A mindful prayer for lust (Overcome the sin of lust with this gentle yet powerful prayer)

We often find ourselves in today’s world bombarded every day with sexual content. Be it from mass media or social media. This condition primes our thoughts to becoming lustful.

These thoughts can often lead us to make the wrong decisions and engage in actions that do not please God. We need God’s grace in our lives to overcome this lustful world.

Let us pray.

Dear Everlasting Lord,

I am grateful for the blessings you have bestowed upon me in life. Lord, continue providing for us now and in the days to come. Lord Jesus, you know our hearts, and you know our struggles.

I come before your throne of mercy as a sinner, Father. I have been overcome by lust and have given in to it. Lord, I have deviated from the call to righteousness, and I am ashamed.

I pray, Father, for your forgiveness. I pray that you cleanse me and guide me back to the path of righteousness.

I declare that my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit in the mighty name of Jesus. I also proclaim that my being will be holy and that lust will not have a hold on me anymore.

I pray, Father, for strength to overcome this yoke. Let me be strong enough, Lord, to fight my lustful desires. I pray that I may seek your word in moments when lust overcomes me, for it is through your Word, Father, that we are redeemed.

Father, I pray for strength of will. I pray for the courage to say no to the desires of the flesh and to company that would lead me astray.

I humbly ask for your divine protection, Lord. Shield my eyes from all pornographic content that would weaken my spirit. Shield my thoughts from lustfulness, Father.

Guide me, Lord, to make the right decisions that will help me overcome lust. I am weak, but in you, Lord, I find strength. I declare heaven as my portion and rebuke the evil one and his ways.

I commit myself to you, Lord, and promise to keep myself holy and follow your teachings. Remember me, Lord, and do not forsake me.

I pray this, with humility, in Jesus’ name.


Sources of Inspiration for this Prayer

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