Is Jesus In Marvel (the Jesus of Marvel)?

Jesus is probably one of the most famous people of all time. Apart from Him being the core of Christianity, His name has been known to appear in music, films, and different creative outlets in various shapes and forms. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is suspected to be one of the creative outlets whereby Jesus is mentioned. So, is Jesus in Marvel?

Various comics in Marvel speculate that Jesus was indeed part of Marvel at some point. He is believed to have made His first appearance in an alternate universe known as earth-616 as Himself. Later, he is implied in the first issue of the Immortal X-men comic as a Nazarene mutant who inspired a religion. He appears to be mentioned again in the film Thor: Love And Thunder as the God of Carpentry. Considering all these instances, it is believed that Jesus is in Marvel.

Who is Jesus in Marvel? How strong is Jesus in Marvel? What are Jesus’ powers in Marvel? Why is Jesus referred to as a mutant? To get answers to these questions and more, keep reading.

Who is the Jesus in Marvel?

Jesus in Marvel appears in the Marvel main universe known as earth-616. His story is very similar to the biblical story of Jesus Christ from His birth to His death.

He is born to Mary and Joseph, and Mary got impregnated by God miraculously. Ceaser decreed that a census had to be taken, so Joseph and Mary traveled to Bethlehem since that was Joseph’s hometown.

While there, they could not find space in an inn, probably due to the ongoing census, and Mary was in labor. Therefore, she gave birth to Jesus in a manger.

Jesus always knew that He would have to be crucified and die at some point for mankind’s sake. This did happen by Him being nailed on a cross. After He died, His disciples buried Him in a tomb and rolled a large stone to cover the opening. After three days, He resurrected and told His disciples to continue spreading the word of God; then, He ascended into Heaven. From then on, the Christian religion spread far and wide.

According to the Marvel Universe, after Jesus’ death, objects related to Him were in high demand. This included the spear of destiny, which was the weapon a Roman soldier used to kill Him. It also included the Holy Grail, a cup Jesus used to turn water into wine during the last supper.

the Jesus of Marvel
Is Jesus one of the Marvel Universe’s many gods? See below

Is Jesus one of the Marvel Universe’s many gods?

No, He is not. In the Marvel Universe, superheroes are simply aliens instead of gods or demigods. However, this theory is up for debate when talking about Jesus. In the Marvel movie Thor: Love and Thunder, Valkyrie, the female king of New Asgard, mentioned a deity known as the ‘God Of Carpentry.’

Some have suspected that she was referring to Jesus as Jesus’ earthly father, Joseph, who was a carpenter. It is believed that Jesus did some carpentry work with His father before He began His ministry.

However, the director of the franchise, Taika Waititi, refuted this. Saying that Valkyrie could have been referring to Lu-Ban, the God of Carpentry from Chinese mythology, or the Greek God of Carpenters, Hephaestus.

Who represents Jesus in Marvel?

Jesus represents Himself in the Marvel Universe. As mentioned above, His story is closely similar to the story of Jesus Christ in the Bible.

In Marvel, Christ is not part of Jesus’ name, it’s His title, and it means ‘anointed.’ He is also observed by two immortal beings when He was alive, namely, the Sphinx and the first vampire Varnae.

In Immortal X-men #1, a superhero character known as Exodus, who’s a religious fanatic, implies that Jesus was a mutant. He said this without having any proof.

How strong is Jesus in Marvel?

In Marvel, Jesus is allegedly the only one more powerful in Heaven than the Archangels Ruth and Esther.

If He is being compared to the archangels, then He is likely to be extremely powerful, as archangels are known to possess exceptional powers. These powers include superhuman strength and durability, telepathy, and magic manipulation.

This would mean that Jesus possesses these abilities at a higher scale, which means He is extremely strong and powerful.

What are Jesus’ powers in Marvel?

Jesus’ powers include superhuman strength and durability, telekinesis, telepathy, and healing.

His superhuman strength would allow Him to easily carry extremely heavy objects and obliterate His enemies like they were nothing.

His superhuman durability would allow Him to have extremely tough and impenetrable skin, despite it looking human-like. This would enable Him to withstand the attacks from His enemies and make Him invulnerable to physical injury.

Telepathy would enable Him to communicate with people without necessarily speaking to them. He would also be able to read people’s minds.

His telekinesis abilities would allow Him to move objects using His mind. Without even lifting a finger, He could fight against His enemies, just with His mind.

His healing abilities would allow Him to heal the sick or injured and make them whole.

Is Jesus In Marvel?
How does Jesus fit into the Marvel power rankings? See below

How does Jesus fit into the Marvel power rankings?

Jesus is known to be the offspring of the ‘One Above All.’ The ‘One Above All’ is known as the most powerful being in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This deity is known to be the creator of all things and the initiator of all realities. He is also known to be omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent.

It is believed that since Jesus is the offspring of this deity, then some of their traits have been passed down to Him. This would mean that Jesus would rank second under the ‘One Above All,’ which is higher than all Marvel superheroes.

He would rank higher than powerful superheroes such as Thor, Hercules, and Ares.

How is Jesus a misunderstood mutant in Marvel?

Jesus’ character in the Marvel series is known as a half-canon character. This means that he existed in Marvel’s main universe, particularly earth-616. The well-known theory that He’s a mutant was first mentioned in House of M #2. In this alternate universe, a teacher known as Kitty Pride asks her students to name the first mutant, telling them not to mention Jesus or Moses, as they were not official.

The theory that Jesus is a mutant is mentioned once again during a conversation between Hope Summers and a religious Zealot known as Exodus in Immortal X-Men #1.

Hope Summers is known as the messiah of the mutants of the city of Krakoa. She is part of a group known as The Five, who combine their powers to enable the mutants of Krakoa to become immortal. Exodus goes to see her in a bid to convince her to join the quiet council of Krakoa. During this encounter, Exodus mentions that a Nazarene mutant inspired a religion by raising a couple from the dead.

It is believed that Exodus was referring to Jesus in this case. This theory may be true as Jesus spent most of His life in Nazareth, He inspired the beginning of Christianity, and He performed miracles like raising people from the dead.


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