A thoughtful prayer for a wife (Say this prayer for your wife in any circumstance)

Before entering this prayer session, remember all the goodness God has manifested in your wife’s life. As you seek to pray for your loving wife, remember that if you believe in God, He will answer your prayer.

Now, let us pray.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for giving me a loving, caring, and beautiful wife. You answered my prayer on finding a partner who completes me. She has all the qualities of a good wife and more than I would wish.

All this time we have been together, she has been a good source of inspiration and support.

Sometimes, I forget that all I have and share with my wife is from your generous heart. Thank you for reminding me that you know all her needs and fulfill all her wishes.

Lord, she is your faithful follower and depends on you for help because she will be disappointed if she relies on man.

Grow and water her spirituality, dear Lord. Let her be grounded in faith and guided by the Holy Spirit as a woman who lives in God’s teachings as a noblewoman.

Increase her understanding of your Word and the world. Protect her from all evil, spiritual attacks, and malicious plans from people. When faced with setbacks, remind her that her comeback will be stronger.

She has faced ups and downs, but you, Lord, have brought her out of those situations and made her better. Lord, whatever she puts her hands on, please multiply it.

Bless her hard work so that she may see the fruits of her labor, and at the end, remind her that it is through you that she has succeeded. Strengthen her physically to handle any task and execute it beautifully.

Teach her about unconditional love as you, Lord, have loved your children through and through. By loving you and the church, she will find a way to love me as her partner in all seasons.

Also, let her continue loving and caring for her loved ones and those around her. Let her be a blessing to anyone who knows or crosses paths with her.

I believe you will fulfill all this.

In Jesus’ name, I pray.


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