Consoling prayer for a funeral (A heartfelt prayer to send off a deceased loved one)

In this period of mourning, we may feel heartbroken and in despair, but the scripture encourages us to take comfort and not to take our loss to heart because our loved one’s soul has received redemption from evil.

That they have found rest as they lie in death, now unburden your sorrows to the most high and let us pray.

Our Mighty and Everlasting Father,

We come before Thy presence this moment; we thank You for Your guidance and protection. Your love and kindness that has enabled us to see this day.

We come before You with a lot of sorrow in our hearts. We come heartbroken and in despair. You have said in Your Holy Book that You are close to the brokenhearted.

And You care for those who’s spirit is crushed.

I pray that You may fill us with peace and solace that only You can provide my redeemer.

Father, I want to thank you for the life of the departed soul that we are here to mourn. We thank You for the opportunity of having been part of the joyful and loving life they shared with us.

We acknowledge that we are not better or more special than the departed, and that Your will has been done. Our heavenly Father, your Word says that we are only visitors and strangers in this world as our ancestors were, but we take comfort in knowing that your glory awaits us and you have prepared a place for us in Heaven.

As we say this last prayer, we take comfort in Your Word that assures us that You are the resurrection and that whoever believes in You will live even though they die.

Mighty Father, as it is written, in Your Holy Book, from dust we came, and to dust we shall return. We commit their spirit unto Your able hands, that You may spare their soul from evil and usher them into a peaceful rest as they lie in death waiting for the glorious day when the saints will resurrect.

In the mighty name of Jesus, we pray, believing and trusting.


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