A comforting prayer for a broken heart (Heal a broken heart with this powerful prayer)

Before we proceed to the prayer, take a moment to think about how much God loves you. Remember that if God loves you so much, He does not like seeing you broken.

Create calmness in your heart and open it all up to God; pour it all out.

Let us pray

Heavenly Father,

I bring my broken self to you this moment, still thanking you for the gift of life and all your blessings upon me. Forgive me where I go wrong, and lead me into your path.

I pray for mercy and forgiveness for all the times my brokenness and bitterness turned me against your ways. Father Lord, I am too broken to see your light; I am in the darkest moment that I can not hear your sweet, calming words.

I need you, Father; I need you to calm all the waves drowning me. Wipe away all my tears and mend my heart.

Let me see your light and hear your voice.

Father, I pray that you pull me closer at this moment of weakness because your word promises me that when I am broken, you will get close to me.

It promises me that you will heal my spirit at such a moment. My heart is aching so much, my spirit is not at peace, I am losing myself in this pain, Father, I call out on your name, heal me.

Heal me and bind all my wounds; let your calming voice beautify the scars of those wounds.

Oh Lord, your holy words instruct me to pray when suffering. I am in a place where the enemy is mocking me, and voices in my head laugh at how much I lose composure and suffer because I am broken.

But you are the only voice of truth that I know; you tell me a different story of healing and peace. I want to hear your calming words as I go by my daily routines and when I go to sleep, grant me peace.

Father, I believe you love me so much that you will not let me suffer the more because you allow me to pour my heart out to you.

You are the answer to all my pain, and above all, your word promises me that when my heart fails, you are my strength and portion.

Father, when you grant me healing and peace, I pray for wisdom to guard my heart from all the pain.

In Jesus’ name, I pray,


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