Meanings of Red color aura (meaning and personality)

As a Christian and a theologian, I have conducted numerous studies on various religious and cultural beliefs. My study on meanings and personalities of red color aura was among my most interesting ones because it revealed how beliefs connect it to emotions, personality traits, and overall spiritual or energetic state.

I first encountered these beliefs when I read Richard Webster’s “The Complete Book of Auras.” Ever since I read the book, I began to search for more books and gained much knowledge on the topic.

So, last week, during our theology class, a student asked my take on the subject, and I realized that most of my students had scanty or no information on the topic.

I decided to write this article to provide a comprehensive answer and information. So “What is the meaning of red color aura?”

Most people believe that the red aura means a person is in a stage where they are exuding high energy in aggression, sexuality, and passion. Some believe that it is an indication of a person’s courage and determination and an expression of great physical power. It is also thought to mean strong leadership and ambition.

This article will discuss the red aura’s meaning and personality. We will also delve into the spiritual meanings of the red aura concerning their placement. Read on to learn these and more.

What does it mean to have a red aura?

Many beliefs suggest that having a red aura means a person has great power and energy. Such belief may stem from interpreting the red color, associated with the sun and fire, where great energy emanates.

In most cultural and religious contexts, red is also seen as a symbol of power and energy because it is blood-colored.

A red aura may also mean a person has strong emotions such as anger, love, and desires. It is believed that when a person has a red aura, they express feelings more intensely.

For instance, everyone around them will know they are joyful when they have joy. Such will be vividly expressed in their talk, actions, and mannerism.

Others believe that the red aura means a person has a strong personality. For instance, such people are believed to be confident, which is evident in how they express their thoughts, self-awareness, and feelings of security in who they are. ­­­­­­­­­­­­

Due to their strong personality, such people are believed to be better leaders because they can inspire confidence and are assertive.

Spiritual meaning of different shades of red aura 300

Meanings of Red color aura 
Spiritual meaning of different shades of red aura 300. Image source: Freepik

Reddish Orange

Most people believe that the reddish-orange aura is a clear reflection of the sun and fire and indicates strong qualities in creativity.

In most cases, the orange aura color is believed to mean a person is creative and energetic. The reddish color strengthens such qualities making the person more pronounced in their creativity.

Some believe that the reddish-orange aura indicates a person’s strong leadership qualities. The reddish-orange color is seen to express power and confidence, which are great leadership qualities.

Cherry Red

Several cultural and religious beliefs suggest that the spiritual meaning of cherry red aura is strong but balanced emotions, desires, and sexuality.

In his book “The Complete Book of Auras Richard Webster, ” the cherry red is a balanced shade of the red aura and indicates moderateness.

Therefore, an individual with such an aura is an upbeat person. They express strong leadership skills, consider other people’s opinions, are just, fair, and are team players.

It is believed that the cherry red shows that a person avoids extremism in expressing their emotions, self-confidence, and sexuality.

Blood Red

Most people believe that the blood-red aura has substantial aspects of danger. It is a darker shade of red, which suggests that individuals with the aura have some extreme expression of emotions, especially negative ones.

Such people are believed to express their anger strongly and might be easily provoked into undesirable situations such as road rage and fights.

Others understand a blood-red aura as a sign of protection and security. Since the blood red color is associated with danger, some believe it means the individuals are highly protected.

Some who tie it to Christianity view it as a sign of protection by the blood of Jesus.

What makes an aura color turn red?

Some cultures and religions suggest that an aura color can turn red due to changes in the emotional state and manner of emotional expression, personality traits, spiritual practices, and cultic manipulation to enhance protection.

Some people believe that the emotional state of a person and how they express themselves emotionally can influence the appearance of their aura.

For instance, if a quiet and reserved person receives excellent news, such as winning a rotary, their emotional state changes, and they may express their emotions much more strongly than before. Such can cause a difference in the color of their aura.

Others believe that the aura can turn red if their personality changes. Education and life experiences are some of the reasons a personality can change.

For instance, a person who gets educated on leadership and attains strong leadership qualities may have their aura gradually turn red.

Swami Panchadasi says that the aura can be manipulated through occultic activities. Some cultures and religions perform practices that can turn the aura red.

The practices are aimed at protecting the subject. The activities are believed to change undesirable vibrations to desirable ones, consequently turning the color of the aura.

What are some personality traits of people with red aura?

Meanings of Red color aura 
What are some personality traits of people with red aura? Image source: Pixabay


Hailey Van Braam says that individuals with a red aura are believed to be self-driven. These are individuals who are ambitious, focused, and with great determination.

It is thought that due to the tremendous energy they exude in setting and achieving their goals, such individual produces a lot of positive energy whose vibrations causes their aura to be red.


There is a strong belief that strong leadership qualities cause the aura to be red. Confidence, charisma, and resilience are some leadership qualities associated with producing positive energy that results in a red atmosphere.

Some believe that as a person continues to exercise their leadership qualities and skills, their red aura becomes more prominent.


People with a red aura are often seen as courageous. Courage is a trait that is associated with the production of highly positive energy.

The energy causes the vibration of particles around the person turning the aura red. Such people are unafraid to take risks, express their emotions and desires and confront challenges.


People with a red aura are often associated with or considered impressive. They tend to act quickly and without much forethought. They are believed not to control some of their emotions fully.

