An Encouraging Prayer for Justice (Say this powerful prayer when you need God’s justice)

As we bow our heads down to pray, let us take a minute to think about the goodness and righteousness of our Almighty God. Think about His omnipresence.

How we cannot hide anything from Him because He is all-knowing and all-seeing. Also, do not forget that His ways are mysterious and He does not judge the same way we do.

Do not forget that our Heavenly Father is also as forgiving and loving as He is comforting and punishing. With open hearts, bow in humility as we invite the Holy Spirit to guide us as we offer this prayer.

Let us pray.

Dear Heavenly Father,

We come into your presence today with heavy hearts. We are saddened by the injustice committed unto us. We ask that even in our anguish and anger, your Holy Spirit may guide us not to speak curses upon those who have wronged us, but instead focus on our healing and forgiveness.

Lord, in a world where fairness and justice have lost their place to pride and corruption, we ask that you take charge because you are just and nothing escapes your sight.

We surrender to you Lord because you have said in your word to leave vengeance to you. May you help us let go trusting completely in your promises because you are not only righteous but just as well.

Lord, let your peace flow through and within us during this difficult time. Help us to deal with our sins before we cast a stone upon those who have wronged us.

May you grant those who are responsible for administering justice the wisdom of Solomon. May you go ahead of us to make a way for us.

May your favor and mercy be upon us. May your promises of victory to your children manifest in this situation.

Dear Jesus, we put everything about our circumstances in your hands. May you grant us the patience we need to wait upon you and not take matters into our own hands.

Give us the strength and courage to accept whatever judgment is passed because we trust in your will and plan for us. We thank you and glorify your name.

We pray this believing and trusting in Jesus’ name.


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