What was the first thing Eve said to Adam (What does the Bible say)?

As an ardent teacher of the word, my pastor has recently entrusted me to explore the book of Genesis in our bible study group this month. One of the things I have been looking at when studying the first to third chapters of Genesis is the interaction and conversation between Adam and Eve. It is captivating to understand the first words these two said to each other when they first met. To maintain our focus on the conversations, we began our study by asking, “What was the first thing Eve said to Adam?”

The Bible does not record a conversation in which Eve speaks to Adam. However, the Bible records the first interaction between the two in Genesis 2:23, where Adam says Eve is the bone of his bones, the flesh of his flesh, and she will be called woman. Eve’s only conversation in the presence of Adam is recorded in Genesis 3:13, where she is answering God on why she ate the forbidden fruit.

I am writing this article to shed more light on the first interactions between humans as recorded in the creation story. You will learn how the first people – Adam and Eve – interacted. Read on to learn these and more.

How did Adam and Eve communicate?

What was the first thing Eve said to Adam?
How did Adam and Eve communicate? Image source: Pixabay

The Bible demonstrates that Adam and Eve could hear, speak, and communicate through verbal dialogue. In Genesis 2:23, Adam verbally communicates while talking about Eve. In Genesis 3:2-3, Eve verbally spoke with the serpent, stating God’s commandment on the forbidden fruit.

Adam and Eve were created in the image of God and, hence, possessed the ability to communicate verbally. God communicated with humans verbally, suggesting they would also use the same means.

What was the first thing Adam told Eve?

According to Genesis 2:23, Adam first told Eve that she was bone of his bones and the flesh of his flesh and that she was to be called woman since she was taken out of man. This occurred when the man woke from a deep sleep that God had caused Adam. Adam said the words to Eve to recognize that the woman was made from him and that he had entirely accepted her as a companion.

John Piper notes that Adam’s words show that he recognized Eve as a suitable companion. The Bible previously records that Adam was lonely and could not find the right companion. Therefore, Adam’s first words to Eve demonstrated that he appreciated her as his perfect fit.

What was the first thing God said to Adam?

What was the first thing Eve said to Adam 
What was the first thing God said to Adam? Image source: Freepik

The Bible implies that the first words that God said to Adam were to be fruitful and to multiply, to fill the earth and subdue it, and to have dominion over other creations, according to Genesis 1:28. According to Got Questions Ministries, the first words from God to Adam were a blessing to have children and work on earth.

What was the first thing God told Adam and Eve to do?

The Bible suggests that God first told Adam and Eve to multiply, fill the earth, subdue it, and have dominion over every creature on earth, as stated in Genesis 1:28. This meant they were to have children. It was a command for populating the world.

God’s first conversations with Adam and Eve suggest that God interacted with humans in a face-to-face verbal conversation. This is also evident from God’s conversation with Adam, Eve, and the serpent after eating the forbidden fruit. The interaction is significantly different from what man experience today.

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