Where can I buy Sweet Baby Jesus beer (how much is sweet baby Jesus beer)?

 Sweet Baby Jesus’ brewers claim it is a traditional full-bodied chocolate porter with a silky, dry finish and just enough hops to complement the flavors and smell of roasted malt, chocolate, and creamy peanut butter. This promotion can make any beer lover yearn to taste it, leading to the question, “Where can I buy sweet baby Jesus beer?” 

You can buy sweet baby Jesus beer at local liquor stores and liquor sections in leading stores in almost 40 US states. Internationally, you can get Sweet Baby Jesus on tap or shelves in Canada and France. The beer is also available at many stores that sell liquor online. You can purchase your beer from there as long as you can prove you are over 21 years of age upon delivery.

What is the alcohol content in Sweet Baby Jesus? Where is Sweet Baby Jesus beer brewed? Who brews Sweet Baby Jesus? Can you order sweet baby Jesus on Amazon? Read on to find out.

What is the alcohol content in Sweet Baby Jesus?

Sweet Bay Jesus is a porter beer with what is considered a moderate 6.2% alcohol by volume (ABV) content. ABV is reported to be the most common measure of alcohol content in beer, as it helps determine how much of the liquid in the beer is alcohol. In the case of the Sweet Baby Jesus beer, there are about 0.75 ounces of pure alcohol in a 12-ounce bottle of beer.

It has been observed that the lower end of strong beers in many countries is 6% ABV. Therefore, this makes Sweet Baby Jesus a moderately strong beer in terms of alcohol content.

Where is Sweet Baby Jesus beer brewed?

DuClaw is a medium-sized craft brewery. DuClaw is reported to have started as “brewpubs,” which are establishments that included a restaurant and also sold beer brewed on-site. “Sweet Baby Jesus” beer is brewed at DuClaw microbreweries in Baltimore. Each microbrewery is said to produce no more than fifteen thousand barrels of beer annually and sell more than 75 percent of its beer off-site.

The company is reported to have over 30 distinguished microbrews. The brewery has distributors in more than 40 US states, which include Wyoming, Wisconsin, Washington, West Virginia, Virginia, Vermont, Texas, South Dakota, Tennessee, South Carolina, Rhode Island, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Ohio, North Dakota, New Jersey, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Nevada, Mississippi, Montana, Michigan, Massachusetts, Maryland, Louisiana, Indiana, Idaho, Maine, Hawaii, Georgia, District of Columbia, Florida, Delaware, Connecticut, California, Alaska, Alabama, and Arkansas.

Who brews Sweet Baby Jesus?

how much is sweet baby Jesus beer
Beer brewing. Source: Pixabay

DuClaw Brewing Company, based out of Maryland, is the company that brews “Sweet Baby Jesus” beer. DuClaw’s founder and current president is David Benfield. David is said to have been brewing homebrew beers since he was in college in 1991. Upon graduation, he is said to have joined his father in the family electrical business. Still, his heart was in beer brewing, so his four years working at the business were also spent researching how to set up and run a beer brewing business. He finally set up DuClaw brewpubs in 1996.

Sweet Baby Jesus is said to have been crafted by two Baltimore County men for DuClaw’s yearly homebrew competition in 2011. This porter is said to be brewed with Goldings hops and Fuggle, as well as a diversity of grains that include black and brown malts, chocolate, and roasted barley. The porter is black with a full body and has a creamy, luxurious mouthfeel. It is said to have a malty flavor, be lightly sweet, and be accented by strong chocolatey notes, peanut butter, and coffee. The drink is said to be balanced by a hint of hop character and has 6.2% ABV, which is considered moderate.

According to the company’s president, DuClaw names their beers depending on the emotion that their recipes invoke. It is reported that based on this, when it was time to name the beer, the DuClaw brewmaster was quoted as having said it made him think “Sweet Baby Jesus,” which tastes just like chocolate and peanut butter. The phrase was deemed catchy enough, and the beer got its name. This is not a new trend for the company, and certainly not for crafted beers, as all tend to have attention-grabbing names. Some people love them, while others get offended.

Can you order sweet baby Jesus on Amazon?

No, you cannot order “Sweet Baby Jesus” on Amazon; the online store is said not to carry this beer. However, all the leading liquor stores will serve you this beer. If you are traveling to France and Canada, getting the sweet baby Jesus beer is as simple as picking it from the retail store shelves.


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