Can you visit Jesus’ tomb (is Jesus’ tomb open to the public)?

The burial place of Jesus has been a hotly contested subject, especially because two sites are believed to be the burial site of Jesus. It is well known that Jesus was buried in a new tomb that had never been used before. Christians worldwide travel far and wide to visit Jerusalem in the hopes that they will get to see the tomb of Jesus Christ. This brings us to the question, can you visit Jesus’ tomb?

Yes, you can visit Jesus’ tomb. Considered one of the holiest sites in the Christian faith, the tomb receives a lot of traffic throughout the year. Although there are two sites that archaeologist claim to be the tomb of Jesus, both are open to the public. The tomb in the church of the Holy Sepulchre was the first to be discovered. The other tomb is the garden tomb outside the city walls of Old Jerusalem and located within a garden, as the name suggests. Archaeologists give reasonable arguments as to why both sites are believed to be the burial site of Jesus.

What time is best to visit Jesus’ tomb? Where is Jesus’ tomb found? Is the tomb open to the public? What other attractions can you find in the city? To answer this and many more questions surrounding Jesus’ tomb, read on to get more information.

Where is Jesus’ true tomb?

The exact location of Jesus’ tomb is unclear since there are two sites in the city of Jerusalem that separate groups of archaeologists argue to have been the burial place of Jesus. The first and most popular site is the tomb that is located inside the church of the Holy Sepulchre. Archaeologists who believe that this was the burial site of Jesus argue that ten years after the death and resurrection of Jesus, another wall was built to enclose the place where Jesus died and was buried within the city walls. The tomb was discovered by the order of Constantine the great after his conversion to Christianity. He ordered his mother, who was empress at the time to search for Jesus’ tomb. In her search, she found a relic of what she believed to be Jesus’ cross near a tomb. The discovery made her believe that she had found Jesus’ tomb. Constantine ordered a church to be built where his mother found the cross.

The other site that many people believe to be Jesus’ tomb is the garden tomb which is found outside the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem. The tomb’s location is close to a rocky cliff face that many archeologists believe was where Jesus died, Golgotha. The tomb’s location outside the city and its proximity to the cliff face all align with biblical documentation of where Jesus was buried, making many Protestants believe that it is the tomb of Jesus. Both sites are open to visitors and pilgrims from all over the world.

is Jesus’ tomb open to the public?
Does Jesus’ tomb still have guards? See below

Does Jesus’ tomb still have guards?

No, both tombs believed to be Jesus’ burial sites have no guards at any time of day. Although when visiting the city of Jerusalem, you will notice that there are many soldiers carrying guns. This has nothing to do with the presence of many biblical sites in the city but rather an ongoing conflict between the two countries. Both Palestine and Israel claim Jerusalem to be their capital city hence the heavy presence of the military in the city. However, there is no cause for alarm as they are there for safety; hence tourists should not worry. The tombs have no guards as they are not taken care of by the government but rather by charitable Christian organizations such as the Garden Tomb Association, which has taken up the responsibility of taking care of the garden tomb.

Can Christians go into Jesus’ tomb?

When visiting both tombs, Christians are allowed to enter the tombs. However, since many people travel from all corners of the world, both these sites are overly crowded during most times of the day. When planning to visit these places, it is better to plan the visit very early in the day as there are not so many people. There are many attractions that people find in the tombs. For instance, at the tomb in the church of the Holy Sepulchre, you will find a piece of rock that is believed to have been the one that was used to seal the tomb. However, the tomb inside the church of the Holy Sepulchre is much harder to get to since you have to hike to get there and wait for the long lines of people who are there on most days.

Which days can you visit Jesus’ tomb?

Since there are two different sites, each has its own opening hours and open days. The tomb that is located inside the church of the Holy Sepulchre has been open throughout the years; however, the hours vary depending on the time of the year. During the months of October to March, the church welcomes visitors from 4 am to 7 pm, and during the months of April to September, the church opens its doors at 5 am and closes at 9 pm. The best time to visit this site is very early in the morning to avoid all the people who come later in the day. On the other hand, the Garden Tomb has different operating hours. The tomb is open only six days a week, from Monday to Saturday. It is open from 8:30 am to 12 pm, after which it is closed for a few hours and opens its doors from 2 pm to 5 pm.

Do you need to book in advance to go into Jesus’ tomb?

When visiting any of these tombs, there is no need to book in advance as all the visits are free admittance. Hence visitors from all around the world can come at any time. However, to get the most insightful experience while in Jerusalem, it would be better to book a tour that will give insight into all the significant biblical sites found all over Jerusalem. Since Jerusalem has such a rich biblical history, it would be best to make the most of the trip there.

Can you visit Jesus’ tomb?
Can you go into Jesus’ tomb alone? See below

Can you go into Jesus’ tomb alone?

Yes, you can. However, the probability of this happening is very small as there are always guides and people at the tomb. The guides are to help people understand the place better. There might also be a few guards to maintain order and prevent people from vandalizing these important sites. However, visiting these tombs very early before everyone else can be a great idea since you get to enjoy the place. For instance, the tomb located inside the church of the Holy Sepulchre is open from as early as 4 am. When visiting the tomb this early, there won’t be as many people as when everyone is up and awake the rest of the day.

What is the best time to visit Jesus’ tomb?

The best time to visit both these tombs would be very early in the morning for both these sites. For the tomb at the church of the holy sepulchre, visitors are allowed from as early as 4 am, and planning a visit at this time would be best since it gets very crowded during the rest of the day and most of the time will be spent on long ques having no chance to enjoy the real pleasures of being in the tomb where is believed Jesus was buried. The best time to visit the garden tomb would be early when they first open, as in the afternoon; there are already many people waiting for it to be opened for the afternoon session.

is Jesus’ tomb open to the public?
Where can you stay when you’re visiting Jesus’ tomb? See below

Where can you stay when you’re visiting Jesus’ tomb?

When traveling to the City of Jerusalem, it is safer to book your trip through someone knowledgeable about the city. There are various hotels all around New Jerusalem where you can find comfortable accommodations and great meals. It is always a good idea to research accommodations before making the trip. According to Trip Advisor, you can stay at David Citadel Hotel, Mamilla Hotel, King David Hotel, Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem, Jerusalem Hotel, and other surrounding hotels.


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