A sincere prayer for a cheating husband (Ask God to change your cheating husband with this deep prayer)

Before we start this prayer, invite the Holy Spirit into this intercession so that it may protect your thoughts till the end. Have faith that the Lord will change your cheating husband’s ways and bring him back to light.

Now, let us pray.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for sending your only son to die for our sins. I do not take for granted that I am alive and able to see your grace in my life.

Today, I come to you with a broken heart seeking healing. You blessed me with a good husband but, along the way, he lost his way.

Lord, I condemn the spirit of cheating in my husband. Nothing is above you, and I know that you will defeat the spirits of lust, selfishness, betrayal, and infidelity.

Send the Holy Spirit to reside in his heart; through it, he will find his way back to your teachings, which are against cheating.

Lord, take over this battle because, on my own, I have no control. Destroy those spirits of temptation, and build in him a resilient character that he may stand his ground and not be persuaded by the devil.

Redeem my marriage, deliver my husband from the shackles of cheating. Bring him back to me.

I condemn the evil powers aiming to destroy my marriage, Lord. They may have attempted to get their way but will not succeed. Dear Lord, we took vows to honor each other; please remind him of these vows.

Let him stand on those vows as I stand on mine.

May he repent his sins, change his ways, and teach forgiveness so I can forgive and accept my husband’s past. Let him realize what he is doing to me is wrong and bring his senses back.

Bring back my peace of mind and feel the love and care of my husband.

Remind him of the great love we share, our promising future, and the beautiful family we are building. Teach him that his temptations are not worth it and are only temporary compared to what we have.

In the mighty hand, I condemn the spirit of cheating in my husband; in Jesus’ name, I pray.


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