Is Jesus In Marvel (the Jesus of Marvel)?

Is Jesus In Marvel

Jesus is probably one of the most famous people of all time. Apart from Him being the core of Christianity, His name has been known to appear in music, films, and different creative outlets in various shapes and forms. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is suspected to be one of the creative outlets whereby Jesus is … Read more

How was Jesus crucified (the crucifixion of Jesus)?

How was Jesus crucified

Jesus on the cross is one of the most familiar images that Christians have. However, the details of His crucifixion might be unclear, especially for those unfamiliar with Roman traditions. This might lead some to wonder, “How was Jesus crucified?” The details of how Jesus was crucified are unclear since they are not distinctly mentioned … Read more

Is Jesus an avatar? (What does the Bible say)

Is Jesus an avatar?

Beliefs across many religions around the world tend to have a lot of similarities. Hindu avatars and Christians’ belief in the incarnation of Jesus are among the beliefs that are always confused due to their similarities. Many scholars use the story of Jesus as an example to explain avatars, which is why many people want … Read more

How to connect with Jesus (what does it mean)

How to connect with Jesus

Jesus desires to have a relationship with us. This topic is worth discussing because not everyone understands how to establish such a relationship with God. Read on to discover how to connect with Jesus. You can connect with Jesus by regular prayer, as explained in 1st Thessalonians 5:17, and by abiding by his word (John … Read more

Jesus vs. Moses (A Detailed Comparison)

Jesus vs. Moses

Jesus and Moses represent two of the most essential religious or Abrahamic figures in Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. They performed great deeds while fulfilling prophecies. But what is the difference between Jesus and Moses? While Moses is regarded as the Israelites’ leader and caregiver, as recorded in the Old Testament, Jesus Christ represents the crucial … Read more