For instance, they get swiftly angered and may act irrationally, causing harm to others. Individuals with road ranges are often associated with a red aura.


Although damaging, it is one of the significant traits believed to emanate from individuals with a red aura. Due to their strong personality, ability to communicate and express emotions, confidence, and courage, such people tend to control others and situations.

If unchecked, such a trait causes conflict and reflects poorly on those in leadership positions.

Placement of the red aura and their spiritual meanings

Above the head

A red aura above the head may have a spiritual meaning of holiness. In most religions, a light above the head or a halo around the head is believed to be a sign of holiness.

For instance, many catholic paintings of Jesus and Holy Mary have a halo of light above their heads. Such indicates that they are holy and special. In the same way, a red aura above the head may be an indication of holiness.

Another possibility is that the aura may indicate authority, power, and leadership. James notes that the head is often used as a symbol of authority, for instance, in Genesis 3:15, which talks about what would occur to the snake because of deceiving man in the garden of Aden.

God said that the Seed of a woman would bruise the serpent’s head, meaning that he would take his authority. Hence, the red aura above the head may mean authority.

Around the body

The aura is believed to surround the body; hence, this is the normal position. As indicated earlier, a red aura may imply a person has supernatural protection.

Some Christians believe that the blood of Jesus offers protection and often surround themselves with it in prayers and through faith. A red aura closely resembles blood surrounding a person and hence is believed to mean protection.

Around the hands

A red aura around the hands may mean the ability to bless, power, strength, and protection. In many cultural and religious contexts, hands are often used to spiritually symbolize protection, power, and strength.

They are often used to give blessings. For instance, in Numbers 27:18-23, Moses was instructed to lay his hands on Joshua to bless and transfer his authority.

Using such an example, we can derive that a red aura around the hands has a spiritual meaning of blessing and authority.

Around the heart

A red aura around the heart may have a spiritual meaning of strong emotions. The heart is associated with a human’s strong emotions, such as love.

Hence an aura around the heart may indicate a person with strong emotions, especially love.

Challenges people with red color aura face

Controlling negative emotions is one of the challenges that people with a red aura face. As stated earlier, they are believed to have strong feelings and express them strongly.

Expressing joyful emotions strongly is not a problem, but such cannot be said when it comes to anger. Strong expression of negative emotions such as anger is seen as a weakness, and they face challenges controlling it.

Such people may also face challenges when it comes to following leadership. Although they are strong leaders, they cannot always take the lead.

They face challenges in obeying and following leadership, which often comes out as stubbornness.

How to interact with people with a red aura?

We should interact with people with red aura just like we do with other people. Based on their beliefs about their emotions and personality traits, they are people who are outgoing and may be easier to connect and interact with.

We should know that they express their feelings more intensely than regular people. Therefore, we should avoid provoking them to anger, and when such happens, we should find ways to calm them and not aggravate the situation, as they might act irrationally and cause harm.

Red aura in love and relationships

Meanings of Red color aura 
Red aura in love and relationships. Image source: Pixabay

Red aura in love and relationships are believed to be fun because they are outgoing, and one can easily understand their feelings.

Since they are believed to express their emotions strongly, one can understand when they are happy, dissatisfied, or angry and know how to interact with them.

It is also believed that they do not know how to pretend or hide their dissatisfaction; hence, they are unlikely to carry unresolved issues, anger, and resentment. As such, they are believed to work out their love and relationships openly and honestly efficiently.

The only challenge for such people is that they tend to be domineering and may mainly focus on their feelings. They may also focus more on what satisfies them in the relationship, slightly neglecting others feelings.

Red aura in career and professional life

The red aura people are believed to be focused, goal-oriented, hardworking, and resilient, which are excellent characteristics in career and professional life.

Focus on a career is crucial as it enables them to avoid distractions and discouragements and eventually achieve their ultimate goal.

Additionally, they can set goals and follow through until they reach them. Such is a big plus because goals direct career and professional life. Their hard work and resilience add a significant advantage to their work.

The only disadvantage is that they are believed to be stubborn because they regularly question the directions given by their leaders. They always want to take the lead and express their thoughts and dissatisfactions freely; as such, they may be seen to challenge leadership.

Red aura in career and finances

Red aura people are believed to be energetic and exude great self-drive and hence are excellent in their careers. People think they take the initiative and are self-driven as long as they understand the goals. It is said that finances are one of their significant drives.

They are believed to desire to achieve financial success. The only disadvantage is that they are sometimes seen to be very materialistic and may focus too much on financial gains and neglect other crucial aspects of their career.

What is the relationship between the red aura and the root chakra?

The relationship between the red aura and the root chakra is that the chakra is believed to be the center of energy located along the human spine.

The chakra root is thought to emit the same type of energy as the red aura individuals produce. Additionally, the root chakra is believed to be color red, making their resemblance and connection more prominent.

The red aura people are associated with much energy and express their emotions freely. They are believed to be cheerful, outgoing, and possess exceptional leadership qualities.

It should, however, be noted that all of these are beliefs and not biblical or scientific facts. They should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Additionally, only a few people are believed to see the aura, and whether it is present or not is subject to their word. We can only hope that such people tell us the truth regarding the presence of an aura and its color.

Their accounts are also not biblically or scientifically verifiable.

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