Sincere prayer for a brother (Pray for blessings and prosperity for your brother with this deep prayer)

Praying for your brother is an excellent gesture and act of love, and God answers such prayers. Our loved ones deserve all our support, but our support is limited; hence, we should pray to God, who is not limited in any way.

Now, open your heart to your Father in Heaven, and let us pray.

Dear Heavenly Father,

I thank you for giving me the blessing of a brother, who is my testimony that everything good comes from you. He is a blessing that I never prayed for but one that fills my heart with joy and gratitude.

You are a good God and Father in whom there is no shadow of turning.

Today, I pray that you will immensely bless my brother. Let your blessings that do not bring sorrow be abundant in his life. I pray that those who know him and those who will hear of him call him blessed.

May you lift him beyond his peers so that his success will never be attributed to mere human efforts but to your blessings. May you bless the work of his hands so that everything that he touches will prosper.

Let your blessings put him in the position of influence so that he will always be the head but never the tail.

I also pray for material and spiritual prosperity. May you increase his wealth so that his storehouses will be overwhelmed. Open the storehouses of heaven and let his hands fill with the excellent heavenly treasures.

Satisfy his heart with every good thing that comes from you. Give him a hundred-fold, and cause his blessings to multiply like the flock of Jacob.

Let those around him revere him as the Canaanites did to Abraham and Isaac because of their immense wealth.

I also pray for your spiritual blessings and prosperity. May you cause him to see your miracles like the Israelites and to know your ways like Moses. Cloth him with righteousness and grace, that he may forever dwell in your house.

May you give him contentment so that his mouth will be filled with praises for your great name. Cause him to understand and keep your precious law in his heart and that your word will be a lamp to his feet.

I pray that your blessing and wealth will never drive him away from you or cause him to despise his neighbor, for I pray this in the Name of Jesus.


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