Powerful prayer for a miracle (The simple yet powerful prayer to pray when you need an instant miracle)

In this hour of need, usher in God’s spirit to take hold of the situation and grant you a miracle. You may have encountered several miracles before through God’s grace, and this time, He will not fail you.

Therefore, do not be discouraged, but have faith that He will answer your prayer.

Now, let us pray.

Dear Heavenly Father,

I do not take for granted that you woke me up this morning. Today, I hope that your interception will come as an immediate help to me in my life. Please, Lord, listen to my urgent prayer, for you are my only deliverer.

In my hour of need, I implore you, Lord, to answer this burning request for a miracle.

As I wake up daily, I see your hand in my life. My life is a living testimony of grace and countless miracles. You have blessed me with several different aspects of my life.

Thank you for attending to all my needs, and for this, I have faith that you will do this once more. Father, I know you are a miracle worker; you did it for Jonah and Daniel in the lion’s den.

I will also be a testimony of your grace.

Merciful Father, although sometimes I fall off and feel anxious over challenging assignments, you have never failed me. Now, I am calling for your miraculous hand in this moment, dear Lord.

I want to stay in your ways and not trust that of man, for I know that you are a miracle-working God. Lord, if things don’t go my way, I want you to calm my heart and allow me to agree with your will.

Today, I claim your promise to work miracles in my life; I trust and believe you will not fail me, Father. Please, Lord, I humbly ask that you come to my rescue quickly. Lord, please save me.

Lord, I want to trust in your promises. You are a promise keeper, and for that, I know you will surely answer my prayers. You have done it before, and I know you will do it again for me, Lord.

I pray this, trusting in your Holy name.


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