Why Is Lucifer Called the Morningstar (What Does the Name Morningstar Mean)?

Despite being all evil and leading people to sin, it is reckoned that in Isaiah 14:12, when Isaiah talked of a morning star, he was referring to Lucifer. It is even more confusing because Jesus referred to Himself as ‘the morning star.’ It is hard to picture Lucifer as a star. For this reason, many Christians often ask; why is Lucifer called the Morningstar?

Lucifer is referred to as Morningstar since he is believed to have been created as an Angel. In the Bible, angels are referred to as morning stars. One such instance is in Job 38:7, where we see God challenging Job about creation. In this text, it is reckoned that when God spoke of ‘singing morning stars,’ He was referring to angels. He intended for His angels to remain pure, but Lucifer abandoned God and thus became evil.

In this article, we will deduce reasons as to why Lucifer is referred to as morning star. Read on to learn what the name Morningstar means, and why Jesus Christ is also referred to as ‘The morning star.’

Where Did The Name Morningstar Come From?

There are no clear texts on where the name Morningstar came from. However, it is highly linked to the translation of the Latin Vulgate. The name Lucifer appeared severally in the text. In Latin, Lucifer translates to morning star. This explains why several verses in our Bibles imply that the title morning star belongs to Lucifer.

It is also speculated that the word Morningstar could have originally been used to refer to Babylonian kings. Some Bible scholars argue that the footnotes in the New English Translation Bible explain that Morningstar is a Babylonian king. For instance, in Isaiah 14:12, where the morning star is mentioned, the footnote reads, ‘This whole section is directed to King of Babylon.’ Evidently, Morningstar was metaphorically used in the past to refer to kings.

What Is The Meaning Of The Name Morningstar?

Why Is Lucifer Called the Morningstar?
Meaning Of The Name Morningstar. Image source: Pinterest

The name Morningstar means ‘one who lived at the sign of the morning star.’ Morning star also refers to Venus, the brightest of all stars. In the Bible, we see instances where both Jesus and Satan have been referred to as morning stars. Believed to have been created as the mightiest of all the angels, it is only appropriate that Satan was referred to as the brightest, Morningstar. He held a superior position but has since fallen from this position of glory and importance.

When Jesus was born, a star arose from the East. During His time here on earth, He died but was resurrected. This implies that He is the only true and eternal light of morning. He existed first with God and will continue to exist till eternity.

Why Are Both Jesus And Satan Referred To As The Morning Star?

What Does the Name Morningstar Mean?
Meaning Of The Name Morningstar. Image source: Pixabay

As God’s incarnate, Jesus is believed to be the brightest light in all creation, thus referred to as ‘the morning star.’ On the other hand, Satan was created as an angel and later descended from the glory of God. In the Bible, angels are referred to as morning stars. According to Rev 22:16, Jesus refers to Himself as ‘the morning star.’ He depicts Himself as the brightest and most powerful. His light is unlimited. According to John 9:5, Jesus is the light of the world.

When we look at Isaiah 14:12, Isaiah describes a character who ‘fell down from heaven.’ Based on this description, we deduct that he was talking about Lucifer .It is therefore confusing that he also refers to him as a morning star of dawn. However, as we see in Job 38:7, angels were also referred to as morning stars. Originally depicted to have been created as a powerful angel to serve God, it is therefore not strange for Satan to be referred to as a morning star.

However, it is worth noting that Satan’s light is inferior to that of Jesus. Although both may be referred to as Morningstar, Jesus’s light is seen as eternal and can never be eliminated. On the other hand, Satan used to be a Morningstar and is now destined for eternal doom.

Why is Lucifer Referred to as the ‘Son of the Morning?’

Lucifer is referred to as the Son of the Morning since it is assumed that he was once an angel, existing in the glory of God. According to the New International Version of the Bible, Isaiah referred to Lucifer as ‘son of the morning.’ Up until his disobedience and departure from God’s presence, he was a powerful angel. In the Bible, angels are referred to as morning stars. Satan was a morning star, but his light has since been extinguished. Thus, referring to Lucifer as ‘son of morning,’ is a reference to the position he once held before.

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