Biblical meaning of mother in dream (symbolic and spiritual meaning)

As a theologian, I decided to research the biblical meaning of mother in dreams. This was inspired by a friend who had a dream where he was crying to his mother; he thought she was going to die.

So, I started a comprehensive journey of research and exploration. I read various books by dream interpretation experts, like “The Dream Game” by Ann Faraday and “The Dream Dictionary” by Jo Boushahla.

My findings increased my desire to delve deeper into understanding dreams, so I consulted top theologians, including my local Clergy. Their theological point of view gave me insight into dream interpretation.

Recently, in a Christian online forum, we discussed dreams. Someone shared her experience where the mother also appeared in her dream.

Some alluded to the negative connotations, while most viewed it as a symbol of care and guidance. Having sufficient information after extensive research, I was delighted to share my findings with the forum.

So, let’s look deeper into the Biblical meaning of mother in dreams.

There is no clear explanation in the Bible about a mother in a dream. Christians believe that the dream’s meaning depends on how it happened. They base their beliefs on portions of scriptures where there was an interpretation of dreams. Psychologists believe the dream of a mother symbolizes love, care, correction, and building. It is important to note that the meanings are subjective and vary from one person to the other. 

Join me as I explore the biblical meaning of mother in dreams. I’ll look at what the Bible says and some of its well-known interpretations. In addition, I’ll offer tips on actions to take if you have such a dream.

Let’s get started. 

What is the symbolic meaning of dreaming about your mother?

Dreaming of a mother is believed to show that you desire to be a parent or reflects your feelings about her. A mother is said to be the most beautiful and selfless being on earth.

As suggested in Proverbs 22:6, about raising your children the right way of the lord, the dream is believed to be a good sign reflecting your feelings and her role in the person you have become today, including the good times ahead.

If you are in the process of starting anything new in your life, a job, business, or school, when this dream comes, it is suggested to be a positive sign because it illustrates your determination to attain your goals. 

Spiritual reasons why you are dreaming about your mother

Dreaming about your mother is believed to be a glimpse of your emotional escapades of healing, spiritual growth, and self-reflection.

Your mother in a dream is suggested to have various aspects such as intuition, guidance, reflections of motherhood, wisdom, and connection to ancestral energy.

By delving into a spiritual interpretation of dreaming about your mother, you are believed to gain deeper insight into yourself and your relationships.

In most instances, dreams are said to be personal experiences, and the chances of two people coming to the same conclusions in terms of interpretation are low.

You are to trust your intuition and delve into your own experience and emotions when deciphering the actual meaning of your mother in a dream.

This type of dream appears to hold a significant spiritual meaning. It’s said to represent the display or representation of emotions from unresolved issues in the past, ancestral connections, and the need for guidance in motherhood reflections.

You are counseled to take advantage of every opportunity to explore such dreams with openness, curiosity, and an adventurous mind, allowing it to guide you in spiritual growth and self-awareness. 

Biblical messages of dreaming about your mother

The Bible has no specific messages or references about dreaming about your mother. Talking about mothers in our dreams calls for us to consider the activities portrayed in the dream and the role of a mother today, as recorded in the scriptures, to have a clear biblical understanding of the dream. 

This is believed to be achieved by deriving biblical messages from the different portions of the scriptures that talk about motherhood and dreams and then trying to conclude the biblical meaning of dreaming about your mother. 

The Book of Proverbs 31:25-30  is believed to give us a clear example of a virtuous woman and her role in our lives. 

A mother is said to have the ability to influence the growth and development of a child. According to society, she plays a focal role in life, family, and marriage.

They are believed to have a responsibility to know and understand their children, meaning when you see your mother in a dream, it is believed you seek guidance or someone to direct you in a particular situation you are handling but seems to overwhelm you.

Dreaming about your mother is also suggested to be a source of motivation. It is recommended after waking up from such a dream, especially if she is still alive, you should pray for her, call to check up on her, send her a nice massage, or even go to see her in person. 

Specific dreams about your mother and their meanings 

Meaning of mother in dream 
Specific dreams about your mother and their meanings. Image source: Pixabay

Dreaming of a deceased mother

Dreaming of a dead mother is suggested to reveal unresolved issues, desired guidance from the past, missing a motherly figure, unresolved sentiments, desire for care, and deep-seated feelings. 

It is believed that understanding the meaning of these dreams can help to find closure and process emotions. 

The level of love and kinship shared with your mother is suggested to inform the interpretation of the dream of a deceased mother. It is said to represent your feelings when in need of support.

Dreaming about the one you lost is said to be a way to absorb and deal with the sadness, fast-tracking the healing process. When dreaming about your dead mother, it is suggested she usually appears to be giving advice, counsel, or direction.   

Dreaming of your mother killing you 

Dreaming about your mother killing you is one of the worst nightmares you could wish on your worst enemy. The dream is suggested to be directing you to progress and leave your current situation.

Dreaming of your mother killing you is said to be a nightmare that represents your current fears. It is believed that the images of that dream connote the desires, beliefs, and characters you would rather hide from yourself and the world.

