A deep prayer for someone with cancer (Seek God’s healing with this serene prayer for anyone battling cancer)

Diagnosis of cancer brings confusion and anxiety to people. Despite this, understand that you are not alone in this fight but you are with God. The sick will be healed by touching the edge of His cloak.

Take this time and talk to God to heal you from your sickness.

Let us pray.

Dear Heavenly Messiah,

I thank You, God, for Your glory and honor until this moment. I come and kneel before You Jehovah to come to the rescue of those battling cancer dear Lord.

Heal their pain and suffering for them to live free for You are the source of health and healing. Redeem their life from the pit they have fallen and give them a new breath so that they can continue with their normal life and praise Your holy name.

Father, destroy and crash the cancer disease that is living in their body because You are the Lord. I pray that You sustain them on their sick bed and restore their full health Jehovah.

I humbly request You Lord to give those suffering from cancer strength and prepare them mentally, spiritually, and physically.

Show them Your mercy and love because they are Your children. Direct them to the right path of healing and cover them with Your arms full of warmth and love.

I declare in Your name that those suffering from cancer will one day be healed and rejoice in Your name. Dear Lord, You are the only one who heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.

I pray that You put faith in those suffering from cancer to believe that one day You will strip them of their burden and raise them, dear Lord.

I come against the satanic attack of cancer on innocent people and request You Lord to perform Your miracles and save them from this demonic disease.

I come before You God to provide hope, peace, and comfort for those who are battling cancer.

Guide the doctors and treatments to perform Your healing dear God. The doctors only treat but cannot heal and it is only in Your name that the sick can be healed.

Send Your holy spirit to protect and motivate those who are battling cancer and direct them to Your light. Show them Your compassion and mercy because You are the only doctor who can cure them.

In Jesus’ name, I pray.


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