Lutheran vs. Presbyterian: Do they have different beliefs?

Lutheran vs. Presbyterian

As a theologian with extensive knowledge of the history of the Christian denominations, Iunderstand that the Lutheran and Presbyterian Churches emerged during the 16th-centuryProtestant Reformation. The two denominations have shared beliefs, values, and practices. Ioften hear people engaging in the Presbyterian vs. Lutheran debate seeking to establishwhether the two churches have different beliefs. In this … Read more

How many animals were on the Ark (an estimated number)?

How many animals were on the Ark

As a born-again Christian, I have always enjoyed reading the Bible and exploring different biblestories. I find the story of Noah and his construction of the Ark quite interesting. I have alwaysbeen curious to know how Noah made different kinds of animals enter the Ark. How manyanimals were on the Ark? In this article, I … Read more

Methodist vs. Catholic: Are they the same?

Methodist vs. Catholic

The Methodist and Catholic Churches have shared beliefs, values, and practices. However, the two denominations also differ in some areas. This has prompted a hot debate on the Methodist vs. Catholic question in an attempt to understand whether the two are the same. Methodists and Catholic Churches differ in many areas. For instance, in the … Read more

Why Does God hate me (Does God show favoritism)?

Why Does God hate me

As Christians, we always pray to God, asking for one need or another. According to the word of God, if you ask for something, it shall be given to you. Many Christians have been holding on to these words of affirmation while waiting for their prayers to be answered. Sometimes the prayers are delayed from … Read more