A Radiant Prayer for a Lover (Say This Powerful Prayer Everyday for Someone You Love)

As we begin this prayer, reflect on the kind of love you have for your lover or partner. Is it pure and without prejudice?

Since love is the greatest commandment from God, we should show our obeisance to God by loving our lovers and partners every day.

Praying for the one you love is the best way to draw them close to God. Now, with a pure heart and faith, let us pray.

Almighty Father,

You have given me someone to love and cherish. By your grace, I have found my beloved. May You shower them with Your blessings and mercy throughout this day.

May Your mighty hand be their guidance in whatever they do today. Give them wisdom and courage in their work to achieve what they want this day.

Heavenly God, as You have commanded us to love each other, make my love for my lover pure and without any evil thoughts. Make it genuine and not hypocritical.

Help me be a sincere lover just as You always love us. May my love for them remain steadfast and unwavering throughout this day.

God, may You be a shining beacon for my lover today. May they know that You will always be with them and that they will not be alone in whatever they do, but You will be there to guide them and show them the correct way.

Lord, be the light whenever they feel lost, be their hope whenever they experience despair, and help them overcome any trials that may come their way.

Lord, I don’t know what today holds for my lover or what their journey through the day will be like. I don’t know what You have planned for them, but I pray that You may spare them from bad experiences and disappointments.

Let their trust and belief in You remain unshakable, and they may know that whatever happens in the day, it is all a part of your plans and that You are never wrong.

Good Lord, I don’t know much, But I know I love my lover and partner. I pray that you may show me how to love them better and how to be their source of strength at the end of the day.

May Your love and mine keep them strong all through the day.


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