A mother killing you in a dream is suggested to show a minor issue has become a major one. It is also said to indicate the end of a situation, a relationship, or a habit.

If you have been avoiding the feeling of center stage or limelight, something about your self-doubt might be ending. 

Dreaming about your mother giving you money 

The dream about your mother giving you money is believed to be a sign that your time for prosperity has come, and there is an urgency for you to walk in the consciousness of blessings given to you by God.

It is believed you will experience prosperity after some challenges, as hinted in Genesis 37:1-11, where Joseph dreamt of the sun (the father), the moon (the mother), and eleven stars to represent his brothers bowing to him.

This dream is suggested to show the supremacy and authority that come when in a position of power & prosperity. After sharing the dream with the brothers, they sold him as a slave to Egypt, where he later became a second in command to Pharaoh.

The money from your mother is believed to show the riches are coming from a pure source, not the ones that cause sorrow, as implied in the book of Proverbs 10:22.

The blessing of the lord makes you rich and keeps you from lack. When waking up from such a dream, it is said you are to be full of joy, thanksgiving, and expectation, for the lord has a plan for your future.

Dreaming about your mother giving you advice 

 The dream of your mother giving you advice is seen as a sign of having good communion with your mother and sharing emotions with her.

In the Bible, according to, James 5:16, our healing relies on us talking to each other. As it is said, a shared problem is half solved, so dreaming of your mother giving you advice is said to be a sign of healing.

On the other hand, it is believed God wants you to spend some quality time with her if you have been too busy to see your mother and build a connection with her.

Dreaming about visiting your mother’s house 

In Proverbs 15:27, it is suggested that family is one of the most focal aspects of our lives. Mothers are believed to play a role in making the family what it is.

A house is said to be linked to a foundation and a place where a family primarily meets. Having a dream about visiting your mother’s house is said to be a direction that you need to attend to your family’s immediate needs. 

This dream is also believed to be a sign or symbol of stability in the spirit realm. A happy family is shown as an example of a good foundation.

The book of 1 Corinthians 2:11 suggests a picture of Christ as the perfect foundation us a picture of that in the Bible. A good foundation is said to foster prosperity and progress.

A dream where you visit your mother does not necessarily mean you will stay there, but an indication that you need to deal with foundational problems.

Dreaming about making your mother angry 

Dreams are believed to be one of the ways for us to work through our emotions and our subconscious mind to process the events of the day, a way for us to connect to our unconscious mind. 

This type of dream has various interpretations, such as resolving unresolved issues, a warning of an event in your life, a sign of agony and guilt, and a feeling of stress.

It is necessary to look at the context in which your mother is angry, the setting, the plot of the dream, the characters, and all the elements that serve as clues in interpreting the dream.

It is said that the emotions you feel in the dream while making your mother angry are also significant. When dreaming and feeling frustration and anger, is said to symbolize resentment and repressed anger currently experienced.

Dreaming of making your mother angry is believed to relate to a current wrong choice or decision you are making that you have to rethink and go back to the drawing board.

Dreaming about a controlling mother 

In the book of Ephesians 6:1-4, it is explained that we honor our fathers and mothers, and it’s the first commandment with a promise.

The best part of that portion of scripture is that it promises that your days on earth will be longer while doing so. 

Dreaming about your mother controlling you is said that you have been disobedient and making decisions that bring out the controlling aspect of her counsel.

It is suggested you pay attention to how you feel while receiving instructions that do not settle well with you. The feeling of bitterness is believed to show that you have an unteachable spirit.

Taking correction is said to be a sign of maturity, and if wise counsel from your mother doesn’t settle well with you, it is said to speak volumes about your level of maturity..

Dreaming about your mother looking evil 

In most cases, the type of dream is suggested to be unlikely for a biological mother. Most likely, it’s believed to be about your stepmother or a mother figure who does not like you. 

Psalms 34:21 tries to paint a picture of evil and its fate. Dreaming of your mother looking evil is believed to mean that someone you love will try to sabotage your progress.

This type of dream is suggested to increase your ability to create something new. It is believed you are supposed to rise to the occasion and put your best foot forward to attain your dreams.

It is also said to mean your time to advance has arrived, and you should pray harder to escape the evil that will try to come against you.

Dreaming about your mother being happy

As suggested in the book of Galatians 5:22- 23, joy (happiness) is one of the other fruits of the spirit mentioned. According to that scripture, feeling happy speaks volumes about your spiritual growth and advancement as a Christian.

Therefore, it is believed that prosperity without the joy of a mother is short-lived. If you dream of your mother being happy, it is believed to show your set time to prosper.

A mother being joyful in a dream is said to be a sign of being on the right path in life. It is suggested that you have avoided something evil that was imminent. 

This dream is said to be a sign for you to do something that will bring joy to your mother.

Dreaming about your mother being pregnant 

Children are believed to bring joy, peace, and fulfillment in a home, so a dream about your mother being pregnant is believed to be a sign of fruition, growth, and advancement.

It is suggested to represent countless sacrifices she made for you, letting you know that you should not take them for granted.

This is believed to happen after someone is blessed and forgets the role the mother played and the sacrifices she made. The dream is believed to come as a call to remembrance for you to take care, protect, and secure her.

