86:8-10

God is praised as being the only God. He is referred to as being great with the capacity to hear and respond to pleas and is Lord over all gods. The nations exalt and glorify him as a result of his magnificent, previously unheard-of deeds and his constant capacity for surprises. It is the ideal illustration of a God who is above the peaks and valleys.

Deuteronomy 10:17

No one is greater than God, and no problem is too difficult for Him to resolve because He is the God of gods and the Lord of lords. He is praised for being strong and awesome. He is also just; he does not accept favors or behave dishonorably. God is awesome.

Psalm 150:2

The phrase God is greater than the highs and the lows here is a representation that the deeds and works of God are indeed mighty, and there is none like his. We are reminded that God does things mightily according to his excellent greatness. He does above and beyond what we can think as humans.

What Are The Highs In God Is Greater That Highs And Lows?

Success and prosperity

This is one of the highs that cause many people to abandon God and ascribe their success to their efforts, which is incorrect. In Daniel 4:28–37, the Bible describes how King Nebuchadnezzar traveled abroad and ate grass for seven years to take God’s throne. Our highlights should not enter our minds.

Promotions and elevation

Another high is when God blesses and elevates us by changing our lives, whether financially, spiritually, emotionally, or physically, to the point that it is obvious to everyone else that only God could have done it since they have no other explanation for the success.

Good health

Human beings place a high value on their well-being and health. When a person is entirely healthy, they can accomplish other activities without restriction. A high that can only be attributed to God’s mercy and compassion is good health.

Spiritual blessing

Spiritual blessings and favor extend to all aspects of our lives. It protects us financially, emotionally, and physically, and it even allows us to have a closer and more binding relationship with God. This is a very essential high that comes as a blessing and also assists us in receiving direction and guidance from the Lord; it allows us to readily hear God and walk in ways that please him.

Birth of children

Children are a God-given blessing, and they are always a welcome addition to families. This is a high that many new parents have experienced. It is a joy and experience that cannot be paralleled to anything else, and God is the one who makes couples productive enough to bear children.

What Are The Lows In God Is Greater Than The Highs And Lows?


Cancers, chronic life illnesses, repeated bacterial infections and viruses, and even those inherited through the family line can all appear as illnesses. Sickness destroys and drains the patients’ and families’ energy, finances, and mental and physical well-being. Nobody wants to endure the low of disease because witnessing a loved one deteriorate while you can do nothing is the most painful and frustrating experience one can have.

Poverty and lack

Nothing affects one’s self-esteem more than poverty and scarcity. Knowing that you are financially incapable of providing for yourself or your loved ones is a dreadful low. To escape poverty, many have committed suicide or engaged in illicit activities. Poverty has left others homeless, living on the streets, and relying on others for even the most basic of necessities.

Grief and death

Losing a loved one is the most agonizing experience a person can have. It is a low marked by a wide range of emotions, withdrawal, and feelings of abandonment by God. This is especially true when a loved one dies slowly or when the news is conveyed suddenly. It devastates those who are immediately affected and can result in a season of sadness and unhappiness.

Conflicts and wars

Conflicts and wars bring a lot of unnecessary misery and pain. People are killed, property is destroyed, the economy is slowed, and everything is thrown into disarray. When you are in a conflict zone, you are constantly afraid and panicked because you have no idea what will happen. This low is characterized by sickness, hunger, rape, and death, among other things, and it takes years for people to recover from the trauma.

Natural calamities

Earthquakes, tsunamis, droughts, and floods are examples of lows that bring a lot of misery and damage. Taking people’s lives and damaging their possessions. They are rarely predicted and have the potential to devastate an entire country.

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