Comforting Prayer for the Dying (A Comforting Prayer for Salvation of the Dying)

Before we begin this prayer, believe that whatever is happening is in God’s perfect plan, and He is with you in this time of difficulty.

May this prayer give you comfort as you see your loved one in their final days as they approach the end of their life. Remember, there is eternal life for those who die in our Lord Jesus.

Now, Let us pray for comfort.

Dear Heavenly Father,

I come before you, my savior, with a heavy heart in this period we are going through. I thank you for our beloved and for the time we shared with them with family and friends.

The memories we made and the abundance that this gave our hearts were fulfilling. I cannot forget to thank you even amid the discomfort and pain they face in their final days.

At this moment, we come to you, Lord Jesus, as they navigate their final days in this life. I pray for comfort and your tender mercies to be upon them.

You are the source of peace and comfort in these circumstances. I call upon you to send your Spirit to be with them as they face their final days.

Only you know what the future holds. I pray that you sustain them as they navigate their last episode of life and eventually cross over to the next realm.

Calm their mind to focus on you and not be afraid of death and the uncertainties it presents. The heart is full of fear and doubts about death and the afterlife.

Your word tells us that your Spirit shall give us strength, hope, and confidence in times of trial. Relieve them from all fear and worries.

Your word tells us that those who die in you shall receive eternal life at the end of the age. I pray for your salvation while our beloved is still alive.

I pray that they may obtain mercy and forgiveness in Jesus’ name. Give us the strength to navigate this final chapter together and to hold on to the assurance that even though we will eventually be separated through death, we shall meet again in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Comfort our hearts in this time of difficulty and grief and enhance our faith in you.

I also remember others who are going through grief in a similar situation. Comfort their hearts and preserve their faith in you. In Jesus’ name, we pray.


Sources of Inspiration for this Prayer
  • John 11:25-26
  • 2 Timothy 1:7
  • John 16:22
  • Psalms 90:12
  • Ecclesiastes 7:10
  • Isaiah 46:4

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