Who is the grandson of Adam and Eve? (What does the Bible say?)

As the bible study coordinator in our church, I explained the importance of making a detailed study of Adam and Eve’s family to our new class since it ensures the understanding of the biblical narrative. As the first family, their children, and grandchildren play a significant role in historical continuity and verification. Since most people know the sons of Adam and Eve, I began our discussion by challenging my students with the question, “Who is the grandson of Adam and Eve?”

According to the Bible, in Genesis 5:3-6 one of the grandsons of Adam and Eve is Enosh. Enosh was the son of Seth, one of Adam and Eve’s children. The Bible records that Seth had other sons and daughters, which implies that Adam and Eve had many grandchildren.

In this article, we will discuss Adam and Eve’s grandson and find out how many grandsons they had. Read on to find out about these and more.

Did Adam and Eve have a grandson?

Adam and Eve had a grandson by the name of Enosh. Another of Adam and Eve’s grandsons mentioned in the Bible is Enoch, the son of Cain Genesis 4:17. The Bible records that both Seth and Cain had many sons, which implies that they had many grandsons.

However, some people suggest that Adam and Eve were just hypothetical examples of how the human race started and therefore did not exist as described in the Bible. For instance, Tech Interactive says the entire human race can’t have originated from only two people. Such arguments eliminate the whole discussion of Adam and Eve having any grandsons.

How many grandsons did Adam and Eve have?

Who is the grandson of Adam and Eve?
Adam and Eve grandsons. Image source: Pixabay

The Bible does not indicate the exact number of grandsons Adam and Eve had. The only two mentioned are Enosh and Enoch, the children of Seth and Cain, respectively. Although only two of Adam and Eve’s grandsons are mentioned in the Bible, they likely had many more grandsons.

Even though not mentioned by name in the Bible, it is clear that Adam and Eve had other children apart from Cain and Seth. The Bible says in Genesis 5:4 that Adam had other sons and daughters after Seth was born. Bible Ask says that Adam and Eve had other grandsons because Cain and Seth had other children. Also, they had other grandsons because their other children, not mentioned in the Bible, had sons and daughters.

Was Enoch the first grandson of Adam and Eve?

Enoch was the first grandson of Adam and Eve. He was the eldest son of Cain. Since Cain was older than Seth, his son was likely older than Seth’s. Troy Lacey speculates that Cain was likely at 130 when Seth was born. This could mean that Cain was already mature and probably had a family by the time Seth was born. Therefore, Cain’s son Enoch was older than Seth’s son Enosh.

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