A comforting prayer for nightmares (Say this powerful prayer before you sleep to ward off nightmares)

Before we get into this prayer, remember that God wants all His people to sleep well. In fact, He promises in His word that you will never be afraid as you sleep.

So trust that God is going to solve your problem with nightmares with just this prayer and faith.

Let us pray

Heavenly Father,

I come to you at this moment to thank you for the gift of life and all your blessings in my life. Father, I pray that you may forgive me for the sins I have done knowingly and unknowingly.

Wash away my sins and cleanse my soul. Father, I pray that tonight, as I sleep, I sleep a sweet sleep free from nightmares. I have been battling with nightmares that make me afraid at night.

Your word promises me sweet sleep and that I will never be afraid whenever I sleep. Oh, Mighty God, take away the nightmares and replace them with sweet dreams.

Powerful God, it is only you that people from the West and all walks of life will fear. Even the devil bows down at your command.

Jehovah Lord, whoever is behind my nightmares, make them fear you and withdraw; make them surrender to your power.

Let all their evil plans against by heavenly promised sweet sleep be scattered and rendered powerless.

Sweet Jesus, you gave me a Spirit of power, love, and discipline, yet every night, I feel scared because of nightmares. Father, I pray that I see your power in me every night as I go to sleep.

I pray that I become courageous and call on your name, Father, to fight the nightmares. I declare and decree that no nightmares will make me fear. Oh, Father, I submit my soul, mind, heart, and body to you.

Every night, when I close my eyes, I pray that you stay in control so that the devil flees from me.

Father, you declared in your word that no weapon formed against me shall prosper. Father, these nightmares are fashioned against my peace, and I pray that they fail.

You promise me vindication as a heritage for my serving you, Father. Vindicate my soul and save me from the unjust treatment of the enemy who brings me nightmares.

King of Kings, you give me power in your word to refute all the tongues that accuse me. These nightmares come to me feel like I’m guilty because I do not choose darkness.

Father, I pray that they are rendered powerless by your mighty name.

In Jesus’ name, I pray,


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