Candid Prayer for a Safe Flight (A Short and Powerful Prayer for Safe Travels)

Say this quick but powerful prayer before your flight takes off to ask God for journey mercies. As the Bible says, commit all your plans to the Lord and they will succeed.

This prayer will relieve you of flight fears and anxiety throughout your journey.

Now, let us pray.

My Father in Heaven,

I exalt your name, Lord Jesus, for you are worthy of all glory and honor. You who make everything perfect in its own time, I come before you today, thanking you for the gift of life.

I thank you for your never-ending mercy and grace. I confess my sins before you, God, and I pray for your mercy and forgiveness for whatever I have done against your will.

Today, I come before you, King of Kings; I commit the journey before me to your able hands. Lord, you know that my heart is full of anxiety and fear.

But your word tells me to be strong and courageous all the days of my life. I pray that you may fill my heart with calmness and courage as I begin this flight.

The journey is long and tiresome, but I know that by your grace, I will make it. Only you know what lies ahead of me. Please, Lord, hold me through everything that lies ahead of me and watch over this journey.

Just as you led your servant Abraham through a long journey to a strange land, I pray that your Holy Spirit will go with me on this journey, and by your grace, I will arrive safely.

Dear Jesus, I am traveling in a potentially dangerous means; I stand against any accidents that may occur during the flight in Jesus’ name.

I commit the pilots, flight engineers, and flight attendants into your able hands, may your Spirit guide their actions throughout the flight. You are the maker of weather and the skies.

I pray for stable and conducive weather throughout the flight to enable us to arrive safely. I pray for security from any form of attack, including air jacking.

I pray that your Holy Spirit will minister to each passenger in this fuselage to remain calm and to trust in you. I remember my family back at home.

I pray that you may cover them with the blood of Jesus Christ.

Thank you, God, because I believe that you are going to deliver according to your word and promises. Thank you because you have always been faithful to me.

May those that this prayer minister be drawn to you and come to believe in your power.

In Christ Jesus’ name, I pray.


Sources of Inspiration for this Prayer
  • Genesis 12:1-9
  • Psalm 121:7-8
  • Deuteronomy 31:8

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