Is Jesus gay in walking dead? (Jesus’ sexuality on the walking dead)

Jesus is one of the most loved and popular characters in The Walking Dead series, and just like all other popular TV characters, fans are obsessed with the details of his life on-screen and off-screen. One of the most debated topics about Jesus’ life on-screen is his sexuality. Most fans disagreed and speculated on Jesus’ sexuality in the series until it was clarified in one of the series’ seasons. So, is Jesus gay in Walking Dead?

Jesus is openly gay in the Walking Dead show, just like some of his co-stars, Aaron and Eric. Tom Payne, the actor that plays Jesus, aka Paul Rovia, voiced his approval for the character to be gay in an interview with the Huffington Post, saying he thinks “It’s amazing.” Although Jesus wasn’t the first character to be gay on the series or TV generally, his coming out was a big deal in 2017.

What is Jesus’ sexuality in the Walking Dead comics? When did the Walking Dead show release Jesus’ sexuality? Is Jesus’ sexuality on the Walking Dead explored in the Walking Dead show? What season does Jesus come out as gay? Who is Jesus’ partner in the Walking Dead show? To know the answers to all these questions and learn so much more about Jesus’ sexuality on this popular TV show, continue reading.

What is Jesus’ sexuality in the walking dead comics?

In the Walking Dead comics, Robert Kirkman portrays Jesus as openly gay. While fans of this TV show were aware of Jesus’ sexuality in the comics, they weren’t sure if the TV character would also be gay until March 19th, 2017, when this conversation was put to rest with a confirmation. Although the TV version of the Walking Dead series doesn’t always follow suit with the comic version, the TV show decided to maintain Jesus’ sexuality, and many fans approved of this, pointing out how gay characters in TV shows account for a very minute percentage. Tom Payne, aka Jesus, confidently approved of this decision as well.

Jesus’ sexuality on the walking dead
When did the walking dead show release Jesus’ sexuality? See below

When did the walking dead show release Jesus’ sexuality?

The Walking Dead show officially released Jesus’ sexuality on March 19th, 2017, when the show aired the 14th episode of the 7th season of the series. In this episode, Jesus comes out as gay as he’s having a conversation with a fellow character, Maggie, when he reveals he’s never felt like he belonged and had always found it hard to form close relationships with “neighbors, friends…boyfriends.” Jesus, aka Paul Rovia, was at some point in a relationship with Harlan Carson, a doctor from Hilltop, then later on developed a relationship with Aaron. This unexpected house call when Jesus revealed his sexuality brought a lot of excitement and conversations among fans of the show. On the other hand, many fans of the Walking Dead who had been shipping for Jesus and Sasha (SonequaMartin – Green) were disappointed with this reveal.

Is Jesus’ sexuality on the walking dead explored in the walking dead show?

Yes, Jesus’ sexuality is explored in the Walking Dead show, although not as much or as deeply. The show’s creator, Robert Kirkman, made it known openly that he intended to let the character, Jesus, explore his sexuality in the following season but added that the show won’t focus too much on that because he wants Jesus’ sexuality to be as unimportant as that of other heterosexual characters. He continued to add that diversity and inclusion are essential in Tv programming and Jesus being gay was a way of passing that message.

The reveal of Jesus’ sexuality continued the good track record the show had in terms of inclusion and diversity alongside other gay characters like Tara (Alanna Masterson), Eric (Jordan Woods – Robinson), Denise (Meritt Wever), Aaron (Ross Marquand), and Alisha (Juliana Harkavy).

What season does Jesus come out as gay?

Jesus comes out as gay on season 7, episode 14 of the Walking Dead, known as “The Other Side .”Since Jesus’ debut in the show in the 6th season, fans had been speculating on many things about this character, thanks to his mysterious nature. Many fans weren’t sure if Jesus in the show would be gay as he is in the comics until the release of “The Other Side .”In the comic, Jesus hooks up with the character Aaron, and therefore fans were curious if this was going to be the case in the AMC series.

Jesus’ sexuality on the walking dead
Who is Jesus’ partner in the walking dead show? See below

Who is Jesus’ partner in the walking dead show?

Jesus’ partner in the Walking Dead show is Aaron, played by Ross Marquand. The relationship between Jesus and Aaron blossomed significantly during the six-year time jump before Jesus’ tragic and sudden death in the 9th season. Before Jesus came into the picture, Aaron has shared a romantic relationship with Eric before the latter was killed off.

In an interview, Tom Payne, who plays Jesus, revealed that he thinks that Jesus being gay is amazing, but trying to copy the romance of Jesus and Aaron from the comic would be “lazy .”Tom Payne stated that they aren’t keen to follow suit as the comics in regards to a relationship with Aaron, although he made it clear that Jesus is gay.

Ross Marquand, who plays Aaron, also stated that the most important thing the show was trying to convey was the love and respect between Jesus and Aaron. They weren’t focusing on portraying romance between the two characters.


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