Serene prayer for a truck driver (Say this simple yet powerful prayer to protect a truck driver)

The Lord God promises to guard us as we come and go according to His word in Psalms 121:8, “The Lord keeps watch over you as you come and go, both now and forever.”

All we have to do is entrust Him with our journeys, that He becomes the driver on the road, that He watches over us so that we don’t become victims of accidents.

He is merciful and will give you a safe journey to your destination. Just trust Him with your journey, and let us pray.

Heavenly Father,

I commit this truck driver’s protection into Your hands. Lord, protect him as he travels long distances. Renew his strength and let him not grow weary while driving long distances.

Remember him whenever he steps onto a truck to start his work. You say that we will eat the fruit of our labor, and as he labors, let no accident claim his life so that he lives to enjoy his fruit.

Bless the work of his hands. Send Your angels to guard his paths so that he will arrive safely at the destinations. Let your presence go with him.

He goes in peace for You, Oh God, are watching over his journeys. You are watching over the roads. And his travels will be successful.

I cancel all accidents concerning his life on the road. Accidents aimed to disable him so that he would lose his source of bread and render him unemployed.

Accidents aimed to take his life, for he will not die but live to testify of Your goodness in this land of the living. He will not be a cause for crashes, for You are in control.

I cover him in the blood of Jesus, the truck he drives, the roads he uses, and everything about his life. Lord, in You, he is protected.

You are the power that saves him. Shield him from all forms of danger. Clear his paths to and fro. I trust that You will bring him back home safely.

Thank You for his safety. He will live to glorify Your name. It is well with him. And Your goodness and mercies shall follow him all his life.

Thank You, Lord, for You have answered my prayer.

In Jesus’ name, I pray.


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