Powerful prayer for angel of God (Say this prayer when you need protection from an angel of God)

Our almighty God has provided His angels to protect us whenever we are in trouble. Anytime you are in danger believe and pray to God for He will send His angels to protect you. Indeed, an angel of God is our protector.

Now open your soul and let us pray.

My everlasting Father,

I call on You to call Your mighty angels to shine light over me and protect me. With You my Lord, I know that every time I am safe from danger.

You will command Your angels to guard and protect me for everything that I am doing. I pray that You minister your angels to shield me no matter how many times my enemies try to bring me down.

I call on You Lord to speak Your angels to provide me with protection, guidance, and support throughout my daily endeavors.

I pray that You show Your angels my way to keep me safe from all snares of evil. I know that I am not fighting against flesh and blood but against spiritual spirits who may harm me.

God, You are my protector and guide of truth. I know that any weapons that are formed against me shall not prosper because You will guide Your angels to keep me safe and secure.

I pray that Your angels cover me from harm, help me make the right decisions, and help me stay on the right path of righteousness.

Lord help me open my heart and mind to accept Your angels as they seek to protect me. God, send Your angels through divine encounters to cover me with their wings every time I need protection.

With Your wisdom and love, You will direct Your angels to show me the right way by communicating Your messages to me.

I stand against the forces of darkness and I declare dear God that You put Your angels to work to protect me for I know that they never fail to deliver whatever You command.

Wherever I may be situated I know that I am never alone because of Your supernatural angelic protection. I continue to thank You Lord because You are the protector here on earth.

In Jesus’ name, I pray.


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