A simple prayer for a meal (Bless all your meals with this short, powerful prayer)

We often take for granted the blessing of the meals that God gives us and view them as something normal. However, as Christians, it is essential to pray for every meal, just as Paul reminds us to celebrate always and give thanks to God for all circumstances.

Therefore, before you have your next meal, bow down your head and let us pray,

Dear Heavenly Father,

I come before you today with gratitude in my heart for the meal you have provided for me. Today, I thank you because you remind me that the meat I eat in the evening and the bread I take in the morning come from you, Lord, and I do not see it as my own doing.

Lord, I worship you because you say that you have given me every plant-yielding seed and every tree with seed in its fruit for my food.

I give you thanks for you provide food and your faithful love endures forever.

Bless this meal before I take it, and guide me continually. Give me water when I am dry and restore my strength. Let this food energize me so that I can work for the glory of your Kingdom.

I am also thankful because you have given me the opportunity to share this meal with my family. Just like the early Christians met in different houses for the Lord’s Supper and shared their meals with joy while praising, we praise you today and ask that you may bless our time together.

May the person who took their time to prepare this meal be blessed.

I also want to remember those who do not have something to eat today and ask you to sustain them. Your word says that all creatures look up to you for food, and when you supply it, they are richly satisfied.

Therefore, I pray that you provide daily bread to all those who call upon your name and end the starvation in our nation. Thank you for meeting my physical needs of thirst and hunger, and I trust that you will continue sustaining me.

I pray this in Jesus’ name.


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