How Tall Were Adam and Eve from the Bible (Approximate Height of Adam and Eve)?

As a born-again Christian, I am passionate about reading the Bible. One of my favorite bible stories that I keep on going back to is that of Adam and Eve. I find it fascinating since the Bible suggests that God created them perfectly. But how tall were Adam and Eve from the Bible?

The Bible does not clearly state the height of Eve and Adam. Some scholars speculate that Adam and Eve may have been 8-30 feet tall, based on the fact that they had a long lifespan (Genesis 5:5) and there were giants during Genesis times (Genesis 6:4). However, there is no factual evidence that can prove the actual height of Adam and Eve.

In this article, I invite you to join me as we delve into the approximate height of Adam and Eve. Keep reading to discover how tall males during Genesis times were and much more!

How tall were males during Genesis times?

Though the Bible does not state the precise height of males during Genesis times, it speculates that some males were giants. This is what led to theories that males during Genesis times were taller than males in the modern world. According to some individuals, males during Genesis times had a height of between 8 feet and 30 feet.

Genesis 6:4 suggests that there was an evil group of people known as Nephilim during Noah’s time. Since Nephilim is a Hebrew word that is believed to mean unusually large people, some scholars argue that males during Genesis times may have been really tall. Both the King James version and the New Living Translation describe the Nephilites during Genesis times as giants.

Some people also speculate that since males during Genesis times lived for a long time, it is possible that they may have been different in other ways, such as in their height. For instance, Genesis 9:29 says Noah lived a total of 950 years, and then he died. This verse implies that Noah had a very long lifespan. Additionally, Genesis 5:5 suggests that Adam lived for 930 years old. However, some argue that there is no direct connection between a long lifespan and height.

There is also a group of scholars that argue that males during Genesis times were of a close height to males of the modern day. Others argue that males during the modern day are actually getting taller due to a change in standards of living, nutrition, and health.

How tall was an average female during Genesis times?

Approximate Height of Adam and Eve
Average height of women during Genesis times. Image source: Pinterest

Since there is no biblical evidence to support this, most scholars have come up with different theories that sometimes contradict one another. For instance, some scholars speculate that

an average female during Genesis time was taller than the average female during the modern day. They suggest that an average female during Genesis times may have been around 8 ft tall.

On the other hand, there are some scholars who speculate that an average female during Genesis times may have been the same height as the modern-day female. To support this theory, they argue that the Bible only mentions the height of people if they were extraordinarily tall or short, like in the case of Goliath, which is speculated in 1st Samuel 17:4. The Bible suggests that Goliath was 6 cubits which is estimated to be around 9 feet. They argue that if females during Genesis times were taller than modern-day females, it would have been mentioned in the Bible.

Despite the contradicting opinions, what many scholars seem to agree on is that an average female may have been a bit shorter than an average male during Genesis times.

Does the Bible specify how tall Adam and Eve were?

No. The Bible does not specify how tall Eve and Adam were since their stature is not that important. What is important, according to the Bible, is spiritual character. Genesis 3 suggests that they were the first man and woman to be created and that they disobeyed God’s command by listening to the serpent and eating the forbidden fruit.

Though the Bible does not specify how tall Adam and Eve were, there is a theory that suggests that they were 15 feet tall. Others speculate that Adam was between 8-10 feet tall, while Eve was around 8 feet tall.

However, there is no factual evidence to support this. Scholars who believe that Adam and Eve were tall further argue that this may have been the case since the Old Testament implies that there were tall people or giants. For instance, Amos 2:9 suggests that Amorites were as tall as cedars, while Deuteronomy 3:11 suggests that King Og was also quite tall. This verse says OG king of Bashan was the last of the Rephraites. His bed was decorated with iron and was more than 9 cubits long and 4 cubits wide. It is still in the Rabbah of the Ammonites. This verse suggests that King Og must have been a giant based on the size of his bed since the bed was probably made to match his stature. According to this verse, the king, who opposed the Israelites during Moses’ time, was probably 13 feet tall.

1st Samuel 9:2 also suggests that Kish’s son Saul was taller than anyone else. Numbers 13:30-33 also suggest that the people living in Canaan were very tall. Scholars, therefore, imply that the stature of such historical characters could have been the effect of Adam’s genes.

Others speculate that Adam and Even may probably have been taller than modern-day humans since they were both made with superior intellect. They further argue that since humanity has decreased in both intellect and longevity, it is possible that humans have also decreased in height over the centuries.

How do historians estimate the height of Adam and Eve?

How Tall Were Adam and Eve from the Bible
Adam and Eve. Image source: Pinterest

Though there are no remains of Adam and Eve that are used to estimate their height, historians estimate this based on the presence of large insects and animals in the fossil records. There is a record of a fossilized wing of a dragonfly insect that was discovered in 1940. The wingspan of this insect is believed to be 2 ½ feet. In 2020, giant turtles were discovered in South America. The size of these turtles is believed to have been close to the size of a car.

Therefore historians argue that if animals were that big during prehistoric times, it is also possible that Adam and Eve may have been taller than modern man.

According to the Guinness world records, the tallest man ever, Robert Wadlow, measured 8 ft 11 inches before he died in 1940. However, some historians argue that the tallest man ever is not enough proof to show that Adam was also tall since they believe that modern gigantism is actually a physical disorder that does not affect everyone.

Some historians, on the other hand, use Islam to estimate the height of Adam and Eve. According to the Islam tradition known as hadith, Adam was 60 cubits tall. This translates to 90 feet tall. However, note that this is simply a claim with no factual evidence.

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