What can Jesus do? (What Jesus does for you)

Our lives as Christians rotate around Jesus as the cornerstone of our faith and savior of the world. We believe that all our issues are sorted in Him and that we can’t lack anything. However, some people still question on the mightiness of Jesus. So, what can Jesus do?

We acknowledge that Jesus is our provider and the source of all our joy. Jesus can pray for us, forgive us our sins and, save us from the temptations of the earth, heal us from sickness. He is filled with the power of the Holy Spirit and shares the same power with God. When we have faith in Jesus, everything is possible. Jesus can restore all our lost hope in God and bring us to the kingdom of God to share eternal life with God Almighty.

So, what can Jesus do? Is there something that Jesus can’t do? Can Jesus change my life? What are three things that Jesus can do for you? And is Jesus important because of what He can do for you? Keep reading to learn the answers to these questions.

Is there something that Jesus can’t do?

There is nothing that Jesus cannot do. Jesus is powerful, and everything is within His power. Jesus can heal us from all sicknesses and deliver us from evil. He can forgive us of all our sins and reconcile us with God, Jesus can provide for all our daily needs in ways we cannot understand, and if we believe in Him and follow His teachings, He is ready to welcome us into the Kingdom of God.

While on earth, Jesus performed many miraculous deeds to prove that He had the Holy Spirit. God’s power strengthened him. Jesus healed the sick, drove out demons, and had power over death as he raised Jairus’ daughter back to life and raised His friend Lazarus from the dead.

He also demonstrated power over nature by walking on water in Lake Galilee. To realize great things in your life, you only need to believe in the Word of God, have strong faith in Jesus, and walk in the right path of God by obeying the teachings of Jesus.

However, Jesus taught that the only this He cannot forgive is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. (Matthew 12:31). Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit means that you will refuse God’s power and attribute it to the devil. Willingly detesting God and the power of the Holy Spirit will invoke God’s wrath and eventually lead to punishment. Jesus says that it cannot be forgiven and that God will not tolerate it in any way.

Believers are challenged that faith is the gateway to receiving miracles and great things from Jesus. He will do all that we ask for only if we show deep belief in Him and trust in His word. In the gospel of Matthew 21:22, Jesus teaches us that if you have faith when you pray, all that you ask for in prayer while believing you shall receive. We are called to mind the path of Christ and show absolute trust in Him so that He can do all that we ask for.

Can Jesus change my life?

What can Jesus do?
Jesus can change your life. Source: Pixabay

Jesus can change your life once you put all your trust and have deep faith in Him. Jesus has, over time, proved to us that nothing is impossible with Him. He is willing and ready to help us realize a total turnaround of our lives only if we turn to Him.

By accepting to be intimidated, humiliated, crucified on the cross, and dying for our sins, Jesus showed us that He is ready to forgive our sins and make us new beings. He was on the earth and saw our shortcomings. He taught that no one could go to the Father (God) except through Him because He is the way, the truth, and the life (John 14:16)

The scriptures are our guide to listening to the word of God and strengthening us to follow through His teachings. In 2nd Corinthians 5:17, the apostle Paul teaches, “Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away, and behold, the new has come” Jesus renews our lives and restores our spirit when we detest our past and plead for His mercy. He is compassionate, understands our weaknesses, and is ready to help us change our lives.

Three things Jesus can do for you

Jesus is not physically on earth but works for us in our daily lives. Jesus commits to ensuring that we all reach the kingdom of God. Jesus;

Forgives our sins and reconciles us with God

While on His ministry on earth, Jesus’ mission focused on repentance and reconciliation with God. He taught us that nothing comes to us unless we are at peace with God. Guided by His love and compassion, he willingly accepted to sacrifice His life and be crucified on the cross. His crucifixion brought salvation to the whole world and united us again with God. He taught that unless we repent all our sins, then we will perish. (Luke 13:3) Jesus knows all our areas of shortfalls. He understands our weaknesses and is ready to forgive us for our sins.

Jesus can pray for us and intercede for us, God

Prayer conquers all storms, heartbreaks, and weaknesses that we are going through. Jesus is ready and willing to. Jesus often withdrew from the rest and went to a sacred place to pray for God’s help. The book of Hebrews 7:25 implies that Jesus is praying for us in heaven. He prayed whenever He wanted anything from God and God granted all that He sought in His name. Through the same power, Jesus is praying for us for our safe entry into the kingdom of God. We believe that however weighty our sins are, Jesus is interceding on our behalf to God. We are called upon to be steadfast in prayer and invoke the name of Jesus, for all that we sincerely ask for and believe in prayer will be granted to us by the Almighty God.

Jesus can heal our wounds and the sick and restore our hope in Him

What Jesus does for you?
Jesus can heal our wounds. Source: Pixabay

The Holy Spirit has given Jesus all power, dominion, and authority to heal and restore the face of those who trust in God. He can heal the sick, cast out demons, mend our broken hearts, and restore our relationships with God and our fellow humans. While on earth, he demonstrated that He has power over every evil. He is filled with the power of the Holy Spirit; through this, he strengthens our fainted hearts and restores our hopes in God’s glory.

The gospel of Mark 16:18 suggests that believers will lay hands upon the sick, and they will recover. Jesus has God’s authority to guide and enlighten us in God’s glory.

Is Jesus important because of what he can do for you?

Jesus is important to us whether he does anything for us or not. He is the cornerstone of our faith as Christians. Christians believe that, through His sacrifice on the cross, they have received God’s salvation and that the whole world has been redeemed. Jesus understands our flaws and is ready to forgive us our sins and reconcile us with God, who is the Almighty and the source of eternal life.

By his teachings, as recorded in the Holy Scriptures, our faith has been strengthened. The life of the believers is solely dependent on Jesus’ teachings on walking through the righteous path of Christ and getting to the kingdom of God. A promise to everlasting life in God’s glory.


What can Jesus do?

Is there something that Jesus’ can’t do?

Can Jesus change my life?

Three things Jesus can do for you

Is Jesus important because of what He can do for you?

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