A Touching Prayer for Death of Dog (Pray for Your Deceased Pet With This Serene Prayer)

The death of a dog or any pet brings with it emotional turmoil to the owner. Depending on your attachment to the dead pet, everyone will have their way of dealing with the loss.

But this is the time to reflect on the life with your dog, the good memories, and the times spent together.

It is time to let go and say a prayer for your pet, and let us pray.

Heavenly Father,

Everything happens through Your will. God. It is with great sorrow that I accept the death of my dog. Lord, I know not about Your plans for my dog, but I know they have found peace.

As You have taught us, everything on Earth is a part of Your great creation, which is pleasing to Your eyes. That is why I believe my pet is now in a better place, where they will reside, awaiting the final day of resurrection, when I trust I will be able to reunite with them.

Although it is difficult to accept Your wish, let it all be done according to You.

Almighty God, my dog may be gone, but they will not be forgotten. Thank You, Lord, for the years You have allowed my dog to remain with us.

Thank You for the companionship I had with my dog, and thank You for the memories we created. My family and I will miss our dog, but we trust that they are now in Your company, where they can bring joy and laughter to the angels, just like they did to us here on Earth.

Lord, may my dog remain happy in their new place, and may they know they will be greatly missed.

Lord, my dog suffered towards the end. They endured the cruelty of sickness and ill health for a long time. But now they have found peace and rest in Your embrace.

I believe they are now in a better place, where there will be no more suffering and sickness. God, as my dog sings with the angels, I will rest in the belief that when the time comes, we will meet again.

My dog may have preceded me in death, but it will not be a permanent separation. Lord, when the final day comes, I hope to meet my dog again.

I pray all these in Jesus’ name,


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