It is believed to remind you of how your mother dedicated you to God at a young age, ensured you knew about God, and grew up in church.

According to the Bible, God has empowered your mother to protect you, as demonstrated in the book of 1 Kings 3:24-27, the story of King Solomon as he was solving the dispute between the two mothers who were fighting for the paternal rights of the baby.

When the king suggested dividing the baby into two, the true mother refused, showing a sign of protection from a mother.

Dreaming about your mother visiting you 

According to the Bible in Isaiah 60:3, when you start rising and being influential, God brings kings to the brightness of your rising. Therefore, the dream is believed to show that you are making progress in life.

It is also suggested to be a sense of security in anything that comes to you. It is believed that when you get a job opportunity, but you have doubts, after having a dream of that nature, it is encouraged to be bold to take the job.

Dreaming about your mother visiting you is said to be an indication of care. You might be going through a hard time, and it’s believed she is the only one you trust to give the necessary care and attention you need.

Dreaming about crying to your mother

This dream is believed to show your mother as the source and pillar of your strength. Dreaming about crying to your mother suggests that you are not alone and there is someone you can always share your challenging times with.

Endeavor more to spend time with your mother and experience her love as you did as a child. This is also believed to mean that you should not forget the love of your mother.

According to the Bible, 1 Corinthians 15:58 tells us about our labor in the lord not being in vain. The dream is said to remind you of the sacrifices she made for you to be well and prompt you to express gratitude to everyone who played a role in the person you have become today.

Dreaming about your mother being sick 

Dreaming about your mother being sick can be a terrible experience for anyone. It is said that adulting tends to make people forget where they came from, as life takes them to follow their dreams in distant places from home. 

Such dreams are believed to be a message that your mother needs agent attention, so go for a visit to make her feel better. Children are believed to have a role in making their mothers happy and full of life.

This kind of dream is said to be a call to prayer. After having such a dream, you are advised to pray for your mother and family.

Dreaming of your mother being sick is said to portray the burdens she has in her heart, so she is tired and needs help. It is also said that such a dream can mean that your mother might have a bad day in her business or at work. Call and pray with her.

Dreaming about your mother crying 

Dreaming about your mother crying is deemed to be a bad omen and should not be ignored. It is said to indicate that you are on the wrong path of life that needs urgent or rapid changes.

That situation is believed to cause a lot of pain in the future. It is suggested that your mother needs more attention from you or help with a challenge that is beyond her.

You are to pray about burials because it is believed that tears are associated with death. Death is believed to be creeping around to devour someone you love. 

Dreaming about fighting your mother 

Fighting your mother in a dream, people suggest that it should be a big concern. The word of God is said to encourage us to honor our parents. 

Fighting your mother is believed to show that you have no sense of reverence for God’s word and the people around you. 

There is a need for you to consider your ways. Being in a dream where you are fighting your mother is believed to show that you have no sense of humility or regard for anyone but yourself.

In other words, a self-centered person. The dream of this nature suggests that you are fighting your destiny.

Dreaming about mother being at the hospital 

This is said to be one of those dreams that interpret themselves. When you have such dreams, it’s believed that you need to give your mother enough attention, visit, and pray for her health so that God preserves her life.

It is said that sickness is incipient, meaning the beginning of death. Dreaming of your mother being at the hospital is said to be an indication of tragedy. It is said you are supposed to pray against the spirit of death trying to loom around your family. 

What does a dream about your mother mean in different cultures?

Biblical meaning of mother in dream 
Dream about your mother. Image source: Pixabay


In Islam, many believe that seeing your mother in a dream signifies attaining one’s goals. Therefore, it is believed to be linked to your success and prosperity. 


In Hindu, dreaming about your mother is said to be her trying to get in touch with you. Therefore, this kind of dream is said that she has a message that she wants to communicate to you. 


 A mother in a dream in Chinese culture is said to be a symbol of strength and resilience. Therefore, this is said to be about the hardship and limitations mothers endure in their culture to become an example of inner strength.

What should you do when you see your mother in your dreams?

Some believe that seeing your mother in a dream is a bad sign about your future. They go further to say that it shows someone might die after. The interpretations vary from person to person.

Depending on how you saw it, you should respond accordingly. Seeing your mother in a dream is believed that it should bring joy to your heart, and respond by praying for her or visiting if she is alive.

This is said to happen if you have a strong bond, so embrace the dream and know she loves you.

Is dreaming about a deceased mother a symbol of good or bad luck?

Many cultures suggest that dreaming of a dead mother can be a sign of good or bad luck, depending on the context of the dream. 

They explain that when you dream of your deceased mother, it symbolizes a bad omen. It is also suggested that dreaming of a dead mother is a way to help process the feelings of loss as part of grieving.

However, as Christians, we are not supposed to seek interpretation about dreaming of our deceased mothers from non-biblical sources.

According to Psalm 1:1-2, we should only find delight in the word of God but not from the scoffers and ungodly people. Regardless of how the dream uncovers, it is of essence to note that God communicates through dreams.

It is believed He can never wish bad for His children. He has proven himself before time began with His agape love. 

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