Do Amish get Marriage licenses (How do Amish get marriage licenses)?

As a devoted Christian and theologian, I take an interest in learning about different religions and their Christian rites of passage. One of the religions I have done a lot of research on is the Amish. Coincidentally, I have an Amish family friend who plans to get married to an Amish woman. Through this union, I have learned about many Amish traditions. Recently, a member of one of my online Christian forums raised an interesting topic on Amish marriages. We discussed the Amish marriage unions and whether they received a license. I was able to share great information, given my experience and research on the community. So, do Amish get marriage licenses?

Yes. Unlike what people think, the Amish do not obtain marriage licenses; they apply for one. It means that the state recognizes Amish marriages. The Amish community has the marriage licenses to officiate the union.

I invite you to join me in the article below as we examine Amish marriage. I have highlighted whether Amish couples need a marriage license and the period it takes to receive it after marriage. Also, learn where the Amish get their marriage licenses. You will also find out whether the Amish plan arranged marriages. Read on to find out about this and much more.

Do the Amish have arranged marriages?

The Amish do not practice arranged marriages. In contrast, the Amish religion allows each community member to select their preferred partner. Parents or mediators do not pick out their children’s partners. The Amish community promotes mingling among the members; hence, couples meet organically.

However, there are guidelines during the selection of a marital partner. For instance, religion expects romantic relationships to end in marriage. Also, the religion expects an Amish to marry within the community. Interestingly, the Amish can marry from their early twenties.

Do Amish couples need a marriage license?

How do Amish get marriage licenses?
Do Amish couples need a marriage license? Image source: Pixabay

Yes. Unlike what people outside the Amish community may think, Amish couples require marriage licenses. Since the community is self-sufficient, outsiders may presume that Amish couples do not need marriage licenses. Like other religions, the Amish need marriage licenses to certify or officiate unions.

A marriage license shows a person legally married and indicates the wedding’s time, place, and date. The Amish may need a marriage license to change their name. Since they obtain a marriage license, the Amish couple can get a divorce.

However, the community does not advocate for divorces, which will result in the persons in question getting banned from the community. The marriage license is not the only criterion to identify a married Amish. You can know a married Amish woman since they wear a white bonnet, and a married Amish man leaves the beard to grow out.

How long after the wedding do Amish get a marriage license?

There is no clear statement indicating when an Amish couple will get their marriage license after the wedding. However, one can use the timeline that people outside the Amish community to estimate how long it will take.

The couple should get advice during the planning phase of the wedding. Since the Amish religion has existed for a while, an elder or the church will have clear information on details about a marriage license.

Where do Amish couples get marriage licenses?

Do Amish get Marriage licenses?
Where do Amish couples get marriage licenses? Image source: Pixabay

There is no official statement stating where Amish couples get marriage licenses. However, Amish leaders, parents, the church, and elders will guide the couple. Since Amish carry themselves differently from other communities, it may be confusing where a couple will receive their license.

Therefore, they can approach a married Amish couple who will counsel a couple wanting to get married. The community is closely knit, and the couple will be properly guided.

How long does it take for Amish couples to get a marriage license?

We are still waiting for an official statement of the period within which an Amish couple obtains a marriage license. An Amish couple should seek guidance early in advance from the community or church leaders regarding marriage licenses. One can estimate the time it will take based on other religions’ or communities’ regulations.

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