How bad was Jesus beaten (Jesus’ torture)?

Many theologists, Christians, and bible readers believe that the last days of Jesus on earth were not the best days for him. The BibleBible explains all the suffering he was put through from the time he was arrested to his death on the cross at Golgotha. But what many people want to know is; how bad was Jesus beaten?

Jesus Christ was beaten badly by the roman guards. The Bible describes the kind of whip that was used to beat Jesus. The whip was made of leather straps with balls close to their ends. It was made in this manner to inflict as much pain as possible. At the ends of the whip, sheep bones were sharpened to pierce the skin when the whip hit the skin. Adding to the fact that Jesus was beaten severally all over his body using the whips shows how badly he was beaten.

Jesus’ last days on earth were some of the worst for him. Nothing compares to the level of brutality that he went through, even by today’s standards. The torture he was subjected to at the hand of the roman soldiers was unlike anything seen before. This article gives an insight into the events surrounding Jesus’ last days on earth and their significance. Read on to understand them better.

Does the Bible give an accurate description of how badly Jesus was beaten?

The Bible does not accurately describe how badly Jesus was beaten. But since crucifixion was not a new topic in those days, there was a procedure to be followed according to Jewish traditions. For example, the number of strokes given to Jesus is not written in the Bible. However, the number required by the Jewish traditions was 39, or one below forty, as they said, to avoid errors. These whip strokes would damage the person’s skin and cause tremendous blood loss since the whip would strip away the flesh from the bone.

This would often lead to unconsciousness and a lot of weakness. On top of all this, the Bible records that the soldiers made Jesus a crown of thorns which they pressed onto his head, causing more bleeding. On top of this, Jesus had to carry the cross up until he was to be put to death, which was not an easy task for anyone, especially since he was extremely frail at the time.

Was Jesus tortured as much as what is shown in the passion of the Christ movie?

Just like any other film produced in the history of man, certain scenes have to be exaggerated to a certain extent for dramatic purposes. However, in the movie the passion of Christ, they did a good job showing how badly Jesus was tortured. Crucifixion in Jewish traditions was a form of capital punishment, and the torture one had to endure before meeting death was unimaginable.

The beating that Jesus went through was inhumane in many ways, especially because of the kind of whip they used. It was designed to rip away flesh and skin, which led to a lot of blood loss. On top of that, He was humiliated by having his clothes torn off and left naked.

How many times did the Romans beat Jesus?

Jesus’ torture
Romans arrest Jesus. Source: Pinterest

The exact number of times the Romans beat Jesus cannot be said with absolute certainty since the Bible has no record of how many times he was beaten. The period when Jesus was in the hands of the Romans is long; hence it is impossible to say how many times he was beaten. However, theologists and historians who study the Jewish traditions imply that the exact number of times any person who was going to be crucified was to be beaten was one stroke below forty, which is thirty-nine. If the Romans stuck to this tradition, hence it would be safe to say that Jesus was beaten thirty-nine times.

How many lashes did Jesus get?

According to Jewish traditions, every single aspect of life had rules that people had to follow, and this also included crucifixion. Some rules were to be followed, and a sequence of how certain events were supposed to follow each other before someone was put on the cross.

When all the procedures were followed, Jesus was condemned to be crucified. He was handed to the Roman soldiers to prepare him for crucifixion. This included the lashing of Jesus, the Jewish traditions called for thirty-nine lashes. However, it is not certain that this was the number of lashes he got since the Bible does not offer a record.

What is the significance of the 39 lashes Jesus received?

According to Isaiah 53:5. The Bible says that by His stripes, we are healed. The stripes that the Bible refers to in this verse were the thirty-nine stripes that Jesus got when he was being beaten by the roman soldiers before his crucifixion. By this, Christians believe that Jesus has already paid the ultimate price for their health and that He has already sought healing for them. All they have to do is ask and believe that they will get healing no matter the kind of illness they have.

What did the Romans use to beat Jesus?

It is fair to say that the Romans has some gruesome and creative ways of punishing people. When it came to beating Jesus, they chose one of the worst tools. They used a whip; however, this was no ordinary whip as many would think. The whip was made of several cords made from leather, which made the whip strong and quite durable.

At the ends of the whip, there were lead balls attached to each cord. This made the whip more painful as the lead balls would hold on top of the person’s skin, and when it was pulled away, the balls would rip away the person’s flesh and skin. This made Jesus weak and frail even before the crucifixion came.


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